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Hi guys welcome back to my channel so today I am reviewing this lovely lovely hair from Miss here. I think it's called Miss here. Hair yeah miss here hair on Aliexpress, so they sent me full bundles of 22 inches water wave with a 18 inch closure. Look how flat the closure lays on my head and if you think, if you see that my parts going like this, I am literally rubbish at parting, my hair to be a middle part. So sorry, okay, so let's get into this hair. So this is going to be just a quick review guys I haven't done just a review like a video just about hair in ages. Hair is beautiful. The only thing I must say is that the closure - it loses its wave-like, it's kind of like a. I don't know what wave this is is weird. I don't know if, for some reason it just doesn't match up with the bundles. I did wash it out and there's how the cars dropped. It'S still nice don't get me wrong. It'S just. I wish it would match with the bundles, but you can still blend it out like if I didn't point to a definitive clock to be honest. So yes, so I used three and a half bundles. Actually, I didn't even use all of the bundles, so the hair is very, very thick. It lays down very, very fun laps. This hair is literally one of the best water waves. I'Ve heard with this, so this part in is doing my head in. Why has it gone to the side unless one hates us wonky like this? No that's my girl, just as ponds doing bits so anyways. So, yes, the hair is beautiful. It'S nice and bouncy, it's soft, so so soft. I reviewed their hair once before ages ago. I'Ll come wrong which hair it was, but I know I reviewed miss hair hair before I'll put pictures like there and you will see that I have a Vita hair. I ain't lying. Usually I don't like wearing hair without my ear out, but so the hair is not wet. This is how the hair looks like if you want it. I can definitely imagine how it look just nice and luscious, but I don't want to wet it today because I don't want to get wet and I haven't got a bottle or nothing. Sorry guys. Let me show you the back, so yeah definitely check them out guys. They are amazing company. I would recommend them. They are literally on my top five Aliexpress companies because they have sent me some beautiful hair. I'M not gon na lie. Trust me guys when I used to purchase. Have my own money trust me, I'm telling you now like the hair was still good. Okay, don't you know be scared of these companies? Sending us YouTube was the good hair and you get the bad hair. I don't know if sometimes it may be the case, but when I was purchasing him Aliexpress, I always got good hair. Okay, I've always got a girl's good hair, and that was way back in the day years ago. You don't because even sometimes I even get some bad hair sent to me and I'm just like really do you want me to review this like do you want me to embarrass your company? Look, it's a hit and miss kind Express but I'll Express us definitely up their game yeah two thumbs up for me for this hair and love it. So, yes, thanks watching guys - and I see my next video bye

DAHJA TIARA: Love this look so much!

Zinziswa Mzwakali: I thought this was wet. It's really nice hair

Alicia Motley: You look gorgeous ❤

life is beautiful: ur hair is beautiful this one and the lemodel which one is better?

Life with Akunna: YES! SLAY ME

Kersha Beaver: My my my this is beautiful

fuck name: ❤️love it

Diuto Ajoku: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

thisaintthatt: this hair is actually horrible WORST hair I ever had it shedded like crazy, it had a smell, the closure was a mess and it was there straight hair not even the curly one I would never purchase from them again

briana stephen: Intro song?

Gail Suezano: Too much do look fake

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