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Sometimes I just want to say, oh, but I can't right now, when time fly by change, right, hey guys, it's Kayla back with a another video, so this video is gon na be on this head that I'm wearing y'all. This is some bomb hair. So, if you're looking for some affordable bundle, hair then definitely check out this company. I'M going to leave all the links in the description box and I just want y'all to know that y'all are gon na. Be saying more of these videos from me because I really have been into making my own wigs and just like trying to find someone get some affordable, hair companies to share with you guys so yeah, let's get started, I'm so sorry. This videos gon na, be pretty much all over the place. I do apologize, but I just wanted to try out this hair some more so it's gon na be like three separate clips, so yeah, oh, this is from Santosh your hair. I think I'm pronouncing that right. Y'All but I'll leave it on my screen, just in case you know, I Jake their name all the way up, but sanusha. I think that's how you can allocate it so I receive, and this is what the packaging looks like this is what this is, what it comes in and, of course, I think I received this. This was shipped via FedEx, okay, I'm having so many distractions, but it should be quiet for now. So I received four bundles and a pleasure from this company, and this is power companies. Let me just show you wine, so this right here, first off I received like I said, I receive sorry of this videos. Everybody I receive a four bundles from this I'll go to say. I received four bundles from this closure. I receive four bundles and a closure, and let's I have arm 16 18 20 22 and I have a 16 inch closure. So this is the 18 inch bundle right here and on the top part, it just has the length, and it also has their name right. I did get the body wave hair, so that's what it is and, like I said, it's packaged really nice and it does come with a net over top of it and your when I say I was a little iffy on this company and you know with their Hair when I say I have never never never felt hair like this before, like when I say this hair feels so good out of all the hair I have reviewed. I think this has to be the softest hair and you can find them on Aliexpress. So this is a Le Express vendor, I'm not sure if they have like a separate website outside of Aliexpress, but you can find a more Aliexpress if they do have a separate website I'll leave their website in the description box. But this hair is the softest like all I want to do is play in this hair. It doesn't have a smell. It just smells like regular bundle, hair. I got all four I'm really impressed with this hair um. I have not received any tangle in or shedding yet, but in the next clip I will tell you if my thoughts have changed on this hair, but so far I really really really am impressed with this company, especially for the price like the quality is so super Bomb, this is what the closure looks like, which it feels the same as the bundle hair. It'S really nice and soft. I am getting two strands. I got two strands of hair when I ran my fingers through it, so the closure does shed a bit while got two strands so we'll see, if that I make my wig how it holds up but for the most part, is definitely nice. It has a three party three-way partners, so you can put it in the middle. You can put it on the right side or the left side. That'S what it looks like I'm, not really a fan of closures that already come. Pre putted. I don't know why. I'M just I don't know, I just don't like it, but um we'll see. Basically what I did was I sold on the bundles to a mesh dome camp and I so doing the closure as well. Now, as you know, in the previous clip, I had four buttons and a closure and I only used three bundles, so I did use the 22 2018 and then the 16 inch closure, and this is what it looks like y'all, do not mind me because I am, I am a wretched mess. Okay, I haven't received any shedding from this head still and I have not received any tangles really and I also went in and plucked my closure, and this is not at least I mean yeah. This is not a lace-front, so it's just like a regular lace, closure so yeah. This is what it looks like and, of course, I still plucked the closure because I feel like it has like that hard line where it doesn't look natural and I just like to go in and pluck it. So that's what it looks like it did come with. Baby hands but, of course, when I started to pluck the hand line, the baby has kind of like faded away, so I had to add them back into there and for my edges, what I used was got to be a glue of course, and I actually like It the hair is just so soft. I feel like this hair is definitely you have to try out, especially for the price, it's very, very, very affordable, you guys. So if you're, looking for some affordable bundle, hair and good quality bundle hair for affordable price, I feel like you can definitely try it out for 3 bundles. I feel like it looks really really good, okay yeah. So let's talk about my wig making skills my wig making skills is not that great. I don't know what happened. I guess I lost my touch or whatever the case may be, but my wig is way too small yeah, I'm so disappointed in the way I made this week. If y'all following me on snapchat y'all, already know from the get-go that I was already having problems when making this week because first off, I got the wrong cat, so I was like oh so good thing. I did wind up getting like backup capes, but the other backup cat that I had was also the wrong cat. So I wound up having to use this mesh dome cap and it's not like a regular dome cap. It'S meshed, so I feel like the mesh one versus the regular dome cap is like it's smaller, so my previous week, I forgot what week I made, but I made a wig previously and I use the mesh dome cap and in the back of my head I Was like the next time I make a wig, I'm not gon na use the same mesh, don't care, because I find that it makes the way too small. In my opinion. So after I picked out two wrong camps to work with, the only thing left I could use was the mesh dome cap. So I was like oh my gosh like I have to use this mesh, don't care so already off the brick. I knew that this wig was gon na fit me like really small, but I didn't think this go around it like really wouldn't fit me at all. I struggled trying to get this thing on my head. Y'All. I don't know what I'm doing wrong I'm down below anybody. Has this issue with the mesh? Don'T care if y'all use that, let me know, should I just use the regular dome cap because I'm really struggling here in this department. I have a lot more weeks to make and I'm just trying to figure out the best wig cap to use to make my wigs, because this one is just not it so. Basically, it's so small. I had to you it's so small to the point where you know how something smells so small, you don't even fit on your head. It just like pops off. That'S this way it just like pop of it doesn't stay on there, so I literally had to hold it down. I had to hold the side, pin it down and then hold the other side. Pin it down, it's just a hot mess: y'all freaking, pretty and natural. So yeah, I really really loved this hair so far, because you know I haven't really what they're often to really get in details to tell you how this gon na act up, but so far so good you guys, I definitely love the way this hair is now. This I have been wearing it longer, just to see how it holds up and I curled it to see if it holds a curl good or not, and it definitely holds a curl really well and overall, I really do I like this: hey you guys. I could have had this video out much sooner for you guys, but I just wasn't feeling either clips, but I'm just gon na put it in there, because I really don't care at this point and um and also I wanted to see how the hair will react To me curling it and just win it out more and stuff like that, and I have to say the only thing I notice is it sheds just a little bit like right now is that's like one strand. It doesn't shed like crazy or anything. I feel like it's pretty much normal, but this hair is really affordable and for the price - oh, my goodness, this is some really good hair. It'S still soft, as when I first received the hair like I said it does hold a curl really good and I did go ahead and curl this with my curly. No, I think it's like golden. Is it go to hot? It will be wise for me to get it home, so this is the Carla that I use, and this is like one and a half inch, and it just looks like this. If you watch my videos that I showed this in, like some of my older videos but yeah, this is what it looks like, and this is, I say, go too hot. This is hot Souls and it's a really nice Caroline. I really like this, but this is what I use to achieve these curls and for this they had three bundles in it. I feel like it's not like really really thick, but I definitely loved the density on this wheel. So in a previous clip that I showed you, I was trying to show you like the hairline, but my stocking cap was showing it all today. So I'm just gon na show you my headline again, which I stated already that I did pluck the hairline and I usually pluck all the hair lines on my closure just so it can just be more natural to me because I feel like that line like it's Too harsh so I just went in, I didn't bleached and I saw anything like that, because this wig was already a fail, but I actually loved this wig and I'm so mad. Well, I love the hair on it. Um, but yeah. The wig is definitely too small, but I'm working it out. I feel like the more weight, the more it stretches out and fits my head. So that is a good thing, but I'm definitely loving this hair. You guys, I just wish that I constructed the wig a little bit more better, but besides that, this hair is bummed so, like I said, I'm gon na go ahead and leave all the links in the description box. Just in case, you guys are looking for some affordable, but new hair and you like making your own wigs, definitely try out this company um yeah. I don't think I have anything else to say, y'all sweat. I did not feel like being on camera because the weather is changing and when the weather change, my skin gets really dry, because I had eczema and, like my eyelids, like over my eyelids, are like really really dry. You really can't see it cuz. I kind of like moisturize my face we're real good, but I can still feel the dryness and I'm just a hot mess. Y'All um. So it's starting to get better, but it was just a mess and I just didn't want to be in nobody's face with these crusty eyelids or this crusty face so yeah but yeah. You definitely can't tell so that's good, but yeah, I'm not the Chuck here, but I just wanted to throw that in it. You think so yeah. I love you guys. If you have any questions feel free to leave it in my comment section and I'll try to get back to you just in case I missed anything. I don't feel like. I did, though, but yeah and if you're not subscribed. Why are you not subscribed like? I? Don'T understand like you need to subscribe, you are looking at the video you might as well hit that little subscribe button and we just won't be girlfriends for life. It'S like no but um yeah subscribe though, and I love the rest of you - guys.

Kimora Williams: Man listen... I freaking love your videos.. Not only does your reviews be 100% honest and hair be slayed but you always have something going on in the background or in your life that makes you so relatable... I love the realness.. Keep doing your thing and don't change a thing... #ratchet❤❤❤

Cup_Cakkeelove: So I've been looking for some great cheap hair for my birthday 9/21 and I watched your video yesterday. I can honestly say you made me order this hair while I was watching your video. Thank you

blackpearll: Months later how well did the hair hold up? My only concerns are extreme tangling and I’ve seen this pretty often with this hair . I wouldn’t mind the shedding. My thing is I don’t think these people are really treating the hair well and I mean you can’t go crazy on cheap hair and expect it to stay in the same condition

N Martin: Mesh dome caps do come up a bit smaller. I use those for petite wigs if I make a wig for someone else. They have less stretch, but if you get a 22" wig block you can still use a mesh dome cap as the block allows maximum stretch unlike a polystyrene head or mannequin head. Other than that, go for an adjustable/professional cap. Regular dome caps don't let your head breathe.

Eunique Roielle: Ok before I can finish the video, let me just say, short hair on you looks so bomb! Your features come to life. Gorgeous!

Xo Kia: Purchased from them before and the hair turned into a matted mess after the first wash. You slayed it though!

journeywjaada: the curls look beautiful

Shakira Maynard: Love your personality!!!! Feel better!!! I know how you feel... My allergies threw me in struggle mode.... That wig still hitting tho!!!!

Slay with Ros’e: The wig really does not look bad at all. It's pretty I think I will try them.

Leslie Kennedy: Use a spandex cap it stretches. Just make sure you don't see the elastic fans that come on it and it will fit your head . Going to keep watching love you

Alexis Hilton: Ya hair in this vid looks bomb I’m def going to buy from them cuz it’s so cuteee!!

yuboseyo: This wig is really cute! And i have that crusty eczema struggle too lol but you still look real cute!

HeyItsVee: There's two sizes for the mesh done caps. Make sure it says XL up in the corner of the package or else it'll be small as hell. I had to learn that the hard way lol

Krysta Jewl: Hi, I love your shortcut style in the video. also how long did the Cynosure hair last?

Diamond Eyez: I'm going to have to try the mesh cap. My head is super small. When I order small wigs they are still to big. If you're getting rid of it. I'll buy it! Lol

Deanna Renee: You can use the mesh dome cap but I think you bought the wrong size. You should buy the M/ L when you take it out the packet try it on your head first to see how small it is. Also don't sew threw the entire band of just the top part. Good luck. I like the mesh caps because they dry faster.

Quaia Babes: I bought some and I love it

Megan Jerome: I love you soooooooo much!!! You be saving my hair

Savannah Taylor: Ive just recently started taking my wig making seriously as my side job, And to me it sounds like you may be using a small mannequin head. I’ve used a mesh dome cap but had a problem with it stretching rather than it being to small. You can visit my website to check out my work or my IGs @slaylike_V (business) or Pocahundons_ (personal)

Kelly-Ann Ja: Omg how do you style ur closure?? It dead ass looks like a it please do a video

Patricia Williams: Looks bomb

Tae A.: How did the hair hold up after some time?

Tori Ashante: You Definitely Made Me Order This Hair , Some Hair Reviews Aren’t That Good On Them But Those Are From YEARS Ago & This Is More Up To Date

MomentswithNicoleSimone: You can find them on amazon to cheaper

RayeLilley: Did you wash the hair before you installed it or anytime afterwards?

Crystal Agnew: Gorgeous

KeepingUpWithKae: Did you bleach the knots?

MISSDYANTUCKER: Omg I just realized who you look like! You're like a better looking version of niykee heaton

Jasmynee Lynn: Yaasss! Clicking The Link Right Now

kae Da play: So prettty

GlowNaturally 247: Please do a video on how you do your closure

somethingnew13: Try sewing it down with alittle leave out

Virgo Clips: I think I might buy it but when I went to the website I was confused on how to get it. I never shopped online for this kind of stuff so how did you buy it. I'm so so sooo confused don't laugh at me

DWARF POLICE: Did you bleach the closure

Simone M.: Mesh ones are terrible-little space to work with. I had the sameeeee problem -_-

Mookie La'Shae: I freakin love youuuuuuu❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

StylezBy ROBIN: It look so glamorous

Mae Jett: But it still looks good

umou ceesay: Does anyone know the name of the song in the beginning?

Lisa Toure: very nice.

Cassandra Herring: You look like Chilli from TLC in this video

Chrissy Onye: Notifications gang

the other: You sound like you from Baltimore lol but its a great Review

Khrissy: What is the short wig you have on?

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