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Okay, hey y'all, so today, I'm back and I'm gon na talk all about this hair and that you guys have been asking me about not this. This is my row hairs, my bundles, that's it! Okay! So we're here to talk about um. The hair company called miss here here and I'm this hair. I got to school see so I don't get it wrong for you guys um. I got a 20 inch. Frontal 22 24 26 26 took about three business days to get here and it shipped via FedEx and y'all know I work in Finnick, so I get my packages right at work, but if you guys are wondering what hair I'm talking about this red goddess here, okay, Y'All can't really see the full thing, but I will definitely put in some pictures but, as you can see from the jump, frontal is lit and poppin. Okay. So, as you can see, this hair takes um bleach and die very well. I use the adorn. I want to say intense red and it just looks like super duper like clownish red in the actual bottle, but um it came out pretty well. I really have nothing bad to say about this hair um. This is actually one of my favorite wigs. The frontal was late. I didn't really have to pluck it that much like. I just wanted to come to you guys and give you my initial thoughts on this hair, because a lot of people were asking me what hair was it in? What lames and all of that stuff of a company and yeah it's miss, miss hair hair and it's pretty late. I'M trying to bring my week head over here's the office year but yeah like frontal popping but yeah. I'M gon na insert some videos and pics. So you guys can see her in action but um all I did for the dyeing process. I I did it in the actual bundle. So what I did was I bleached it first. You know so it got blonde know that and then I went in with what is the call ya. Maniac panic, that's what was maniac panic. I think it was intense red and I went in with that and for the front soul. I actually wanted to try bread baby hairs instead of you know, leaving the black roots. So when I believe should I actually mean all the way through the whole entire frontal, and so the knots were police. All of that, and then when I went in only thing that was like a tedious process was when I did the frontal I had to go in and basically so I didn't make the nuts read um you can't see but uh the knots are actually still blonde, But what I did was I went in with the rat tail comb and are literally party each section. We tilt your head down each section section of the actual frontal and I would comb the intense right through that way. It wouldn't just like leak, not bleach but saturate, the frontal and the natural red, because women ought to read. It looks like a wave, but I left a nice blonde. So, as you can see it just makes it look like you know. I got my hair. I had on my hair bleach or something like everyone thought that I actually um dyed my hair Yeah right um. I don't I don't know like this companies. Less people think I'm out here. Booth bleaching, my edges when you're dyeing my edges and it's just the frontal. Okay - and I didn't like it at all, like I literally - are - there - was like cut down the sides for my baby hairs and then for my little sideburn on the side, but yeah I'll definitely insert some pictures, and I just wanted to give you a quick initial Review about this hair because a lot of people were asking me about it. So if you guys have any questions about this hair, make sure you comment below and I'll be sure to get back to guys on that and then I'll try to make an updated review for this hair. And let you guys know like how I came out and all that stuff, but after I've died in put the down there and I risk to die out. All I did was put a Shea Moisture. I forgot what the masters club, but I put on one of my Shea Moisture masters. I have the hair and the hair was good as new throw us off in flowy and all of that so make sure you guys like comment and subscribe comment. Your questions below - and I will get back to you guys thanks for watching

Tiarra's World: Yassss when you said not this hair this my real hair not bundles haa that part hair goals asf

Taj Arnai: Bihhh! This video has me shook! Ur natural hair & this unit

Coco Laní: You should make a video on how you dyed it, this color is bomb!

Lej: Okay but your real hair grew super fast yessss

Sumele Graham: Question to anybody who's ordered hair from ali express.. do they usually ask for picture id, a copy of bank statements or a copy of your card for to "verify" your payment method? I find it to be sketchy but ive never ordered from them before..

Frances Brown: I subscribed off the strength of the fact that your nails are POPPINGGGG. I love a nice set

Taren: You look like your mom in your YouTube profile pic! Also great job bleaching and coloring it!

Krissy Dior: Can you do a tutorial on how you straighten your hair please ? :)

Gods Girl: I luv how you named your wig you make me want to buy one

Bernice B: Hi Lexis, your natural hair is so beautiful!

Minique Bowden: Omg your hair grew sooo much wow

SC ST: hold on thats all of your real hair your hair grew so oooooo fast can you do a moisturizing routine video

Princess Dani: I love your tutorials

Destyni: i saw this on your instagram. it's so cute on you

Lu27: Can you do a tutorial on how you got your real hair like this?

Bria Arie: Can you make a video on how you make your wigs

dee dee: lexiss you always slaying summ shit up yessZz

Miracle Lawson: The hair looks gorgeous . Where did you get your canvas block head and wig stand? I've been looking everywhere for one and can't find it. Plz reply

It’s Lay: How long did you leave the color on?

Niah J .: God Bless & Jesus Bless you & your family members & you all Have an Blessed one it's in God & Jesus hands Amen

ᗰᖇᔕ. ᖴᗩᖇᗰEᖇ:

Seraiah: Notification gang but I've been reading for this red hair

miss kay: your natural hair is so pretty

Cyanni Wattley: I absolutely love your channel i know u see me comment sometimes but i really do love it i wouldnt be surprised if u became famous but to me u r sooo

Girls N Curls: the thumbnail

Liaa Shantell: Your hair looks so healthy

Imani Patrice: What type of hair did you get? Was it the Brazilian or Malaysian ?

Albanee Roberts: How do you install your wigs?

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lakeah symone: Omg u are so gorgeous i love your dimples!!

candy bless: u betta come thru wit these vlogs ok giving me some to look at love u lexi

Jaylyn Bri’elle: Her dimples

Aaniyah: love this channel

NishaLaurenWest: Your real hair is so prettty

Ashley: Ur nails are so pretty!

china grose: Did you combine the frontal and the bundles together n made it a wig???

make it the Hills: she has lauren london dimples

chenyce martinez: You are sooo gorgeous

Sade' V: Really gorgeoussss...

Lauren Love: What hair dye did u use

Caitlyn Upton: was this hair straight, body wave, loose wave?

Kierra Amor: Love it your so pretty

Celeste: I thought she had bundles

IITTYBITTYCHRISSY: Babes could neva be bald headed

Jalyn Nicole: 1st view and almost cracked my phone while getting to it

Gods Girl: you sound like you're from jersey even though you live in Texas

CathyDatt: yessss girllll❤❤❤

Aja Marshall: Can you do a video on how to make a wig

juju hodges: Does the hair holds a curl

Markayla Blanks: Looks nice

Brittiany Norton: Your dimples

Rayven Slack: Omg you stay in Dallas, Tx ? Omg that's where I'm from !!!

ADERIYIKE: my ms here hair was sooooo bad. ;/ the worst i've ordered

Domo: You kinda look like queen key ☺

Miranda Moody: How old is she ???

Hadiya Kelise: The links do not work

Marki'yona Brown: you made it or it came like this?

Forever Sierra: I'm a new subscriber ily already

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La'Nahla Anderson: you is preety yasssss girl

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Kamya Carter: I jus ordered some wet n wavy hair for my bday on the 23 n it come with a silk closure how do I blend it or make it look a little more natural Amos @ bbg.kae I already added u so I get more info if u don't mind ☺️

Ms lala: "Wait tilt you head down"lmfaooo

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Shania Jones: ❤️❤️

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Shyie Short: Yo dimples is cute

Aaniyah: notiflcations squad

Gods Girl: why you got those long nails who you fighting lol?

Princess Dani: First

Nia Cymone:

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