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Hey youtube fam: it's your girl, gladys aka here and welcome back to my channel if you're new here tap that subscribe button hit the notification bell so that you don't miss any of my upcoming videos and, if you've been rock with me for a minute. What'S up? What'S good and welcome back today's play on tuesday, toyota tuesdays is a special time, my channel, where i showcase super cute, yet super affordable, wigs for the lovely toyota price range and below. So, let's just jump right in so today, i'm doing something different y'all, i'm excited. Instead of doing a wig today, i have some clippings by altrey courtesy of sam's beauty, so sam's ready. Thank you so much for sending them over and sponsoring this video and look at the lovely clippings i have today. Oh you'll see all this lovely afro goodness now. Let me tell you the only reason why i asked for these clippings is because i saw my boo, my ace, my youtube sis kyrashawn. She showcased these clip-ins a few weeks ago and i fell in love with them. Absolutely adore them on her. It looks so freaking good. I'M gon na leave a link to her video in the description box, so make sure you check out her view down below. I was like you know what people would love to see this between on tuesday. So i brought it out - and this is my first time trying clip ins ever so i'm really excited about it and i have them in two colors, you guys. So i have the number two and i have the wine copper color. So these clippings are by outre and it's from their big, beautiful hairline. Some of you may know that their big, beautiful hairline became popular, probably a good two years ago, and they had different lace, front and half wigs available. And it was great for people who, like rocking their type 3 or type 4 natural hair in different styles and different colors, that we weren't used to seeing at the time. So the fact that they count these clip-ins really intrigued me because i'm used to seeing natural hair clippings that cost a pretty penny like 80 90, 100 per weft. So the fact that these are on 20 hour tuesday, you already know the price is going to be right. So the way i'm doing this video today i'm going to outline the details on these clip-ins, then i'll go into the styling and at the end i will give you my final assessment. So, if you're ready to see what these outfit clip-ins all about, keep on watching all right y'all, so the name of these clip-ins are the 4c corkscrew afro. What'S great about this set is that it contains a lot of clip-ins. It has nine right, nine pieces total and it tells you all the information on the back here. I have all the pieces here and the clip-ins are actually labeled, so you can see the inches. You'Ll know how many inches each weft is so here are some of the key features that they state. We have nine pieces in the pack. These are actually 100 human hair blend clippings. I was like oh okay, we got a little human hair in there, that's cool. It'S available in a variety colors. According to these clippings, this is supposed to mimic type 4 hair and based on what i can see in the camera, i'm really excited about how this is gon na look on me on the back here. It also shows you how you can install the clip ends, but of course i definitely recommend after watching my video to check out kai's review, because i liked how she installed hers. Now, i'm just gon na give you forewarning. I am gon na take off my wig cap and my hair is it's in a situation right now, because right now, i'm in the middle of taking out my braids, so these braids are really old. So it's looking a little crazy, but don't come at me in the comments i'm just letting you know ahead of time. This is the situation. So here is what the weft looks like. This is the 12 inch weft and if i turn it around here, you can see that it comes with one two, three four five clips and you have the hair here, i'm pulling it and stretching it, and it is bouncing back just like how my natural hair Would bounce back to me the hair itself feels not. It definitely doesn't feel like kanekalon fibers, but it doesn't feel the most moisturized. It feels a little bit dry, but not dry, like synthetic natural hair can feel like a 20 wig, but i definitely feel like it's. It needs a little bit of moisture, so i'm gon na do some of this in real time and then the pilot half hour will speed up, but i do want to talk through some of what i'm doing, because this is my first time doing it all right. So the cap is off, don't come for me, so basically, i'm gon na start by putting this here and i'm just gon na just unclip it right and put it in okay, so that really took like 15 seconds to do. Okay, i'm definitely curious to see how the rest of this looks. Oh man, i'm excited. So if you haven't worn clippings before this is so easy guys, i'm literally just taking this clip here, opening it and then closing it over the braid. That'S it that's all! I'M doing and look here with just two wefts look how full that is: oh, my god, so full so pretty now i am gon na turn around and show you exactly what i'm doing. Okay, i kind of messed up. I don't know why i put the 12 inch on the bottom like clearly. The 12 inch needs to go where there is a longer circumference, so yeah all right, y'all. I did start over and i put the smaller left towards the bottom because i realized i needed this longer weft in the middle. So literally i'm just going like this. The clips are open sliding them into my hair and then closing it see here sliding into my hair and pressing the left closed. Very simple, y'all, very easy, and it's up to you. If you want to use all the clips as you do cause everything you. This is right here right here, so i have used five of the clippings so far, and this is how full it looks. I think that's so pretty all right. I have four more pieces to go. They'Re the smallest pieces, all right fam. I am back wow y'all. This is cute as oh, my god, this wow, this absolutely looks like my natural hair. Like absolutely, this looks like my natural hair when it dries like wash and go like no manipulation. No twist out, like my natural hair, looks like this. If it were this long, my goodness this to me is hair goals. I'M not even gon na hold y'all who's on the website. Did you click the link? Yet then, you saw the price this retails, for, i believe, 23.99 on salesbeauty.com, so for under 25 you can get this full vibrant, luscious kinky curly hairstyle. That literally takes under 10 minutes to install. I know i had a little hiccup in the beginning, where i put the longer weft on the bottom, but i should have thought about that beforehand. This looks so gorgeous. It just makes me wonder. Like wow, you have hair companies that are selling human hair ones for like hundreds of dollars and okay, i get it it's human hair, but this literally looks like human hair, like this looks just like the human hair clippings i have seen from other websites. I am floored right now. I feel like a little nubian goddess up in this. What look at me hold on, let me get up. This is what i'm wearing today, i'm wearing like this little tube top dress from fashion nova, hello. How are you y'all know? I'M in my element now right yeah, i can tell look, go ahead and go um. Get your life with these clip-ins y'all go ahead, because this is absolutely gorgeous, i'm in love with them. No hoes bar. This is stunning. This is so beautiful to me and if you are trying to embrace your natural hair, but let's say you don't - have this much natural hair you're trying to grow out your hair, maybe you're transitioning into a naturally stuff. This style is for you, i'm here, for this and y'all know me y'all know i love cut hair and i was tempted, but i was like no i'm not going to cut it because i still want to play with play around with it a little bit more. I think this looks really nice and when you stretch it out, this weft goes like down almost 18 inches, but you already know how shrinkage is this is so pretty absolutely? Oh, my i can't even wow. I still have one more color to show you all. So i'm gon na switch out and just throw it on and come on camera, and then i will finish out the video with my final thoughts, all right, y'all. I am back with this hairstyle in the copper color. I turned on my ring light over here by the window, because i wanted you guys to see the different colors in here. You have like these reddish orange. You have this 99 j color, which is super pretty these clip-ins are bomb and the fact that they come in different colors is a huge plus, definitely recommend that you purchase these if you're into natural afro hairstyles, i mean it's an easy 10 minute hairstyle now i Will say for this color style. It took me a little bit longer to style it, because i kept playing around with where i wanted the color to show. If i wanted to like move it back here or to the front, and also quick note in my excitement. Taking these out the pack i broke the clip in so please be careful. These threads are not the strongest, but it's a quick fix. You can easily sew this back on, but other than that it's easy breezy y'all. I can't believe i waited so long to try. Clippings, but you know what i'm glad, because lord knows i like to save money when i can - and this is a bargain 23.99 y'all check out sam's beauty website in the description box. If you plan on purchasing, let me know in the comments and just overall. Let me know how you feel about these units in these two colors. Are you more of a natural number two girl, or are you feeling a little froggy with this copper color, make sure you check out my girl, kyra shawn's review, because i love the color that she chose for herself. Overall, i'm really feeling this and i'm super happy that i was able to try it. The fact that this is a human hair blend as well. This is going to last you for a long while y'all well over six months for sure, due to the human hair blend alone, and this feels good. This actually feels a little bit more moisturized than number two. Dare i say it like it does i don't know why, but it feels a little softer. In my opinion, if you are new here, tap that subscribe button hit the notification bell so that you don't miss anything coming up. If you want to see me more textured, wigs definitely check out my playlist shout outs to sam's beauty for sending these over. For me to show you all and if you want to see my latest videos check them out over here too. Right of me. Thank you. All so much, and i will see you next time -

Feeneishia Rodgers: Yas ma'am...you worked them clips. I may go play with mine now, lol.

Tanisha Says: I love it!!!!

Bonnie: Im late but i just bought the copper version, im in my color bag, your beautiful brown skin matches mine so i knew i could pull that color off

Tammy Moore: Girl I'm a about to get me this. Cute❤

Haley A.P: Can you use products on these clips ins? Also can you wash them?

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