Easy Quick Weave Tutorial Ft Iseehair | Dede Kenora

Link to the exact hair in video : https://m.iseehair.com/isee-hair-9a-gr...

Me that could take if i wrote you a symphony just to say how much you mean to me, what would you do if i told you you were beautiful, this ring here represents see. All i want you to do is so don't give away. Now, if i wrote make you wan na change, this ring here represents my heart and everything you can be my baby girl. You amaze me nothing crazy. That could take your spot. My love see all i want you to do is woman that could take my mouth um me is so much look at my bank account no need bodyguards foreign. I anything that you want know.

SinAngelic: ❤❤ Love it

Joe Official Vlogs: AMAZING ❤️

Triple FL: love the video one of my favorite YouTubers ❤

Cionna Mitchell: I tried this came out good

Jai B: Yesss Beyoncé fan

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