Afro Kinky Bulk Human Hair For Loc Extensions

Macon Styles provides the afro human hair needed for the most natural looking permanent loc extensions. No shine, no faux look. Discounts available for all stylists. Available on

Hello, I'm here today at the post office processing some quarters getting ready to ship out. Thank you so much you guys for your orders, so I'm just showing you some of the colors that I have available. So, as you can see like I said, this is the same texture as the other ones. I'Ve been showing you in the other videos, the afro, kinky human hair, very coarse. This one is a number 27, so you can see the coils there. When I talk about pulling this hair apart to get ready to install it, this is what I mean you want to make sure its installed and pulled apart vertically, so you'll be pulling it apart or so. This is really the only size that you need. Your strips to be, they really don't have to be bigger than this. Unless you want bigger, dreads, here's some of the darker here and again the way you want to pull this hair apart, you see that it's in a big bundle you're going to divide it in these sections. Alright, so now you see they're sectioned off. You can see better how you want to pull it apart, so you'll take a small strip from here inside and just pull it. This is how you get the most out of the hair, so once you have it, you want to just even it out and stretch it, and then you apply to the hair and, as you can see, you've got a lot more length than what's shown here. The shrinkage make it makes it look like it's shorter than what it is so again I'll be shipping these out today, and everyone should have their orders in about two days: USPS priority mail. What I love about this hair is that you can use it as highlights. Not everyone likes putting bleach in their locks, so you could actually use this and apply it on your hair um so that you can have achieve the color that you want without damaging your locks, because too much bleach will eventually eat away at your lock. So you don't want that. Here'S another hair, color hat so as you can see, have a good selection of hair colors here and I hope you're all happy with the way that your LOC extensions turn out. This is some great quality, afro virgin kinky hair, and this is exactly what I use to make the LOC extensions. Look, so real, listen to the texture. Okay, that's the texture of it. Okay, I hope you guys have a great day and thanks again, bye


Viciouz Valentine: Hello Fellow youtubers and maconstyles - I wanted to give a review of these bundles for anyone that are interested in buying them. Macon styles bundles are the best. I have micro lock extensions that I created 2 years ago using hisandHer hair bundles. I tried buying a 613 blonde in the hisandher afro kinky human hair bundles and that hair was horrible. I ordered multiple bundles only to find that once I created the locks and wet them, the hair would take on the properties of elastic and the locks would stretch and rip. I recently just ordered this same color in the maconstyles bundle and did a test- 100% passed!!!! Created a bleach blonde loc and wet it and tested it - the hair has a lot of integrity. Im looking forward to ordering more hair and getting my dream blonde loc color finally. So happy I ordered from this company and the fact that its a black owned business makes it even better!. Thank you Macon for making quality afro kinky human hair. It is hard to find believe me. :) Now I will never have an issue bleaching my locs.

Victoria Carlock: I put in a order yesterday can't wait to get it

Briana Samuels: Do you have any advice on dying this hair? I have no clue how to go about it and don't want the hair to end up super tangled and unusable. Thank you!

kymmicakez: Are the length always small or do they have longer ?

Kennedy's Closet: How many bulks of those do I need for a full head, I don't have locs but I want to make them and put them in

E: Hello, is this hair soft, and is it recommended for small locs, like sisterlocks, or microlocs? I want to get extensions that are colored so I don't have to worry about coloring my hair myself.

Michelle Stovall: Hello, I'm trying to actually determine which color would match my hair color. Do you offer samples so customers can match their hair to your products? Thanks!

Ericka Jackson: Hi I really hope you answer but I'm going to starting off dread locs fresh . So do I need 5 packs to braid my hair and then another 5 packs to wrap the hair around to create the dread ?

Cyco Eva: I bought vivica fox afro kinky hair and it isn't real human hair. It says on the package "human hair quality" I didn't notice until I started working with it that it's synthetic.

Lisette Mignott: when you say 5 bundles usually does a full head, what length would it be, rather the question is what length does your loose hair bundles come in..and how many locs would you have in your head about using 5 bundles at pencil size locs?@maconstyles

Jazzey Jay: If I was to get the lightest blonde can I use a purple semi color on it?

Lorenzo Sanders: How many bundles will I need for a small head and 10in dread extensions

Samuel Drake2: can this hair hold dyes?

Yazzy Jazz: How much bulks do I need for my whole head

Wonder Nature: These are all great questions in fact I was going to ask the same things....can we get some answers? This is need to know stuff. :-) Also where can we order from? ...checking description box.....

A Adams: I would like 14in locs and thick. What would you suggest?

Lisette Mignott: thank u so much

Ja R: how to wash the hair and oil it?

Trennecia Williams: Can this hair be dyed???

Shah Curtis: will one bundle extend dreads to the shoulders? the dreads stop at the bottom of the ear and i only have 60

red red: thankyou so very much

Dr Nina OBGYN: what about for kinky twist

Bosslady Gemini: how many bags wud i need for 14 in locs

oso lovely: how much for 1?

Wonder Nature: YEEEESSSSSS!!!!! Your'e in my neck of the woods!!!

mookie mook: is the price the same for all lengths of the hair bundles an how do I order also what is the brand name of the afro kinky human hair

chestnutvsg 2016: Do u sell the hair online??

UR WORTHY: You said "Dreds" in the beginning....It's LOCS. There is nothing dreadful about our hair .

MyLifeMyJourneys: The first blonde that you showed was it a 22 or 27?! please help me

Rochelle Harden: @maconstyles...what is the length stretch?

Asia C: Can I pay on your website with PayPal?

A Adams: Is that one Bundle?

Mj Naturallyhigh: Can u bleaching or dye this hair?

oso lovely: Is this hair is the milky way 100 percent human bulk hair ?

ITZ VICTORY: hello I want to know how long does shipping take?

Amey chris kudzo: Please how can I get some if I want to get some I need some please

Yasmina with a J: How much is the hair?

Kimeca Caine: Can it be colored?

Deborah Pearson: how do i place a order

Roseline Houedji: I will like buy this . But i live in cote d'ivoire in africa. Can you help me ? Think you

Prince Omo: Are u on IG? ?

audra ingram: You didn't show nothing.

Aaron Smith: I do not believe this is human hair.

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