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We have white hair quality control. This video is how we control it.

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Hello, it's me, i see and um today, i'm going to show uh just i just want to be open-minded and to tell you uh something if you before you buy your hair, so i'm not like keeping everything secret, because there's really nothing to do that. All right! So um here today, i'm going to um show you about the white hair stuff because we do have a um. We do get some like um all where you uh some questions like whether you, your hair, have a white hair or not um. So i'm going to answer the question um. Yes, the answer is yes, we do have some bundles have the white hair. I think this season is is very make common sense because think about it. If it's a 100 human hair, why there is no white hair, it should be had of a white hair right and then you'd be reasonable, but it doesn't mean all the bundles have the white hair, because the some some some here is from, like the young people. Some people um some here from the oh, the middle aged people right. So it's really demands the bundle, but we we have the white hair but doesn't mean we step the hair we sell. You will have a lot of white hair that doesn't make sense because we have the white hair control, so we have that powerful quality control and how we do we actually just like. For example, i'm going to show you um what about this hair? So i got. I just randomly got two two straight 18 inches and now my hands um. So we all smooth the hair first and without anything, and let me show the wifi how we, how we do, for example, why i every bundle we check before we ship to you. So this for this one, what i'm doing i'm going to open the weave like this and to see whether there is a wire hair or not? If there is a wire here we're going to pull out, let me see if there is or not so far i couldn't see. I didn't see. Okay, let me go so. We go. Go, go to see this right here or not so we go like well. Luckily, we don't have a while here on this one, so uh in this case. That means this bundle is, is passed above they're here or not or days right here or not. So this bundle is a pass and then it's great and let me check in the next one same thing and just go through the uh to see and the wave to open the weave like this and check the wire here. If there is a one, oh see here, there's a white one. You see that that's a wide here, i'm not sure you can see that. I see it very clear, all right so see. That'S it right here right so um for in in this case we just pull it out and put it out. So then yeah the water here is out, see. Let me go through everything and pretty much. I didn't see any white hair anymore on this bundle. So, and then that means this here is the uh 25 um ready to ship um about. There is no white hair issue anymore. So that's how we check the white here um some bundles. We will have some values, we don't have. So that's when i'll have that's um, that's normal, and if we see any we will, we will put it out and well, we are human being. If there is just one or two strand we didn't see in the bundle. Please forgive us all right. Thank you very much. If you have any, if you have any questions, you can make your comments below or send subscribe and send an email to us. Okay. Thank you very much.

Milahnia Hair: This was so helpful thank you

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Icy Virgin Hair: our website: http://www.icyvirginhair.com Thank you very much for watching!

Simone Luv: Hi my friend has receive samples of your beautiful hair and I wanted to know how can I get some samples of your beautiful hair .

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