Washing My Hair For The First Time Since I Cut It! Clip-Ins On Short Curly Hair|Ft.Curlsqueen

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Foreign, so in this video, I'm gon na be dealing with my natural hair, y'all I'll, be attempting to add clippings. To my short hair now mind you, I need to wash it so I'm gon na go ahead and wash my hair, and I don't know how my curl pattern is going to be now that it's shorter, but we about to see so I was sent some curly Clippings from curls Queen now I can appreciate the packaging. It is very nice, so let's just open up the box and see what we have. I haven't washed my hair since I got it cut, so it's gon na be a surprise to me and I'm sure it's going to like shrink into a mini Bush um right here they did send over a brush. They also sent over some extra um weight clips and I do believe this is a bonnet and I'm so curious to see what it's looking like. So I do have quite a bit of weight on it. So I'm pretty sure These are nice, thick and full um. All the details will be listed below and they will also be on the screen because offhand, I don't remember, um the length of these clip-ins, but hopefully I'm sure I don't know because I don't know how my curls look now y'all. Hopefully my curls blend in with this hair - I don't know, but these are some nice juicy curls y'all, so they just sent me one bundle. Oh and you got ta pull these apart. It'S like the curls are stuck to each other. If you all can see it. So um, I don't think I ever had this problem before, but wait a minute like y'all witnessing this. It'S not easy to take apart. That'S one thing! So after it's pulled apart, this is what the wefts look like and wow I'm like on camera. Let me so it just makes the hair bushy like furry, but she and I've had, I feel like I wasn't. I don't know if I had clippings from them before. I'M not sure, but I don't like. I don't like that. Let me see - maybe I'm I was just a little bit too hard - Maybe yeah they like Clump these together, like it's like once they were bundled together. They combed the curls together. So keep that in mind like they are intertwined. This is what it looks like. So I'm gon na go ahead and wash my hair really quickly and then come back and let y'all see what we looking like yo, I don't even like. I don't know how to feel y'all. I do not have any hair. This looks like a little granny Bob. Oh yeah girl really don't have no hair so like. I can definitely appreciate the curls, like they just clumping right up yeah, that's what we looking like y'all. So I do have this stuff right here by Camilla Rose. I think that I'm just going to like use this on my head and see where it takes me. Please take me somewhere. I guess I'm just going to like part and clip part and clip um and see how it turns out this comb is ratchet like it's real dirty. I might do like a two clip back here. Can I do a two clip? Maybe I should do a three clip: okay, foreign foreign foreign guys. So this is what my hair is looking like, um Blended in, let's see what it looks like dry, because to me I feel like my hair. Is it's the top part because the top is not as curly as the rest of my hair, and maybe I should like twist it together. Let'S see, let's see yeah, I can't wait to see what it actually looks like dry, because I like how the curls were when they were dry like when I was um installing the hair. I definitely love that look, so if we can get there again, I would really appreciate it here. This is what the hair looks like wet. It'S just this one side y'all, I'm gon na put more product on it and try to twist it through, but I will be back when um. You know when a hair dries and we just gon na see how that works out all right y'all. So this is what the hair looks like dry and I'm just taking my fingers and kind of like trying to fluff out the curls, because it was kind of crunchy from the products I use. But after it was dry, My Curls Blended in with this hair so nicely like. I still had spots that was unruly, but besides that, I think that these clip-ins Are So Beautiful. Mind you. This is only one bundle and look how thick the bundle is, and I did use all 10 wefts. So if you are looking for some curly clippings definitely check my description box and click on that link down below, but yeah. That'S it for this video. If you have any questions feel free to leave it in my comment section and y'all, let me know what y'all think I tried to do like a little side. I think when I wear these again, I'm gon na do a side part but honey. It was blending. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I will see you in my next video

Love Yourself: Happy Tuesday Your natural hair is really pretty, and your curls blended really well with the clip ins. Love the final look Have a Blessed Week “For we walk by faith, not by sight.”

Khari: Your natural hair looks like mine I definitely want to try clip ins. I know my hair does whatever it wants to do so I’ll probably have to work with it lol but curls are going to curl! This will be awesome for the spring and summertime. Pretty results!!!

Q.Jaiii: Those clip ins look sooooo real and blend great.

janise DANAE: Girl yes I love this can't even tell. The curls dry are gorgeous

ALL BEAUTYBYJACQY: Those clip-ins look natural. ❤❤❤

Jo: Dear your natural hair is GORG

D. smith: ❤❤❤❤pretty

Sasukeh: Pin me if I unsubscribe you

CurlsQueenofficial: Thanks for shairng our hair, you look so gorgeous!!!

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