Zala Clip-In Hair Extensions Sunkissed Highlights. Unboxing

First moment of unboxing zala hair extensions. Sunkissed highlights quadweft.

Thick long 24 inch human remy hair. 310g

Hi everyone today, I ordered them and they also come with something else. It'S got a little paper, exchanging yeah cooking, the extensions that they've got. I don't think you can see, probably, but that's a bit about what colors they do, some kids toilets. That'S what I've just ordered in the 24-inch few other colors in here, but you can choose from and some before and after photos, but I'll get right into the can't wait to try that one out too. Okay. This is my doing lots of research on different YouTube. Videos and even emailed the Saleh team about highly recommended 24 inches. I'Ve never had this link before it's really easy to find the 22 22 inches, but this is different. Look at the link when that's in my head, it's gon na, be all set out for a second I'll hold it. Next to my hair, you can see that is gon na, be the perfect balance of the bottom. They may have to be cut you, but so far, I'm really happy with it and the thickness as well. Look at that a handful of really human. Let me here: okay, I don't think I have to wait and see if it does match, because I know that that's gon na be the perfect match, so I can just go ahead and put them straight in so I'll. Do that now I'll pause? This video? I know resume it when they're all in I'm back. Okay, so click them all in and I really love it the color everything about it, we'll have to get putty, and maybe just so it blends a bit better and the white. It'S not very heavy at all. Like it's very comfortable, smells really nice and oh no, ten out of ten like, I would happily repurchase this product any day and I would highly recommend it to everybody who wants hair extensions, especially this week. So I did say earlier on in the video that I got Quadra, which means it's extra because alone and it's 310 grams. So it's quite see it's perfect. What else can I say about like the highlights are very natural like coming place. You can see that it just blends sorry of perfectly and I'll turn around to get into the back yeah. Some kids highlights 24 inch creeping 9 piece yeah and using this purse in Australia. I only took two days, there's really happy without in it arrived around lunchtime. So yeah, I will very put some cows in it. Do it another really super quick video just so you can see how well it blends as columns as well it'll come back, and then that will be it. Thank you all very much, I'm very happy with all this

Addison Simmons: I was colour matched by my hairdresser who had the zala swatches & it was so easy to just go on the website & find the product I was after & it arrived so quickly! I couldn't be happier with my beautiful, long, thick & luxurious ponytail! I just love it & it's by far the best quality extensions I've ever had! They have such an amazing range of all different types of extensions.❤️❤️

Luna Bennett: Having never worn extensions before I was slightly hesitant however purchasing ZALA hair was the BEST decision I ever made. The quality is outstanding and they add the most incredible volume and length! Can’t live without them now!

Steffanie Hayden: I’ve worn zala hair extensions for seven years now through various hair color changes. I love the quad weft set, it’s perfect for my thick hair super LUX

Zoe Quinn: This hair is BEAUTIFUL! My first tape ins &I think I made a very good purchase!! percent recommend!

Anna C. Glover: Tried ALMOST every ZALA product and honestly the pony tails are my faveee they are so so so versatile for quick hairstyles and heaps cheap!

Katherine Miller: Very beautiful, soft and enough hair to make mine look longer Loving them!

Quinne Ramirez: "I have purchased tape & clip in hair extensions multiple times from Zala over the years and I have always been so impressed with the quality and service that I keep coming back. My new extensions came in THE NEXT DAY!"

Teresa Kauffman: I cut my hair off two years ago due to damage by bleach and it just has never grown back. I had been using the el-cheapo heat resistant extensions from ebay that were stift and always left me with a rash. So I thought I would upgrade and invest in some ZALA ones. air quality is great and love the free gifts that are included in the box considering they are wayyy cheaper than any other brands out there!

Nicole Steiner: First time trying on clip in hair extensions. I am very impressed with the quality and ease of use

Eliana Jenkins: Isnt it crazy what some good extensions can do for your self confidence, i only buy my hair extensions from zala and i can honestly say i havnt had a bad hair day ever since they came into my life

Tasia Johnson: Hey my name is Sarah and awhile ago i was looking to get some extensions. Almost a year ago I was very sick and lost 15kgs in two weeks. The extreme weight loss caused my hair to thin and now I was left with very fine hair. I’ve always had fine hair but until I got sick I had a lot of it and it was never an insecurity for me. I have followed zala on instagram for a while and I’ve been so impressed by their posts. I wanted to feel beautiful and confident again and so made a purchase for a halo - i can honestly say my self condifence is 100% back an then some due to soemthign as simpe as some hair extensions, we all have insecruties and we can all overcome them, i know alot of women are int he same boat as me. i highly reccommend a zala halo!

Suraya Brunner: These look amazing! You're so pretty!

Charlotte Mitchell: INVEST IN YOUR HAIR! IT IS THE CROWN YOU NEVER TAKE OFF! LOVE that zala offer zaladollars!

Mel's World: You remind me of one of the gals from Romy and Michelle ❤️ I also wish to let you know it’s appreciated you don’t say OMGEE instead you said oh my gosh . Very pretty the hair looks. Your dress is cute too hugs

Pleuni Felter: isnt it funny how adding something as simple as hair extensions to your look can compeltly change your self confidence.!? I used to be really particular about my hair. Ever since i found zala hair extensions a few years ago i dont have that problem anymore you can really take a hold on your insecuritiess by soemthing as simple as hair extensions

mandylise bee: thanks girls its the 9 piece quadweft 24inch set

Not your Girl: Pretty

Lilouwx69: 24inch or 30inch ? because i have 24inch and its not long like your extensions

mandylise bee: Its 24inch

Juanita S. Heredia: Afterpayed some new ZALA's because I just cant stand waiting for pay day any longer - lol treat yo self

Lorenza: how tall are you ?

Sandra Hernandez: how tall are you?

mandylise bee: 165cm

H: Hi, how tall are you?

Ju A.z: Way too long...

Jodie Lane: Amazing!Very natural looking and look like the high end extensions

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