How To Make Your Clip-Ins Last Longer & Look Better

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I am wearing a 22 inches clip in hair extensions in water jerry curly texture from CURLSQUEEN .

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First of all, look at this hair. It is so full it is so bouncy and it looks so real. I'M about to tell you guys what I did to get this look and like the title States how to make it last longer and just stay in this is clippings you guys and I'm gon na start from the beginning. Of course you have to go ahead and wash your hair, and this is what I'm doing. I know this is new content and we're not used to this, but you know I'm trying something new. So, of course, you got ta wash your hair and because my hair was straight before I had to like run some water through it, wash it down to get my curls to pop through for this style, even though you're gon na see what happens next right now, I'M just showing you guys my curl pattern, which is just multi-textured. I have so many different curl patterns in my hair, and this is why I absolutely love this hair. Of course, they sent me a tangle teaser. This hair is going to be from curls Queen. They sent me some extra clips and this Bonnet definitely comes in handy all the time now. This is the hair you guys this is clippings and it is so much hair in there. They send you about. I think about 10 different lengths of clippings, which comes in handy you guys going to see later on in the video how much these different lengths come in handy and how to play with them to make them fit your head size, and this is the curl pattern. You guys this is not like the normal curl patterns, which is the afro Kink curly or the water Jerry curly, which are curl patterns that are unique to specific hair types. Maybe 3B 3C hair types, this one is multi-textured, so it does play with multiple texture hair. In one so for most of us, African-American females, our hair, normal or natural hair, normally have at least two to three different curl patterns throughout our hair. I know mine have at least four because I do have some type of damage or heat damage in my hair. However, like this hair is great for our hair tie right because it can blend with multiple textures. So what I'm going to be breaking down for you guys is how I'm able to make a clip in style elastic much longer, and if you cannot braid your own hair, I just recommend you ask someone to braid it for you, but right now, I'm just basically Parting out the perimeter, just like a sew in you guys when you want to leave out some hair around the weave or whatever you part out a perimeter for me, I love a good side part, so you just want to make sure you have enough hair to Cover the clip-ins, so I do it just like. I would a sew in and I just kind of braid that hair out the way the perimeter does not need to be braided neatly, I'm just throwing some braids in it and even the braids. That'S in the hair. Doesn'T have to be neat, but they do have to be strong and be able to last you so that you know if you're wearing the clip-ins for a long time, you can take them out. Put them back in. Take them out put them back in without like the braids falling apart on you and for everyone that asks. Yes, my arms do get tired, so I have to take little breaks. That'S the brake cuts that I'm taking. However, now I'm trying to figure out which way do I want to braid my hair and now I'm just gon na braid them going down, because I feel like the clips will attach better to the braids if they're going in that direction, opposed to like going straight Back from like the forehead to the nape, which you know, I'm braiding it down to the side and going down - and these braids do are a little bit stronger than the leave out braid but they're not like the best braid. They don't have to be as long as they're, small enough and they're they're, not like big and bulky like they'll work. Just fine so y'all know I've really been pushing this natural hair thing where I just been really liking our hair to look more authentic and more natural, and if you guys watch that show All American homecoming, I think the lead actress I think, what's her name Simone, Like she's been killing it as far as style goes and I'm happy. I have these clippings because there's a lot of styles that I see her with that. I really want to duplicate, and maybe that will be my next thing for y'all is like duplicating some styles, that I really love that it's just a natural hairstyle, but it's just cute and just fits us and you know anyways. So this is the braid pattern um for you guys to get like the hair to last longer. So, instead of just throwing the clippings in between your hair um taking a shortcut which I'll show you guys later, you could just braid it down, and this will just last you much longer and like I said, if you don't know how to braid your own hair, You can always just grab somebody to throw some braids in it like this ain't. No, nothing! That'S too technical that anybody that can break can't do is very simple, just make sure they're not big and bulky, and this is the hair you guys. This is the water Jerry, curly texture. It is 22 inches long and to get the hair to look so good, like it did um in the video in the beginning. I just run some water through it. If you want to wash it, that is highly recommended to wash the hair, and then I put some curling mousse on it and this it just immediately got longer like when I first pulled it out. It was so short and then, when I washed it it got so much longer and this I just did each and every one of them and I lay them out - I brushed them with the tangle teaser. I didn't get a footage of that, but I did brush them out and it it's much different than when you finger comb them. Then, when you brush them out with the tangle teaser, it gives it a whole different pattern, especially with the mousse, the curling mousse in it. So now I just took my perimeter out: y'all, don't laugh! This is my little hair struggling, but it's gon na get a little curly, don't laugh. So what I did was put spray some water in it and then I'm gon na put some mousse in it and you know run that through and brush it out and some is gon na get curly. Some is not going to get curly like I said I have some damage over the years of just straightening, my hair. So the first thing I want to do is basically grab the clippings and I'm going to tell you guys exactly which clippings I'm using I'm. They. They give you four clip-ins that has two clips. I'M gon na leave those for last, so this one has three Clips on it, so the first one I put in has three Clips. I think the second one I put in also has three Clips hold on. Let me make sure yeah so that one has three Clips. I could have easily went with one that had four Clips right here. However, I just got the three Clips out the way and then I'ma try the one with the four Clips. However, it's just not gon na do it for me, so I'm gon na take it out and go side to side and basically I'm not clipping them directly onto the braids like if they have to go on to the braids. I I clip on one of them, but if I could get them between the braids that little hair between the braids is just perfect and it feels more stable, because you know, of course the braids are bulky. So when you try to clip it on like sometimes it might like be a little harder to clip on see. I just took that one out and I put one that has five prongs in it and I'm just gon na go from side to side, so that one goes all the way around the longest part of my head and then I'm gon na put another one. That is five prongs, so you get two with five prongs, so you get four with two clips: sorry, not prongs, but Clips you get two with three Clips, two with four clips and two with five clips, so the longest ones is gon na, obviously go where the Longest part of your head is - and you know, with the braids and you if, if they're too long for your hair, if you have smaller head, I would just curve it going upwards to give it some more space. If your head is bigger than mine, then I would just shift it like if it don't reach all the way around like make it reach on one side: first Bring It Around cut it short and then on the other one you bring it on the opposite side. Make it reach on that side and then bring it around. It will work y'all, it's so much hair. It'S really like a full head of hair. It'S really like a sew-in amount of hair like three bundles. So now I'm gon na go up with. I think this is this. One has four prongs: four uh Clips on it and then I'm just gon na play with the rest of them y'all. These are all two clips. That'S left and I'm just gon na patch up the pieces that um didn't get covered with the four of the two clips, and that's that I mean I'm just throwing in some moose in there to freshen it up, but that mousse really worked really well with this Hair and it smells good, but the hair texture is just so pretty. Do y'all see how pretty that is. It is really pretty you guys. I would kill for my hair texture to like be like that, and I think it is like that. But you know like I still got a little heat image, but that's okay, all right! So now I took out the last part of my uh perimeter, where my part is gon na go and then I'm gon na put some mousse in it. Do my best to try to get some curls out of it, but you know this is um. You know the worst part of my hair, because this is my typical leave out, but um yeah put some mousse in it. Now I'm gon na go ahead and pull my baby hairs with my baby hairs down because ain't, nothing like some baby hairs, but this type of curl and this type of curl pattern you kind of do want to like throw some baby hairs in there slick it Back some, so it looks good and you can already see how much like this hair fits. My face, my face, just all of a sudden start glowing, I mean like it just looked like my face, is glowing like it. Just maybe just pulls some pull. My eyebrows up or something, but it just looks so good already, and this is the final look you guys this hair makes me feel so beautiful. I feel powerful there's a lot of self love going on here, because it just feels like a natural beauty. It feels like if my natural hair was to grow out from root to tip. This is how I would look, and I could just feel authentic and you know to be fresh, gifted female and black. It'S a beautiful thing y'all. So here I am just swinging along we're. Not done I'm gon na be showing you guys how to do like a quick style. So I'm gon na take these out and then this is, if you don't want to put braids in your hair and you just kind of want to hurry up and throw the clippings in and do a nice style. I'M going to do a half up half down and, like I said there is no braids just you know quickly in a hurry. What first thing I want to do is basically wet. My hair make sure it's wet I'll, probably throw some mousse in it to make sure everything is Curly and then I'm gon na just put the clippings in by size like like the previous size. I told you guys about, however, this one is going to go over from ear to ear and then, as I'm doing the little um half up half down the half. That goes up, I'm just putting the clippings going upwards instead of downwards, because - and I only use the clippings with the two clips on both sides - and you know - there's four uh clippings with two clips, so I have two on one side. Two. On the other side, I clip them going upwards, and then I put them into a little ponytail, and this is the finished look like. I said they give you a full head of hair. This is from curls Queen. This is their water, Jerry, curly, hair, 22 inches long. It'S like a natural color and yeah y'all. All the info will be in the description for you guys.

Nicola Francis: It looks so natural I love it❤

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Carmen De Long: Gorgeous!


NAAVIC: Keep being amazing

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LaDonna Sims: You have beautiful hair. Thank you for sharing this video with us I have clip- ins too. I don't know how to cornrow. Could you tell me how to do it ? You're so beautiful, creative and gifted hands.I love that style❤❤❤❤❤

Phyllis Robinson: Beautiful ❤❤❤

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