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I am wearing a 16 inches clip in hair extensions in water jerry curly texture from CURLSQUEEN .

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√ 100% High Grade Brazilian Virgin Human Hair

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I'M gon na need my shirt back. Hi everybody Welcome to my channel. My name is Sadia. If you're new here welcome, if you're not new, here welcome back So today we're working with a new sponsor curls Queen and let me just say they actually have the cutest packaging, like the all pink, was just giving everything so unboxing. They sent me a cute little. Thank you card with information about the hair, see something this really cute: gold hair brush with a gold satin Bonnet on both sides, and it also has a like retractable string and some extra clips in case some of them don't fit, and then we have the hair And this cute little baggy, like this hair, was so pretty and just so soft - and this is their 16 inch water, Jerry curl, which is a 3c4a mixture, and there were like 10 wefts in the bag, but I only ended up using eight and guys. I know that there's a big color difference because I dyed my hair a couple months ago and it's not black, so the wefts are black and I was gon na dye it to match my hair color. But I don't have that hair color. So I was just like you know what it's fine, it's just gon na give like a skunk stripe kind of vibe. I guess, but it did actually end up, looking really pretty so this is my first time ever working with clip-ins. So for the first few I was just kind of experimenting and I got the hang of it afterwards a little bit, but I'm going to take this time and explain a little bit about the brand itself and all its Glory. So curls Queen is a natural hair company which specializes in empowering and uplifting women of color through hair and beauty. They also specialize in multi-texture curl patterns, because the majority of black women do not have the same curl pattern throughout their whole head. So if you have multi-texture hair, I recommend going for the water, Jerry curl, because it'll be so much easier to blend. Trust me look at you. My baby don't mess around because she loves me so when they start now for sure foreign okay. So towards this part, I kind of started to get more of the hang of it, like I kind of understood the concept and everything, but at the bottom of my hair I was using a lighter, curl cream. I think I was using Cantu and then towards the middle of my hair, where it gets a lot thicker and more kinky. I was using Eco gel because it held down better. So what you want to do is you want to measure the clip in and make sure it's placed in the right area, open your clips and literally just clip them into your hair, like it's really actually very simple. Um just make sure if you want that really natural look where you can actually have versatility with it. I recommend leaving a leave out on your sides and bottom, because that's what I did and it made it so much easier to like put in a ponytail tuck. It behind my ear, like I didn't, feel like it, was all on my face so after I was done with the whole Westing process. At this point I was in the front and I was working on just styling it. So I went for a side part and I never really do side Parts, but I just figured like if my hair is kind of like giving bang action. I was just like you know what just side part it is. Foreign got ta, be something different difficult. Nobody else I don't know, I love you two two two I want to okay so boom, I'm back and guys. Okay, I'm gon na, say layering. Your curls is probably the most important part like framing and everything, especially if your hair is not the same length as the clip-ins, because the clippings are a lot longer than my hair. So it just kind of brings everything together. Foreign box, as well as my social medias, which you should definitely go, follow don't forget to like comment and subscribe and hope to see you in my next video bye. Thank you, foreign

Jd: Never stop posting these videos I lovee them you help me so much ❤❤

CurlsQueenofficial: Really thanks for sharing our hair, you did a really good job!!!!

Charity Mack: I’ve ordered from them twice and never received that box packaging . I’m sure it’s just for there sponsored video. The hair is good , I’m just saying don’t expect the box it ain’t coming

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