Detailed Hair Tutorial || Watch Me Blend My 4B/4C Clip-Ins Like A Pro *It Looks So Natural!!*

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Hey guys welcome back to my Channel or welcome if you know. First of all, please excuse my voice. I am sick, so just ignore that, but for today's video we're hopping straight into it, no time for chit chat, I want to show you guys the trick that I use to make my hair look fuller, longer, but still natural, so yeah we're gon na hop straight Into the tutorial - and I hope you guys enjoyed and learned some tips - okay, so this is the hair straight out the box. This is what it looks like. As you can see, the curls honestly, I think, are gon na, be a really good match to my hair. As you can see my Harrison twist, so I'm gon na try to match my hair as best as I can to the extensions, but honestly upon like first first reaction of the hair, it's really soft the curls look really good and honestly. I think the color might be a perfect match, we're gon na see after I installed it and style it and everything the hair feels great. As usual, I've worked with curls Queen before, and I know the quantity of their hair is always really good. I'M always happy with it so yeah honestly, the hair is to my expectations. Really nice really soft. The curl pattern looks really good as well so yeah, I'm obviously gon na leave all the details of the hair down in the description box below. So you guys can check it out for yourselves if you want to but yeah. This is what it looks like straight out: the box um. I think I'm gon na blow it out and brush it out a little bit just so that it has a little bit of a more or a less defined look and so that it matches better with my hair, because I know my hair is not as defined As this so yeah, I'm gon na blow it out a little bit and maybe brush out the curls so that it has a more voluminous look. A more frizzy look because I think that's just gon na match better with my hair and then I'm gon na go ahead and start the installing process so yeah, let's get into it okay. So, as I mentioned, I have my hair in twists um, because I thought this would be the best method to kind of get my hair to match as best as it can to the extensions just because I know my hair is like different curl patterns like in Different parts of my hair down here I have 4C up here I got 4B. So it's it's a big. It'S a little bit of a mess um, so I just thought: having a Twist up would make it. The easiest way to you know, try and get the curls or the extensions to match with my hair so yeah, I just put them in twists and lift them overnight. And now I'm gon na start in the back section and undo the twist to see what we're working with so far and then I'm gon na put in the first set of clip-ins so yeah, I'm just gon na go ahead and section off the back foreign taking Out the twists now, I'm gon na go ahead in with the three clipped. What do you call this? The three clipped wefts? I think you can call it that I'm gon na go ahead. I think this would be a good size. I try to measure like the back of my head honestly. I think the three should be good to fit this portion of my head, so yeah, I'm gon na go in with the three clipped wefts for the very back of my neck and yeah. Basically, try to make it match. What'S already going on over here, just gon na go ahead and open the clip like that and put it in to the back section. Now I'm gon na turn around so you guys can see. I know my section is not straight at all like at all. When I twisted up my hair, I literally took random sections. So yeah, don't judge me on the back of my head: don't do it? Okay, but anyway, I'm gon na go ahead and basically just clip the middle or sort of match the middle of the weft into the middle of my hair and clip it in it. Okay, so this is the first weft installed and honestly, I'm not mad at it. Um, I'm just gon na try and obviously finger like separate some of the curls so that it mixes with my hair and then probably move on to the next section, but so far so far so good, not not mad at it. It'S it's actually pretty good of a match. Um, I might brush the extensions out and blow dry them out a bit more just so that they match more with my hair um, because at the moment I think they're, just a bit too defined so yeah, I'm gon na go ahead and brush them out a Bit more and then go in with the blow dryer and see if that makes it a little bit better. Okay, so far, this is what we're looking like, not too bad. Honestly, I'm not mad at it. I think so far so good um, as you can see like once you brush out the the extension, it's actually very voluminous. So I doubt I'm gon na use all of them, which is always good, like it's always great to have more than you need so yeah. Next step um, I think I'm gon na take out the next row of twists, which is this row right here. So I have two that are kind of like on the side, this one and this one and then I have two in the back these two. So the two in the back, I'm gon na leave as twists. I'M not gon na undo the twist I'm gon na undo the twist of the two on the side. You know because when the wind blows my hair backwards, I don't want y'all to be able to see that it's, not my hair, okay. So that's why I'm gon na leave these out and undo these, but these two - I don't know if I'm clear in my explanation. I mean I'm gon na, do it and you're gon na see, but these two are gon na be left, as is I'm not gon na take out the twist, I'm gon na leave them as twists. Okay and then I'm gon na clip in the extensions on top of those two twists brush them out, because they're quite voluminous brush your mouth and then take out these two twists on the side, so that you know it kind of Blends in from the side. You know so that, even if I put my hair up, you still won't be able to see that I'm wearing clip-ins does that make sense we're gon na. Do it and you know you're gon na you're gon na see what I mean. Okay, so first I'm gon na separate these two twists that are on this side. I'M just gon na tie them out of the way, and then I'm gon na take another three clipped weft and just do the same thing brush it out. You know really want this to look like it's my hair. My hair is definitely not this defined child, so I'm just gon na brush it out, give it some volume. Okay, so I brushed it out and yeah. I'M gon na do the exact same process unclip the little clips, and these clips are really good quality. There'S no chance that they're gon na slip out your head because they really they clipping good. Okay, so yeah, I'm gon na unclip them put them in. On top of those two, those two um twists that I left out: okay and then I'm gon na bring down those two twists that I had on the side. So this one and this one. So these two on this side and I'm gon na undo these okay. So second weft of hair is in, and I've undone the two twists that I had on this side so so far this is what the hair is. Looking like, as you can see, I think it Blends really well, like I don't think like I'm trying to wait. I'M gon na Zoom you guys in like I feel like it's really hard to tell right now. What is the clipping and what is my hair? It'S giving Blended. You know what I mean: it's it's just it's giving Blended. You know you just can't fault it. It'S getting blended at this point. This is my hair. This is my hair, okay, okay, so moving on, I'm gon na continue this. These steps, like all throughout my hair, I'm gon na, go ahead and take out the next section of twists. So that's this one. This one okay, so now that I'm moving on to like the top portion of my head, I'm gon na start undoing all the twists not like. I did on the last step. So now I'm really trying to build more volume, so I'm gon na start undoing, like my twists, plus adding on the extensions as well um yeah, so that there's just a lot of volume and it gives big if you guys have been following me for a while. You guys know I love big hair, big hair all day, so yeah, the bigger, the better honestly so undo. These twists. I have in the back and then I'm gon na clip in the extensions and then undo these two twists that are on the side and then I'm gon na come and update you guys once again, I okay, so I've just taken out the next section of my Twists this is how it's looking so far. So now I'm gon na go in with a four clipped, weft um. I think I measured it correctly. I think four should be good to fit this perimeter of my hair yeah. I think that looks pretty good, so I'm gon na go in with the forklift weft next same process just going in clipping it right on top of where the sections are and then I'm gon na go in and take out the two twists that are on the Side of my head so yeah same process just unclipping. The little clips then putting it in right above where I just took out my twist. I'M then just gon na go ahead and brush out the extension, okay and then next step is to just take out these two um twists that are on this side. Okay, so this is where we are at the moment. I'M just gon na go ahead and take out the last remaining um twist at the top of my hair um, and then once these are out, I'm gon na analyze how the hair is looking. If I feel like it's looking still a bit sparse or some spots could use with some more extensions, then I'm gon na come in and add in more where I feel like some are missing, Etc: um but yeah. For now, I'm just gon na go ahead and take out these last remaining four twists at the top of my head, so yeah Taking You In This Moment, get close off just relax, okay, so this is where we are at the moment um. I definitely think I'm gon na add some more here in the front just because I want a bit more volume and yeah just so that it Blends a little bit better in the front here but other than that. So far, I think it looks pretty good um. I quite like it in fact so yeah I'm gon na go ahead and add in a few more wefts here in the front. I'M probably gon na section off this front piece into two and then clip some in here and then yeah. You know so yeah, I'm gon na go ahead and do that and let you guys watch, I guess so my name is okay, so I went off camera a bit to just you know, finish: styling up the hair, and currently this is what it's looking like. I think I'm gon na just do a bit of trimming of the hair because, as you can see here, the extensions are a lot longer than my natural hair is so I'm just gon na do some trimming of the extensions just so that the length matches better With my hair, so yeah, I'm just gon na go ahead and trim some of the ends a little bit just to see if it gives a better match so yeah, I'm just gon na go ahead and get started. Okay, so I don't really have a specific method that I'm going for here. Sorry, if I'm looking this way, my mirrors over here, if you guys haven't already noticed my mirror, is here so um. I just really want to make sure that I don't cut my actual hair so yeah. I don't really have a specific method here. I'M just gon na go ahead and cut whichever pieces I feel like are just dragly. You know, and a bit too long long. So, for example, down here, I'm gon na start off by trimming this part just a little bit. I'M kind of gon na try and do maybe like a rough trim. So it's not so blunt yeah, yeah, okay, so yeah, I'm just gon na rough trim. It all the way around all these little extra bits. Look at this part two just gon na trim it off a little bit. Okay, I feel like we're already looking see like already it looks so much better. Look, let's just let's compare the two sides. Look at this side compared to this side, like this side, looks way more natural than this side does so I'm gon na go ahead and do the same on this side and just trim off these little extra. Like straggly bits, you know just so that the ends look a bit Fuller and more more natural okay, so I just finished trimming it and I feel, like it already looks way better like there's not so many straggly pieces anymore, so yeah this is the finished. Look and honestly, I'm here for it, I feel, like it, looks natural it's giving fresh off the scalp it's giving. This is my hair. What are you talking about like this is growing out of my scalp like please bro, please, please, all right, I'm here for it honestly, I love it. I love it. The hair feels so good. I feel like it looks so natural and there's so many different ways. You can style it. I am going to show you guys a quick side part. So you guys can see that you know the hair is extremely versatile. You can style it. However, you want to so I'm just going to show you guys a quick little side. Part just to show you guys what it looks like so yeah, let's get into it. Okay, so I just put my hair in a side part just to show you guys a different like view of the hair and the fact that you can style it in a different ways: um so yeah. This is how it looks in the side part, I think for me and my face. I kind of prefer a middle part. I don't know if it's just because I'm more used to seeing my hair in the middle part - I don't know, I have a small face and I feel like when I have like a side part and there's more hair on this side. I don't know it just. Does something or maybe I'm just not used to it, but honestly, I kind of like the middle part more on my face, but yeah. Actually you can see, you can also do a side part. All I did was obviously I parted the hair on the side and then split it and pushed my natural hair on this side, and then I removed like the clip in that was sitting on this side and just had my natural hair so that it looks like You know this is all my natural hair coming out and then you know you know you know you know so yeah, that's all I did so yeah. This is the final look of the hair. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and, of course, I'm gon na leave all the information about the hair in the description box below so you guys can check it out for yourself if you would like but yeah. All in all, I love this hair. It feels great, and I think it's a really good match for my natural hair. Obviously, if you guys want to check it out, they do have different curl patterns. If you guys, you know, obviously have different a different hair type to me. So click the link in the description box and you guys can check out different curl patterns that they have for you to try out for a better match on your hair but yeah. I hope you guys really enjoyed this video make sure to leave a comment down below of what you thought of the hair and yeah. I will see you guys next time, bye, take a load of stuff, just relax. You, the survey,

Trinity Resting: So there it is guys, I’m not gonna lie to you there is no secret potion or product that made my hair bigger (I just get a little help from clip ins to give my hair a longer and fuller look)!! Also, sorry about the beginning of the video (the intro had some issues in the editing process but all the info for the hair used is in the description box for you❤️

kashifa christie: Hi Trinity your hair foreva so healthy even the ends,do u trim it yourself or get it professionally done ND if u do it yourself can we perhaps get a tut

CurlsQueenofficial: Really tahnks for sharing our hair!!!!

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