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The wig is glueless y'all glueless, please bear with me all six o'clock in the morning and I was tired. So I put my wig cap on put some makeup on the cap. Put the wig on. I didn't like that. So the cap came off and we're doing this again, I had to make sure it was tight for my hair, flip and clean. This is the wig directly after the flip y'all. I didn't do nothing like what I decided. I want some edges. I know y'all telling me no edges, I decided I want edges, have I ever done it just and I've seen he can't do enough, wig tutorials that I feel like. I know what I'm doing at this point. Do I really know I don't even have a wax. It I was using got to be yes, I come to edible kitchen sisters. I was laughing to keep from crying. I pulled that moose house, so I can get my edges all nice and fluffy and yes, it did what it needed to do hey. So now I'm getting hyped because I feel like I know what I'm doing like it's starting to look good. So at this point I just start doing everything I'll be seeing my hair stylist do when she be doing my wigs and clearly it works because baby what it was already straight, but I just went back just to make sure it was super straight and like look At that look at her, why am I to type at 7am, buy this wig and do what it needs to do? Oh yeah, and then I mention that

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Jay WhoLovesEveryone: "...it's six o'clock in the morning and I was tired...so, I *put my wig cap on* ..."

MsBROWNCOFFEE: Yaaaasssssss girl I super agree this is both of us my first time was like this to love it

Pinkie Pie: I liked it before she cut and styled the edges... but if she loves it, then who cares what I think! Lovely colour too! While I know next time nothing about wigs and curly hair, I have seen professional videos (I think My Mane Problem) and the stylist on that show doesn't recommend gluing wigs down as it damages the natural fine hair and edges. I didn't see this women using glue but it may have been cut out of the video... but I'm astonished. After the flip it looked so good... like real hair!

Mina Love: That's such a pretty color!! Looks beautiful on you! Spring is coming too, I was gonna go jet black again butttt I might have to play with some color.

Jesuslovesyou: I feel you did a great job thankyou cause ima do the same

Kiana: You look so gooood ❤

NoFaceNoCase_Ace: She’s so damn cute! I strive for this reaction every time I walk in the door, I know Sometime a broski fall short but shh im idiotic when it come to my babe haha

Princess Rosy: Don’t know you nor do I wear wigs but this was great to watch lol you funny! It also looked good!

Meliemel_mel: Oh my God that look good ima show my momma

Microwave Chef: I'd be excited too.

K M: Nice

CurlyMe Hair: Creator: tiktok @iammadidenise

Patsy Roberts: Beautiful periodt ❤

TM_L: The 7am part

RxccoLxndon: It’s like a show curtain for her forehead

Ashley Blackberry: Cute minus the edges

Delores carter: Looked better after the flip


Raiiny Daze: You look pretty lol

Kelly: I love the narrative it's so giving my sister

Look Me in My Eyesssss: Ate ❤

Lissa k: Half the wig she laid down on her forehead calling them edges

KRISTI SPARKS: Better without the edges bc we don’t have that many baby hairs

Meg Televised: I liked it better without the exaggerated baby hairs

Tazty Taz: Looked better without the edges…. Almost natural on you color is perfect for your complexion

Tiffani Floyd: Those aren’t baby hairs, those are bangs

Hooah BlkLions: yessssssss

Katie Jeanes: Ohh.. I always thought edges were just the where your hair stops on your forehead and those were baby hairs. But baby hairs are called edges too?

Ida Almonte: Edges, baby hairs is a tail tell that you’re wearing a wig. That’s why I don’t use it. This wig is nice tho. But as everything beauty is a personal choice.

Donita Mckay: Is that human hair, because if it is i better get to saving

SofaKing Cute: I don’t understand the flat bangs pasted to your forehead??

drasha siri: do the your hairs into straight hairs please

Copper: You have fringe for edges

anglofrançaise Yvonne: Way too edgy!! They almost touch your eyebrows and looks like a fringe (bangs) but the color's perfect for you

M T: Get rid of those senior citizens baby hairs

April: I don’t like the edges hun sorry.

allrightb: I hate those edges. I thought the point of a wig is to make it look like it is not a wig. The edges, or the second hair line as I call it. Make the wig look fake like it is molded to your forehead

Vee L: Very pretty color on you but i wish yall would stop with the edges.....what yall be doin is not even how real baby hairs look

ᵗⁱᵃ ʳᵒˢᵉ: I dislike the eyebrow length baby hair trend

Patricia Rainey: The baby hairs is touching your nose

Yohanna Toussaint: That is y we black women cate grow log. Hair we put to much wig,s and we die or hair and put wev like no this is not good for or hair bru

Nani nene Nene nani: Now she jus need something for them bags

FALENA: Hai appena rovinato una parrucca meravigliosa.

ChildoftheKing: Just wanna say that Jesus Christ loves you all and died on the cross for your sins. Repent from your sins and turn to God because He’s coming soon!

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