My First Time Trying Curly Clip Ins! These Are A Gamechanger! Feat. Curls Queen Official

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Thank you welcome back to my channel guys, so I know I'm looking kind of rough, but I do have another Hair video for you guys so we're about to get this hair all the way together. I once sent another package by Carlos Queen official, so I'm doing another collaboration with them. They sent me their latest curly clip-ins. I'M super excited. I'M gon na just go ahead and show you guys what they look like. So as always, they sent me some little goodies. So inside this little bag I have a brush where I detangling my hair, a bonnet which is so cute. I love these bonnets that they send me it's just like this silk Bonnet and it's two-tone super cute and they sent me some replacement clips for the clip-ins. So in case some of the clips come off, I can use these to sew it back on and, of course, this little bag, which I can put my makeup and stuff in so adorable, but let's get into the really fun part, which is the hair they sent Me one set of their water curly clip-ins. I believe that's what it is in 18 inches. I have all of the information for the hair up on the screen, so you guys can see, but this is what the hair looks like um. I might get a little closer to you guys can see, but it's super curly. The curls are super defined um. I am a little nervous about the length not gon na lie because it looks pretty short, um yeah. So maybe it's just gon na be well. When you pull it, it comes down to here, but I'm thinking it's going to be just like a super like natural look, so I'm excited to see how these come out. This would be a really good hairstyle to wear like on vacation and stuff like that, because it seems like it's going to be really low maintenance and honestly pretty quick to do so. I think that's everything that's in the pack so right now, I have tape ends in my hair. They have been in for about two months. So it's about time to take these out anyway, so I'm gon na go ahead and take these out. So this is what I'll be using to take out the tape ends. This is just gold, bun lace, remover um. I hope that it works. Usually, if I don't have like some type of um, like taping, remover, I'll use, just alcohol and like a spray bottle um, but the guy who produced my stars said this: should work really well. So I'm gon na give this a try and then I'm going to wash my hair with the Hairfinity um Hairfinity Elite, curly and curly shampoo. So that's what I'll be using to wash my hair um. I low-key think I'm gon na wash these clip-ins too, because I think it'll look a little bit looser once I wash it so yeah go ahead and wash these too and we'll just get right into it. I'M not exactly sure how I'll go about this process, but I'm gon na record the whole things you guys can see and I'm gon na start off with taking these papers out because they have been in my head for so long and I've been wearing them in. Like ponytails and buns, so it's kind of like heard a mask out from detention. So I'm going to take these out I'll. Let you guys watch the process a little bit of how to take them out, because I don't think I've ever showed you guys how to take statements out and I'm actually trying to save this hair, because it's really good hair and I'm pretty sure I would use It again, oh my gosh, so I'm actually going to start from this top and just work my way to the bottom. That'S usually like the easiest way to take these out, and my hair is literally a mess like I just came from the gym and for like the past week, I've just been wearing these like any kind of way. You see there there's a little tape in so I'm just gon na spray, rub it for a little bit: okay and then I'm just gon na take a rat tail comb and put it right in the middle okay and there we go, and it just comes out. Just like that, and then for the other end, you can kind of just pick it off and there you have. It comes off just like that. So then I take my comb and I'll go over to a spot where it was attached and I'll just comb. It out just to make sure any of the glue residue comes off so yeah. I have like 50 of these in my head right now, so I'm just gon na go through and take all of these out. I'M not going to make you guys sit through the whole process, but that's pretty much how easy it is to take them out. So if any of you, girls are wondering how like how hard it is to come out or anything like that, oh yeah, I hope that answers you guys question like it's super easy to take it out. Okay, I'm just gon na go ahead and go through my whole head and take these out and I'll probably watch some Tic Tac. While I do it so I will be back once they're all out and I am ready to wash my hair okay y'all. So it's been like two hours I took all my tape ends out and I washed my hair. This is my little ponytail y'all, so sad, but I'm about to blow dry, my hair, so I'm gon na use this blow dryer with this comb attachment all right. So as far as products, I just put some of this Affinity: leave-in conditioner in my hair, oh okay, oh okay, y'all see that my hair is done. I reached my tattoo or whatever, and that boy is a cat staying at home, but I know where he at, like. I ain't gon na hop back. Think about me. So this is what the hair looks like after I washed it and conditioned it. The girls are a lot looser and softer it's so freaking pretty. So what I'm thinking is. I do want to kind of do this kind of like sew-in style without sewing it in and what I mean by that is I'm going to do a leave out. What is like a side part leave out. I'M gon na leave out some hair on the perimeter and the rest of my hair, I'm going to braid up because, as you guys can see, my hair doesn't have like a super like defined curl pattern because it's been through so much but um yeah. That'S what I'm gon na do so I do want to do like a deep side. Part see something nice right here, because I want to have Olive, the like short pieces, brace it down just back, raise it up. Thank you all right and then for the rest of my hair, I'm literally just going to braid it down just normal. I should do it back. Are they gon na make more sense if I braid it to the side? So that's what I'm gon na do the rest of the way and I'm not gon na. Do a super small braid, because it's curlier and I'm not doing a settlement. I could actually fill in it all right. Okay, so I'm gon na show you what we have so far my braids are like really loose. I don't know why I feel like I was trying to grip it, but for some reason it just would not stay tight, but I'm gon na give y'all a 360. pattern is, but I'm hoping that, because this hair is Curly, it'll camouflage it. So I'm just gon na go ahead and trim the plastic, but we have these little ones here they have two clippies, so we have four little ones. We have two with three clippies, so these are kind of like the medium ones. We have two with four clippies. Oh sorry, we have four with four clippies okay, so these ones, I think I'm Gon na Save until oh I'm trying to think because usually with these ones, I would want to put them like here, and I think I'm gon na use these ones back here. Yeah. Okay, I'm gon na use the ones with the three clippies in the back um yeah, okay, the first one is in so that's a nice little length. The hair is super freaking soft curls, Queen literally, has the like softest hair. I'Ve ever had so yeah and then I'm gon na go ahead and put the next very clippy right above that cute all right and I'm really just filling around like I'm, not thinking too much about it, because weapons are supposed to be like easy. You know so now, I'm moving on to a four clip and I'm gon na look in the mirror. First before I clip it so yeah. How do you see how quick and easy that is um foreign? You know so I can like kind of go over to the side no way. This looks this cute yeah, I'm sorry, but you can't tell me to say my real hair, like okay, tell me to say my real hair okay, so I do want to get some Scissors because I kind of went to um they're right there. I do want to layer, it yeah. I think I want to layer it a little bit more, but this is what it looks nice. So let me go ahead and style. The leave out first and we'll see how it looks all right so to style. My leave out I'm just going to use this tiny wine color and put like a little curls all through it. I'M gon na take tiny little section because I want this to match. Thank you lose me, like. I don't have to say anything all right like I don't have to say anything like. I think, we're all in agreeance here that this hair is freaking bomb. Oh my God yeah. This looks like a girl without my freaking scalp and it's clippings look at my little edges. This is so cute. I was so nervous about it being shorter, but I feel like because it is a little bit like shorter. It'S not short, it's like 18 inches, but it's curly, so it shrinks up. It makes it look more natural, I'm so excited. I did end up just putting some little the little wine curls on my leave out and then I'll put a few layers. Just in the front, nothing crazy, because I didn't want to like mess it up or anything, and that's literally it. It literally took me like five minutes to put in once my hair was braided down. So it's super easy easy for beginners to do definitely - and I feel like this is like the perfect vacation here with Summer coming up and like trips and stuff I'll, definitely be wearing this, because it's so cute, like I'm actually so obsessed. I feel like a cutie patootie for you, so they actually sent me the water, Kinky Curly and 18 inches. That'S why it's so curly and it's literally so beautiful. I wish you guys could feel it through the screen. It'S so soft, but I'm so excited. I didn't even use all of the clips. I ended up not using two clips just because my hair was already so full with the ones that I had. But obviously, if you want, you can add those too and I'm sure if you wear all your hair down. It'Ll probably be a little bit different too, but yeah I'm gon na give you guys a 360 one more time. I don't know what it looks like from the back, but I will show you that you can wear up. If you want it's right in my little ponytail um. Let me see, I can flip it like side to side, but I genuinely just love it just like this is so cute, oh my gosh, so yes that was it for this video, like I said, I have all the information for the hair linked down below. If you guys want to check them out again, this is from curls Queen. Thank you so much for sponsoring this video and I'm just so obsessed. I'M gon na go take a million selfies now, and that was pretty much it. I hope that you guys enjoyed this video. Thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in my next one. Thank you.

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