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Hey guys welcome back to my channel we're going to be doing a hair, video drop it down from the title. This is going to be a hair clip in install if you guys watched my channel before you guys know i've already done clip-ins before, but today we are doing another clipping tutorial, i'm going to be using the amazing beauty hair. Thank you to amazing beauty, hair for sponsoring today's video. This company was kind enough to send me two boxes of clip ins, and i'm super duper duper excited to use these clip-ins y'all. If you guys have any questions, of course, the details will be below in the description box, so make sure you open that up to get all the details and coupons. This is going to be an install, like any other, install, i'm going to show you guys what is in the box. It comes in this cute little bag just like so it says: amazing beauty, hair extensions on it. It also comes with a clip, and also it comes with a coupon card, comes with their own comb, which i'm so excited about, because i love rat tail combs extra clips for your clip-ins and last but not least, it comes with its own. Thank you card and instructions for you guys to learn about how to do your clip-ins and take care of them. I'M super excited about this stuff as y'all, because look at the colors like do y'all see that do y'all see the color. Do y'all see the highlights. The blondes, the beautiful color i'm super excited because i wanted some blonde looking hair and i'm just super excited that i finally got some look at the bounce yeah, it's so soft. So soft the hair is super soft flowy and everything i'm so excited to be using these clip-ins y'all. They sent me over two of their seven piece. Um sets so each set comes with seven pieces. You'Ll see my hair prepped. I normally do this style where i braid my hair back. I don't use any of my hair really just the top part right here, i would say, don't have blonde hair, so i braided my hair up, but also i find that this way is easier for me. I mean y'all could use i wan na do, but for me, braiding, my hair up is easier in the lace flatter and i got to wear like my natural hair out, it's more like a protective style. So i just have like this little bit of hair clipped up and yeah we're just going to go ahead and clip in these babies, i'm going to start with a three-piece set at the bottom. I always do that with the nape of my neck and they're. Lit they're clipping also comes with the lace. I don't know if i can tell, but the clip in does come with the lace in between. So i like that, because it gives the lace more sturdiness - and i don't know it just makes me feel better when i have the lace attached to it, clip that in oh she's, cute already y'all, oh she's cute, i'm excited y'all. Okay, i'm gon na take another three piece set and clip it right on in in the back that way, bam it's flat, keep it moving, i'm going to be using a four clip set for the middle. I always like to use the longer sets of clip-ins for, like the middle of my head, that way, it's like easier for me to blend it, but again yeah. I told y'all before like when clipping in clippings they're customizable. So if one don't work, you could take it out, do the other one like you, don't have to like. Do it this way, but my way that i've been doing it is easy for me. Clippings are very forgivable if you feel like you messed up, and you want to put it a different way. You can they're very forgiving. I'M gon na do another four clip set. I have my mirror right here. So don't y'all excuse that, but i need to see and then i'm gon na pull this hair out, because i like, like my edges out, i don't like my edges like caught up in my braids. I will straighten them out and leave them out, but i prefer my edges out for me cute and for like the corners up here. If you want to start like clipping them right here at the corner and then bringing it around, you can that way, you're covering your braids on the side um. This is works for me. If your hair is braided underneath that way, it can be flat, not bulky. So like just like that, you see it's still flat. I'M gon na use my two clips set since we're getting towards the top i like to use the two clip sets that way. It'S not you know bulky and then the placement i always like to check. While i'm placing my clip-ins in to put it behind my ear to see if it'll look right, obviously these pieces can be um straightened out, but i just want to make sure like when i'm putting my ear and my hair behind my ear, i don't have like The track actually showing all right, so i just parted my hair and i flat ironed it now, i'm about to put a two piece, a two clip set right here. You don't want to put it too close to the edge okay guys. I thought i was going to be able to squeeze this last clip in, but i can't really squeeze it like. I don't really have any room on top of my head to like squeeze it through, but you guys these are the clip-ins all installed in. I haven't like flat ironed the hair, or anything like this is like fresh out of the box um. This is what it looks like. This is how long it is on me. It is 20 inches. It does have some type of like curl to it on its own, but i want to like put some loose curls in it myself, i'm going to use a little bit of this olive oil just a little bit. This stuff is kind of like strong when it comes like the oil, even though this hair is blonde. I don't i'm not experiencing like any like super dryness within the hair, but i'm still gon na run a little bit of oil through it just in case, because i did curl it, i did add heat to it. So just in case it starts to like frizz up i'm putting a little bit of anti-frizz serum on it. I didn't brush out the curls, yet i'm just gon na let them set for a little bit before i start like fluffing them out and playing with it. You know i like my shine jam, so i'm gon na use just a little bit on my edges, not a lot just a little bit on the edges. I really like this edge control because it makes my edges really smooth and it doesn't build up at all. Um, it doesn't build up on my hair, it just kind of like wears off, which i like. I don't like, like edge control that just sits in my hair and weighs it down. I don't like that. I'M just going to loosely brush out my curls because i want it like a loose curl. I don't want like a super tight curl. I just wanted some type of curl definition down there on the ends, but i didn't want like a super like curly curl. You know what i mean something like this okay, so i don't know if you can tell, but the hair is done, it's still long and it's luscious all right. So here is the length on me. It comes right underneath my boobs and then in the back. It stops right above my butt, so so this is 20 inches on me right here. I'M going to turn around, so you guys can like see the back all right. So this is the back and the curls. This is what it looks like how long it is. Okay, guys, the hair is all styled, and in i'm loving this hair, i'm loving the color too. I was so nervous about the color, because i thought it was like too blonde for my skin tone and my face, but it actually looks really good on me. In my opinion, so i'm super excited about this. It'S a little different because i always wear like jet black hair or like black hair or brown hair, but the blonde is giving um it's really highlighted. So that's what i like about it like it's really highlighted. It looks cute so yeah, i'm excited about this again. You guys all the links and specs and details of this hair will be in the description box below so make sure you check that out. Thank you once again to amazing beauty, hair for sponsoring this video. I'M super excited about this hair you guys sent over. I love the clip-ins. This is an easy way for you to get blonde hair or just like some type of ombre look without actually having to dye your own hair, because you guys know, like i said i am natural and my hair is a 1b or one depending on like what Section of it because it is all over the place, but yeah you guys. This is super cute. I have some flyaways in the middle, but that happens to me all the time like whenever i blow dry my hair flat iron, it i always have flyaways in the middle, so i'm just gon na have to spray some like got to be on there and um. Put my scarf on so yeah. You guys asked me before. Do i sleep with my clip-ins? I do sleep in my clip-ins, especially when my hair is braided down, because it makes it easier on my scalp. My clippings are kind of attached to my braids rather than my scalp, so it's not like irritating it. It'S actually way better than parting, my hair and putting the clip ins directly to my scalp. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Hopefully it wasn't all over the place and crazy, but hope you guys enjoyed this video and got some tips and tricks on how to apply your clip-ins, and i also have a bunch of hair tutorials on my channel. So you guys can just go to my channel and look up hair tutorials, because i have a whole bunch just in case you missed anything or i missed anything that i wanted to tell you guys, but yeah guys i am about to go. I hope you enjoyed this video make sure you subscribe. If you want to see more tutorials or helpful tips and tricks, i have all kind of videos on my channel so just check it out. Click the bell, if you want to be notified of when i upload a new video and yeah guys, i will see you in my next video bye.

The Johnson Family: I love these extensions super cute

YoursTruly Muriel: Such a pretty color, you styled it nice.

Sammy Da Goat: The Look Is Flawless

Eboni Weaver: Thank you for this . I wanted color too I'm in love with clip in and I ordered me a set . Thank you for the review

Marlo Nicholas: Your hair is absolutely beautiful

Xx_KISSandMAKEUP_xX: Yes ma’am!!! Serving L E W K S!!!!

Jamie Bowen: Love the look

Anna: Beautiful I love the color idk if I missed it but how many wefts did you end up using??? I know you said you had two packs of 7 so did you use all 14?

barbieyork: Color is beautiful

Shawnia Valentine: Love it! Question do you prefer these clip ins or Sassina clip ins

barbieyork: Nice video

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