Braided Ponytail Hair Tutorial With Clip In Extensions #Shorts

Reminded me to take our kids to the park, my hair is getting trash right now, so I still don't know how I feel about the extensions not being in there, but we're gon na throw some in so I'm gon na basically just part, my hair back here In the middle, so I'm gon na go with the longest one. First, I already brushed it out. Stick it right in the back of my head, like this, got that one in there now, I'm just gon na. Take this little two clip and two clip. I'M gon na stick one on top make this one go up so, instead of like clipping it down, I'm gon na actually clip this one up and take this piece back down. It'S looking kind of like this. Nothing special right pull that sucker back into a ponytail. I'M gon na go slick it with some water. These are the best kind of brushes. I just get mine from Marco's side of the sink because he has it for his hair and for the boys as well. I'M just gon na throw this back into a ponytail and pull it tight, so see how you can see my hair in this hair. That'S why we're gon na braid it one making sure that you tuck those like your real hair in and you're just going to secure with a little elastic like this

Honey pot Crafts: You look beautiful even without extentions . UR STUNNING

RandomNessa: if only you knew that ur hair doesnt need extentions, ud be very happy with it and not call it trash.

Maddiethequeen: The way you just said my hair is giving trash now was iconic

nina: You are really beautiful without extentions

A. Martinez: Lady, you don’t need those extensions. Your natural beauty is off the charts. I enjoy seeing another Queen caring for herself, thank you sharing you life, beauty regimens AND your planner!

J.J. Rodriguez: I love your natural look; you’re gorgeous ❤

Dr. Cheryl Denegall: Brook your natural hair is beautiful no need for the extensions for a down day.❤️❤️❤️

Annie Kurkovych: I love it. I've been wanting to start wearing extensions. I'm definitely trying this first

Lynnda Romo: You don't need all that mess. Your beautiful.

Katie Marie: I think you've gotten so used to the feeling of having the extensions in you forgot how beautiful your hair is nautrally❣

iAmNiaSuccess: Absolutely gorgeous with OPTIONS! ️Loves it!

Alaethia Bahlmann: You look beautiful without braiding your hair also just asking and you’re amazing.

Down South With Danny: It’s the “borrowed” brush for me . I also don’t buy those

Nima Lamu Sherpa: You look good without hair extensions. ❤

This That and The 3rd: Brooke you are beautiful without them. I’m amazed at how she can put the darn extensions in I’d be throwing the first one across the room lol with how many times I’d be attempting to put them in.❤

Ernest Zara21: I still can't believe she born a 13 year old boy at age 16!

Stacie Brooks: It looks pretty short or long

Sabrina Ishmael: Love your natural hair

Morgan Terry: I had this hairstyle for my birthday except the braid was high and i used the hair that people use to braid their hair with and it took a few hours but I finally did it. Adding hair takes a while but it works better in my opinion.

Natalia Parag: You look beautiful with and without your extensions

Morgan Shaffer: your hair is gorgeous. I'm only 34 and my hair is thinning and I'd give anything for it to look like yours. You're very lucky. Also maybe try straightening it if you don't like how it looks without the extensions cuz Mama I swear you don't need extensions

Jacqui Lopez: You should add lowlights to the extensions to break up the blonde and soften the transition from your natural hair❤

Lizzy B.: You look the best with your natural hair. ❤

kathrine knight: The bubble pony is also cute with clip ins!

Sandie: I love how honest you are

Shannon Leidholt: I love your hair without extensions.❤

Stephany M92: I'd like to see you more without extentions. Your natural hair is a lovely length and colour x

strowman Philips: Making money is an action. Keeping money is a behavior, but “growing money is wisdom”. I found this out a week ago after getting a $10,000 return on my $3,000 investment in 7 days.

KGM: Love the natural look the best, but whatever makes you feel best about yourself is most important for sure. Do you boo.

debe2: Beautiful

KikiOla: "not sure how I feel without the extensions being in"..1/2 second later."so I'm going to throw some in" ..the great thing about being day you might be pixie cut, next day hair to the matter what sis do you and be true to you..stay blessed

Jessica Lynn: Even with the braid you can still see your hair and then the extensions

Scherryl Hill: Why use extensions?You have beautiful hair wavy hair.Just let it grow more!❤

Annette Garcia: you Better put those extensions away your hair is absolutely gorgeous without them much love and Blessings to you and your family ❤️

Makieva Laws: Girl I don't know how you do that how you braid your hair but that slay❤

Lonniece Maclin: Nice

Wanda Schmitz: fabulous

Hannah Honeywell: So cute

Latanya Bradford: Your natural hair is beautiful

Maria: The shorter version looks classy, I think sometimes it’s just getting used to it .

Godwarrior 100: Somebody needs to make it a sound or you Brooke where you say "my hair giving trash right now."

balvir singh lidder: You are so beautiful even without any extentions you are so so so pretty .❤️

LaQuashia Johnson: Lol you just get it from Marco’s side of the sink! Our husbands side is the best side!

Bella Santiago: Brooke it's more beautiful without make up. Love the short hair on you❤️

Ay Do: You’re pretty either way

L. Smith: I bet Marco goes through a whole thing ‍when he notices long blond hair in his brush.

Laurie Daniele: Pretty

Grape Chocolate: It looks better without extension. Nice and thick and healthy. When u wash it!!!

A. Beatty: I know this is about your hair, but I hope the hubby and kids are good.

AMANDA REYES: Where did you get your clip extensions at❤

Nhlanhla Mafodi: this is nes

Salena Parrish#shorts: Brooke love your Energy ❤

Everliza A: You needed extensions to go to the park? Lol. Could have just put your hair in a messy bun.

SexyluvAE: A high messy bun would have been better

Brenda Robinson: ❤❤❤

Chad wild clay: how old are you?

Drea JP: OH MY LORD! Stop telling her she looks better without extensions! You all are doing more harm than good. Some people have bad hair days. GET OVER IT.

nanakhay: I use to think the extension was all your long hair

Adelina: I have never used hair extensions. Just saying.

Cindy Stewart: Your hair looks good without the extra ...

isac melendez: Ur rich and that's the best you can come up with

Maire Brown: you should get a lace front

Annie: Ok Brooke Blessings

Batman Sheesh: what❤️❤️❤️

Sarita Melanson: It looks better without them

LeAndre Milton: That terd cute

Mzjayalwayz: Shoul do u tips, a sew in with beads, tape ins or something. The clip ins are way too obvious

Halet Tesfai: I didn't know that you were wigs

3ugattiBank: ilkelove

kenkendo6: Why do you need fack hair you got hair

Kinsley Brown: Girl……

Chad wild clay:

Armani and brandey: Braylon acts gay

cute: Girl seriously your mother you talking like your teenager

Braylon Tate: So you wear extensions

Johnny Hulsey: See wait wait

Lax Kali: Cat fish

Lenka Kalejova: Yuo have nitse

kenkendo6: Why do you need fack hair you got hair

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