How I Style My Hair Using Clip In Hair Extensions And Dyson Airwrap!!

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I’ll be showing you how I get long locks using clip in hair extensions and styling with my Dyson Airwrap!! Hope you all enjoy xxx

Hi guys welcome back to my channel. I hope you are all doing well so today i am back with another hair tutorial. Now i've done a few tutorials on my channel, but they've mainly been like styling, especially with my dyson air wrap um. But when i did do them, i got a few questions about my extensions and how i style them, how i click them in and stuff like that. So today i'm going to be showing you exactly how i put in my extensions and how i style them using my trusty dyson. So what you're going to need is you're going to need your extensions, obviously um, and then just some clips also some rollers and what else your styling tools, if you're using dyson dyson or you could use a curling wand. Sometimes i use a curling wand, straighteners um, and what else? Oh just a hairbrush comb, and then i also use a little bit of my oil. I love this olaflex oil. If you have not tried it, you need to try it and then also hairspray, but i've run out and heat defense spray, which i've also run out. I need to do an order, asap um, so we're gon na get right into it. So when i clip my extensions in, i basically section my hair off, so i start by the lobbyist bit so at the back of your head, you can feel there's like a. I feel like there's a proper name for it, but it's like almost like a little bit of a dent. So that's where i do my first section, so i just part it along the back and then i clip the rest of it up. I don't use a comb or anything just because i have a critic, so i find it quite easy to do it just with my nails um. So in my pack of extensions, i have different lengths like the ones with the two clips um. I use them for the sides and then we also have these ones we have, which then have the free clips. So you'd always use the shortest kinds of ones at the lowest point of your head or scalp. If that makes sense, and then we have the single ones which again i use for the slides i'll show you how to do them and then we have bear with. I should organize these before i come on camera, and then we have our longest ones, which have three clips, but they're just a bit longer than the other ones. I showed you, so i've got two super long ones. I'Ve got two of the side pieces. Two of the one clips and then i have two of the free clip ones. So what i do - and this is a little trick - i've been doing for ages. So i don't know if any of you wear extensions. Sometimes, what you'll find is that, when you put your extensions in, you can sometimes see just a little few sparse hairs of where your natural hair ends so a way to kind of make sure you don't see. That is, when you put your first one in you're gon na flip it and clip it. So all i do is i clip it in by clipping upside down like this. So i'll show you what i mean so i lift the hair up at the back and then i go in and i've flipped it upside down. It'S really hard because i feel, like you, can't see what i'm doing and then i literally just put the three clips in like so and then you'll have a bit of a poop. So i don't know if you can see that it kind of poofs out, but don't worry because once you put the other ones in it will flatten it out. So that is the first one done so then we're going to let the rest of the hair down and then we're going to put our second row in so i always start from the ear here, like the top of the ear and i'll just section another bit Of hair again clip this all out of the way, so for this section i'm then going to go in with my second smallest piece, which is the free clips, and then i literally just clip that directly on top. So again, i really feel like this is a really bad angle, but you can kind of see it's just clipped in along the back of that part in and then i basically do this all the way through. So now, i'm gon na do the side pieces. So i kind of start here like at eye length and again i just do the parting all the way across i'm going to pull my little side pieces down, clip this up. So now i do back home a little bit, so i just backcomb the side bit and then i'll backcomb, the back bit ever so slightly. I don't really overly backcomb. When i do this because i don't know, i don't really feel like. I need to um, but the choice is yours: if you have like really silky um, hair or yeah, just silky or soft or quite fine hair, you probably will need to backcomb, but where my hair is quite naturally curly and it's quite frizzy, i don't really need To backcomb as much um, so you're going to take the two piece ones. These are our side ones and i'm just going to clip that in to the side like so and then we take the other side bit and we do exactly the same thing just clip. It in at the side, so it'll kind of look like that, so it just goes from like this section and it's really important like i know i feel like whenever you buy extensions like clippings, i feel like they always tell you like the directions on the pack. They just tell you to put them in from the back and layer it up, but when you do that, you literally have no hair at the. So when you go to style it unless you're wearing it half up, it just looks very weird, so definitely put them in at the sides: um, okay and then we're gon na take. One of these is slightly longer. I think i know they're both the same um. So i'm going to take our longest weft. So again, it's got the three clips and then i'm just clipping that in at the back now what you'll find like with mine, they will overlap onto the side bits which is fine. You just clip it above i mean it's absolutely fine, i quite like it because i feel like it kind of conceals the ends of the sides. If that makes sense, and then again i'm going to do the exact same thing, so we're going to go quite high here, so almost just above the temples again just part, all the way around that might be a bit too high. Um apply it all the way around bring the hair down and then clip the rest out of the way i'm just gon na backcomb it a little bit now with the last one. It is quite handy to go quite high up um. I know when i first started wearing like clip-ins. I never really used to like to go really high up, because i feel like all people could be able to see it, but actually it has the opposite effect, because the higher you go up the closer it is to the root. If that makes sense, so it's harder like if you put it if your last extension weft is like midway through your scalp. Your hair separates naturally like with movement and when you style it, so you can see the west roads if you go higher up it it. I can't explain it, but it just can seem conceals it better. Obviously you don't go so high up there, there's no hair to cover it. So it's getting the the right balance and then yes, this is the final big weft. So i'm just clipping that right in to the back and then we're gon na pull that forward. So now all you should be left with is just your two single ones. So we're going to let down all of our hair now and we're going to do it into our parting. Now i always wear mine in a middle part, so i'm just going to do it in single point. I don't have to be too neat because we're going to put it in rollers in a minute anyway, but it's just to get an idea and then just brush through okay, so this is how your hair should be looking now, these single bits, my hair, looks crazy. These single bits are gon na help blend in your front pieces. So if, like me, you've got bangs or quite a lot of layers. You need to definitely have this in, because it's gon na help um make it look all seamless. So with these single pieces, i go quite high up again so just kind of here like this section, so it is really high up to be fair, um, so just section it off. So you have like a part in area here, as you can see, clip that out of the way and then i'm gon na go in with just a comb. My door is back home this bit, just because i want to make sure they stay in nice and securely, and then i have actually layered these ever so slightly. So i always have to make sure yeah that i'm putting the right side like putting them in on the right side. So i just layer these ever so slightly so that when you put them in, they just style a bit better. And then i'm just going to clip this here and then what i like to do is i lift a little bit of the hair like where i've parted it up and i kind of clip it clip it underneath and then i just place my hair on top And then i'm going to go and do the exact same thing on this side, so we're just parting it quite high up and i feel like the way i do my hair is quite easy. Like i thought you don't need, i i was gon na say it fully, you don't need a lot of stuff, but i'm looking at all the stuff. I'Ve got around me, but i mean in this sense, like i, don't part my hair with a comb. It'S not very technical like if you have acrylics, you can very easily do this just with your nails and then i'm just going to clip this side piece in here. Okay, so we have all of our extensions in so now i'm looking like rapunzel just rapunzel who needs to brush her hair. So again i just like to brush it all out. So now we are going to move on to styling. So if you've watched any of my videos, you know that i always love putting rollers at the top just so i feel like it gives it volume. So i start off with my straighteners. I just use ghds and we're just going to start off by sectioning. The first bit of hair here and then i'm just going to comb through it and then i'm just going to take our straighteners and just go over it. Just so it's nice and smooth out, then we're going to take our roller and just a little clip like a bobby pin roll the hair around it and then just secure it in place with that bobby pin. And then i'm just going to do the same thing. Again, i'm just going to section a little bit of hair right behind that roller and again i go in with my straighteners just so i can smooth it out and then i've got my roll on my velcro roller and i just wrap it around and then i Take my clip - and i just clip that in to place and then i'm just gon na brush through the hair, okay, so the hardest part of this whole tutorial is done. I always find like the clipping in and the rollers are like the trickiest part. So now we're going to style the rest of our hair. So now this is where you're going to need two of these clips, just because it makes it a little bit easier and i'm just going to do like a i'm just going to curl it all. But i'm not going to do like a tight curl. I want to do more like a bouncy bouncy. Is it hollywood curl? I don't feel like it's hot, like fancy blow dry, bouncy curly blow dry vibes, that's what that's what i'm gon na call it! That'S what style we're doing today so going in with my air wrap and i've got the two attachments. Now again, i've done a tutorial on these before, but just for reference um. I want my curls to go out, so you just um put the barrel on the way that you want your curls to go. So that's what the arrows are for, so we're gon na start with this side. So i'm gon na put the attachment on and then i've got it on the highest suction and highest heat setting, and i'm just going to section my hair and i'm not going to be too precise. I'Ll, probably do three sections and then switch it on lay a catch onto the ends, and then i just wrap it all the way around and you just want to do it until the hair gets kind of hot and then release it and just pull the barrel Out and then you'll be left with a curl that looks like this now don't play with it too much, because you do want to let it sit in place um. I have got a really good hack and a tutorial on how you can pin these in so that they literally last all day, but i'm not going to do that um today, just because i quite want them to be a little bit loose like. I want them to drop out a little bit and then i'm going to show you one more time, so just let it catch on at the end and then push it round to the top pull the barrel out and you're just left with a curl. It looks like that, so what i'm going to do now is i'm just going to curl the rest of my hair and i will be back okay, so our hair is all curled, so it should be looking something a little like this. So now i'm just gon na style, the top part, so we're gon na take this section out of the rollers, oh and hopefully not throw them on the floor and then we're just going to take our brush and just brush through and then just put it into Your part in so i always do mine into a middle volume and then i'm just gon na take maybe two to three sections or just the top bit. So you can see it just looks quite straight: i'm just going to go in with the air wrap and i'm just going to curl um this section of hair after i switch the barrels around and by doing this, it just makes sure that it all like blends In together - and you don't have to worry about it, looking too curly because it's with the air wrap um, i do find that unless i like really pin it even when i do pin it to be fair, it does kind of. I don't know i feel like because it gives it that blow dry vibe. It does kind of drop and all kind of blend together anyway. So don't worry like when you do anything. Oh, my god that looks so curly because, honestly, once you brush it out, it'll be fine and then i'm going to do the same on this side. So there's no kind of special way of doing this, just kind of notice any bits from the root that look. A little bit straight, um or not curled, like that, you haven't gone over and just curl them just because we want to make sure that everything is blending. So now that we have curled everything, your hair should be looking very but yeah. I feel like. I can't speak today, i feel like i've got like speech problems. Your hair should be looking very voluminous, so what we're going to do now? Last but not least, is we're just going to brush through it all, and then you kind of play around with it. Just to get it to sit the way you want, so you see what i mean it's giving it a nice like, looser curl like it's, not really tight. So if you look at the difference like you could get quite worried thinking. Oh my god. It looks way too curly, but once you brush it out, it just really blends in really nicely and then i'm just gon na do the same on this side and then again just kind of position it where you want it, and i feel like this side is Looking slightly more curlier, so i'm just going to i'm gon na. Do this whole section together. I think ideally want it to set just for a minute and then i'm just gon na brush through it, okay yeah. So i am happy with how that is looking. So then, last but not least, i like to go in with a little bit of oil, so i just take a few drops and honestly i love this stuff and i just go over the top and then bring it through the ends. So i mainly do it just for smoothing it out, because my hair, like i said it's a bit frizzy and i actually do love this stuff, like i feel like this, oil has actually helped me grow my hair, so i quite like putting inks. I just feel like it's quite moisturizing as well, so that is it for today guys. This is how i get my long. Luscious looks. I hope you guys have enjoyed this video. If you did please do click like subscribe, join the youtube family and you

Marie Kamara: Your skin looks great, thanks for all the tips Hunni xXx

Rochelle Robinson: Even though I don't wear hair extension I enjoyed watching the video.

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