A Guide To Clip In Hair Extensions

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Okay, so we're gon na add these beautiful extensions to Brianna's hair, and I want to show you how you can put them in at home Lucas all right. So we got all of the hair extensions out and we placed them just on the table, so we're first gon na start off in the back of her hair. Okay, so we're just gon na make a section back here, just a bit the width of the hairpiece that I have and now we're gon na add a little bit of backcombing in the areas. So when the clips of the hair extensions go in, they have something to secure too. So. First, I'm going to use puff meat just to add a little bit of grip just in the area where I'm gon na slide the combs in from the extensions. So I'm just going to use use these clips here to slide in where I've just added that backcombing feels good. So I'm gon na drop the next section down we're just up about an inch from the previous section, and now I'm just seeing which ones are gon na fit her. Well, this one's a little too long, I'm just going to keep continuing this process all the way up to just below the crown area. So all of my long tracks are done and they've been put in the back. What'S great, is they come with these little individual tracks? So what I'm gon na do is just put a few of these far enough away from the hairline. So you don't see a seam at all. Now I'm gon na add a little bit of a curl to her extensions and natural hair. I put the extensions in first now: I'm gon na curl it so then the natural hair and the extensions is really nice. Together. It looks a little more natural. So now I'm going to use riken's fashion work valve it's a very light holding hairspray with 24-hours humidity protection, and there you have it. She has 18 inches of hair. Now amazing. How do you feel

HowtoSell HairExtensions: Very educational, good to help your clients with this great info.

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