Wow! No Wig, No Clip Ins | Diy Tape In Extensions Install On Short 4C Hair

Wow! NO Wig, NO Clip ins | DIY Tape In Extensions Install On Short 4C Hair

Hey loves,

I will be taking y'all through this tape in extensions styling hair transformation process - would y'all believe how natural this looks and there are no wigs, no crochet and no clip-ins insight. We will be trying a DIY Tape In extensions install tutorial on 4c natural hair install for the first time. Yes, y'all we will be trying out this DIY tutorial where we install tape ins on short 4c natural hair. What a better time to try out tape-ins than now we are heading into the Spring/Summer months and makes it even more exciting that this tape in blends perfectly well with our type 4c natural hair. Hope you enjoy :) #tapeins #naturalhair #4chair


1. Leave-in conditioner

2. hair gel

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P.S: Learning is one step at a time. If you don't get it now, you will get it tomorrow as long as you keep practicing with patience. Keep trying... and you will get perfect at it ❤

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What camera do I use: Canon 5d Mark iv

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Adanna Madueke: Anybody else tried tape ins? ‍♀️

Calvie-Ann Mitchell: You never fail to impress us boo!

Folakemi Oluduro: Adanna’s happiness is contagious

Marneen Carter: 11:26 The look you make when it’s all going To Plan! Just lovely!

Styles By Lovey: No body can tell you this is not your hair boo, literally nobody Periodt I love it!

Nik Nik: Great tutorial, as always!

Geraldine Fidelis: Looks really good And yes, your explanation made sense... as always❤

Courtney P: Sis, avoid tape ins like the plague. That goes for microlinks, too. Even when applied properly, they lead to hair thinning (& split ends in some people). I had to cut off so much (especially after the takedown of microlinks). Dont do it, sis

yvette: Has she ever done a makeup tutorial? I’d love to see how she applies her makeup .

Ms Boro: Adanna, your hair really grew when you went to the Motherland! It looks really thick and beautiful ❤️

Jessica Fianko: Happy Sunday Adanna, Wow wow wow Loved the hairstyle Sending loads of love ❤❤❤❤

Marie Mirembe: Hello hello pretty Adanna. Love this hour hairstyle. Def gonna try it out. Love style number 3. Keep those videos comin'

Tanika Fisher: Gorgeous! I’m curious about the take down process though

elaine sanneh: How long do you keep these hair pieces in? And how do you care for it while sporting the style?

renn-taylor: The extensions look good, and I really enjoy your install videos, but your natural hair looks great! It looks healthy and it has grown. Do you think the change in the humidity/climate between Canada and Nigeria is part of the difference? I live in a climate with very dry air in Europe and I noticed my hair seemed to do better when I was living in the southern United States or other more humid regions.

Fun drawings by Richy Pie: ❤Even if I don't want to make hair before, your presentation style and passion in your deliveries will make me.

Caroline Tumbo: Lovely as always! Did I miss the link for the lip gloss somewhere?

Patricia Allen: Wow Adanna, impressive, I love look 2 & 3

DIY All things: It is the glowing skin for me !!!

Ashley Delone: What length did you get your tap ins? 14 inches or 16?

Alice Onuh: I love all hairstyles but that bun number 3 is giving

RaydiantStudio: Beautiful outcome

E Smith: I love your descriptions! Chocolate bread! Luscious!

Stacey Mair: Adanna I doan know not sure I would do tape ins. You did a great job..I like the bun..

Raquel Moore: Beautiful

ms nadine r: awesome! I need to get me that kind of tape in hair omg! I jus absolutely love it!

Dede Kalister: It's so Beautifullllll

teemoneybaby: That bun look is cuuute!

Anett Mitchell: # 2&3...but Ada any hairstyle you try you always rock...

Kay Imani M'rie: Chocolate-y . Love this style!

Saron Saron: Hello boo...i love it wow an the make up is bomb....i love all the styles girl...never try tape in ...after watching this i will surely try it...i looooooove it❤❤❤ love u Adanna...bye boo.❤

Udeh Favourite Chinwendu: Our Ada baby You look georgeous as always

Ndinesipho Mbolekwa: My favourite is number 3 the bun❤

BKBjorn: Hi mocha mama Adanna I love #3! Pretty and elegant

Faith Abigael: oh gal you were my inspiration for natural hair, i would try this beautiful hair from a gorgeous Ada, kindly link me up where to get the tape in extension. Thanks

Denise Carter: I think i am interested in trying these tape ins.

DIY All things: I am wondering how it is taken down . How long will you keep it in your hair

Adanna Madueke: Happy sundayyyy lovelies

kamara Esther: No 3 is my fav I should try this out

Henny Agbara: I tried this style with my clip ins and kinky hair

Antonina : Cute

Myrthel Francois: You look good girl❤ Question!! Can’t I wash the hair or swim with it…. I’m looking for a vacation hair

M H: What is the name of company for the lip gloss?

Nkem Link: Where can I buy the kinky from?

352lolo: Ponytail for me ‍♀️

Henny Agbara: Gather here if you know the soundtrack from back then cause nothing can make us feel down

Adela Anogho Ajeck: I just love the way you praise Black girls. Chocolate

autumn: What is the company name of the lipgloss?

Keisha Jones: Looks like a lot of work. Cute tho

Arista Warrenhuffman: Hello Thankyou

Tee M: Hellow...Hellow?? HeLL-Oh HOo!❤❤ Hope you're feeling better soon, luv! You look gorgeous and chocolatey as always.

ChiTownSweetie23: I like style #3

Henny Agbara: No 3 is perfect

ms nadine r: Where oh where can I get it to buy? Curious Jamaican

Wanda parker: I'm holding off trying until you remove it and tell us,, if it cause any damage to your hair

Arista Warrenhuffman: I like number 3 (buns)

فاطمة مصطفى: أحبك جدا واشاهدك باستمرار تجعلينني أحب نفسي وملامحي الإفريقية أنا مشكلتي لأ أعرف أبجديات المكياج هل من الممكن عمل فيديوهات لتعليم المكياج الافريقي

VeeToTheWorld: Hi Adanna❤❤

Dede Kalister: Please what product??

Rhoda Tyler: ❤

Henny Agbara: The juice is catching us

Amusan Iyanuoluwa Oluwadarasimi: How many inches is your hair

Muna Daniella: Hellooooo Adanna....❤❤

Belle8: #2

NITZA MOYA: ❤‍♀️Bendiciones

Jessica Boisabi: Number 3

Dorcas Ankrah: 2 and 3

uniquelady1234: number 2 x

Sandra Black: #2

Florizella Thompson: I can see you

Theonia betsey: I like watching your styles but I realized that you are from Nigeria but you speaking Way to Fast,, can you PLEASE SLOW DOWN SO WE CAN Understand you..Thanks

Florizella Thompson: I can’t see you

Carol Jenkinson Bacchas: 3

incognito: So nobody wonders why this lady's hair hasn't GROWN much....IN YEARS

misse charles-Okoh: Nope! Why would anyone tape anything to their hair... apply pressure? Use a straightener to apply pressure? Not every product should be promoted.

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