Converting My Hair Extensions Into Clip Ins! It Was So Easy #Bigkizzyclips

Hey babes! This was so much easier than I thought it would be with the special clips I used.

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Hi babes welcome back to my channel. If you've noticed, i took out my hair extensions again because as soon as you get close, i'm gon na change it as soon as you think you got me figured out anyway. So then i had you know: i'm going back to this hair, which it's growing quite nicely and whatever my regular hair. But then i have literally thousands of dollars worth extensions and i'm like okay. Well, i don't want them to just go my drawer and get forgotten about what am i gon na do then i started doing some googling and found these big kissy hair, no sew, hair extension clips. So what that means is you take your wefts or your tape? Ins, the small pieces, you take your wefts and you make them into um clip in extensions, which is great, because then that means you know my hair is not just sitting there doing nothing. And if i get tired of doing this or i want to feel more glam or long, hair or photoshoot or whatever it is that i'm doing sunday, i can clip them in and go back to 22. um. So i have another video because i realized i was putting them all together, following all the directions on the big kizzy clips, and i was like why aren't i sharing this with you guys so um we're gon na go to that video now and i'm just doing My last piece and i'll show you guys exactly how to use these clips um and then yeah like super easy to use. Um, i'm really impressed and i haven't been taking them out in and out 14 times a day. So i don't know like how well the clips are gon na stay together. I can't comment on that just yet um but uh. I think they're gon na work out just fine. They seem to be secure, um the well made well put together. So let's go to that video and you can see exactly how i convert my weft. You know sewing extension um into clip-ins all right. Okay, so here we are the product i'm using is called kizzy clips. It'S a no-sew hair extension clips. I bought this off amazon. I think it was maybe twelve dollars so inside this comes with your instructions. It comes with a bunch of clips and it comes with double-sided and single-sided. Can you see those little tape guys on there? Okay, so the first thing you do and now you know i kind of got going - and i forgot so i'm doing it with my website - weft extensions, converting them right, so you always have in your pack of wefts. You have sizes that match right. So when i was first starting to do this, i thought well that doesn't make any sense, because then how does the tape work? But, of course, what you're doing is you're taking see if i can get them separated you're, taking two wefts? Okay, i'm just gon na pull it off and i'll restart for you guys. Okay, so you have your weft, then you take these clips, which they're saying in focus that they have this. What'S called this little j bend? Okay, so you're gon na peel, this j band up a bit okay and then you're gon na i'll, do a demo on this one. This is like a top and a bottom. Obviously this is the bottom you're not going to hang your hair on your head upside down, so you would start on the end and you take that little j bend and you are going to pull the weft down on it, pull the weft down on it. Hopefully, without ravaging your hair extensions, then you're going to squeeze the clips down. Okay, i'm not gon na! Do it because this one's already going on the other one for sakes? Okay, so then you've got your clips on then you're, taking the double-sided little tape guys. So you pull one off, then it's sticky! You lay it on here flat all the way along the extension piece, you're working with then you're gon na go back and you're gon na peel up what makes it double-sided right. So you peel that all off. I lay it down flat. You take your matching piece: okay and we're gon na place it. Let me just adjust this: oh god, the lighting's bad you're gon na press this right on top line it up and put it right. On top the other one i go along and to give it a little squeeze, try not to get the hair in there. I don't want to knot any up and i check on the back, make sure it's pretty aligned on my tape. Okay, so that's your double-sided tape. Now you've got two pieces of weft together, which of course, it's a lot more full. It would be like kind of scant. If you didn't, then you take whatever um, whatever flat iron you have, and essentially what we're doing is we're bonding the tape in between these two pieces. Okay, so you're gon na take like this. I haven't really figured out exactly how they're doing on top of the clips. So i just start like this and just for reference. It stinks a bit. So i would not recommend breathing that in okay and then i'm gon na go and once i'm on this straight stretch here no clips i go from the top and i just hold hold hold, hold, hold, hold, hold, hold hold top top top top top top. Oh, it's a bit hot and i didn't do this one from the top, so we'll hit that guy again, okay and then do this one from the side. So i'm just doing it for good measure. But there's no rules and i kind of read the instructions. But okay, so we've got that down what we've got now besides, the out straight hair is you've got these two wefts that are now like. I can pull it because it's still warm, but the idea would be is once it cools. These two wefts are bonded together. Bonded on top of these j bends straight across so that when you, these are just a regular hook that way. So when you clip them in, you have a nice full weft and it's going to stay wherever and you didn't have to sew it. The point of these puppies that they're a no-sew i've never had clip in extensions before um. I'Ve only ever have my sewn in wefts, and i've now taken them out. But you know if i want to get glamorous or i just want to feel like. I have long hair again. This is a perfect solution for me not to mention it came from amazon. It was 12 bucks, but it's just delivered right to my door and i can convert that without being a hairdresser. So i love this product. I i just did this for the first time. This is the first time you guys are seeing me do it um, so i haven't actually worn them and i don't have any um comments on that. But i love that they're no-sew and i love that i'm taking wefts that normally would have just sat in my drawer because they're not sewn into my head and making them useful again without buying new hair, because this hair really is in great shape. Um. And you know i like to switch up my look, so this is um yeah, i'm loving it. I think it's great. It was really easy um. I just did it like literally kitchen table, so big kissy hair, the kissy clips, no sew hair extension clips, i'm loving them i'll, do a follow-up, video and let you know how the extensions like hold up after taking them in and out and using them. But for now that was just my little intro on how to, and i love the simpleness and i think they're gon na be really great. It'S a great repurpose of my hair, rather than it's sitting in my long lost underwear drawer, never to be seen again. I can switch up my look whenever i want okay, so this is the packaging and i'll link below um, but yeah amazon, i believe, was 12 and then, of course, they have detailed instructions that come inside so and they these come in a cute pack, but i Had already opened it anyway, thanks for joining me, and i hope you enjoyed this hope, it makes your life a little easier if you've decided to convert your wefts or tape ins, i might add, um there's directions for changing your tape, ins um into clip-ins as well. So i think that's kind of fun without spending a bunch more money - and i don't know i love it so far. Thanks for joining me see on my next video

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