$67 Clip In Hair Extensions From Amazon -Kinky Straight On My Short Hair

Guess who’s back! Whew…. How long has it been!

Let’s start 2023 with these clip insssss

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I purchased these clip ins from Amazon. For this being my first time trying clip ins i must say i was feeling the whole look.

Hair Details

-kinky straight

-22 inches

-i ordered 2 packs

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Thank you, okay, I'm back I'm about to do my hair, and this is my natural hair, so I hope it doesn't rain tonight, like I'm praying oops, which way I wrapped it this way laughs. I think it's gon na hold up pretty nice, so I went into the shop and got my hair blow dry it out and cut so you can see. I said I did a real good job with cutting my hair. I got ta find the part. I think he parted it right here, so I was thinking about wearing my hair like this or I want to try some clippings and, as you can see, I had identity delivery because I had slept on it when I got home, but it's like cute, but I Wanted it to have some Atlanta to it so um you need some heat. Protectant get some heat protective spray, so I saw them spray. Some in my hands, rub them together and go between my hair. Oh, it feels so good to feel my scalp because I always be wearing wigs, but he cut it like so good. So hopefully my hair will go from here. I'M gon na keep it trimmed go from here, oh um, from here to about here by the end of this year. That'S what I'm hoping for and then I'm going for a wastement um. Okay, let me make sure I parted these, like as straight as I could, though, okay, so this is pretty straight. I'M just gon na run to play that through it one time should it be hot just on the top portion. This is when I had slept on it, so I probably need to hit it through here. Healthy, hair, foreign, okay, need to hit that bit cause. I know I slip on it, so that's just a little like I went natural Maybe two years ago and I just love how my hair has grown out, but I go to the shop at least once a month to get my hair braided um wash condition. I think I get a hot oil treatment, I don't I don't know they do they think it will flash Salon. That'S all I know, and I go Faithfully so should I wear like this. Like put my real hair like this, or should I put the clippings in like I don't know now, it's like I'm feeling, I'm feeling this, like my Bob like um, what y'all think? Oh, let me show you guys. It got a body yeah bounce to it, which I think I don't know I'm gon na put in the clippings, either way just to see if I like them and if I like them I'll, show them to y'all. If I don't, then you won't, you won't free. You won't see me we're gon na hit them and it's just a little bit just just a little bit. Okay, let me call my mom and ask her, which one she liked to be hold on I'll, be right back. Okay, so I hope I'm recording it's. How we're going yeah I'm recording this is the first swing and you can see Focus the little clamps. I already opened the clamps, I'm gon na, take the comb and calm it down and then I'm going to run the flat iron through it before I even put it in my head, because I don't want to have to go over my head. I hope y'all can see this and I'm just holding it down Flat Iron Man this tree. If I can get it because I may not wear it straight, I may pop some curls in it. If I like the way, if I like the way it looks on me, okay, oh my clown said I just had oh it's right here, so I'm going to take these little clamps, because if I don't like it then I can always take it out. So I'm saying these clamps and I'm going to support the back of my head, I'm a little bobbitted in the back, so I'm not turning around foreign, because I'm real about here, let me see, can I clamp it in right? First so put the cone through and then oh get some hair up in there. Okay, so I just clamped it right here. I don't know if y'all can see that or not, hopefully you can and then I'm going to part. Another row, oh put another row. Excuse me, I'm telling you that Popeyes baby, all right, it's party, I'm gon na, show you how to clamp part after I goodness gracious. I can't even pick up the cow going through it today going through it. So I'm coming Flatirons I'm trying to play down here straight as I can before I run through it again, while he's in my head in me Shabu yeah, my name is e yeah. I got that weave yeah, okay, so I'm trying to feel so. I feel like it should be right here. I look from the baby. How I do because I can't see hi Lou don't lie to me. Don'T lie to me, and this is one pack about two packs. So just in case I run it. Okay shot. Oh yeah. I'M just gon na clap it as I go: yeah: okay, bro guys: okay, okay, I hope our party think pretty good. This is the is this the longest one? No, I think this one the longest, so I got like two four six. Eight. I got like eight pieces, but someone longer than the other ones, and this one has three clamps on it. What we do first, were you paying attention, call me that, and I'm gon na put iron it up. Well, you ain't got ta, be perfect because we got ta run through it again, I'm just going and section. I hope I like it because I'll take it out. I won't post this video, I'm not about to be in bed. I'M lying cause: y'all people always post the videos of like stuff, acting right that people never post videos when they don't act right when the hell, don't it right? Yes, guys. I got it on the first try. I ain't even put a lot of y'all like dude. Oh y'all want me turn around. I don't know how this part look in the back. Don'T talk about me, okay, so I'm missing like this little part, so I think so. I have some smaller portions dang, I'm probably gon na have to put the minis on here. I don't want it to be like a gap in there should I cut it on the bang right now, I'm debating on the bay - because I probably I'm probably gon na - need some like right in there too. So Lord I'm dropping in your time. Adam dropped. The Palms this was a smaller portion that it came with like we went one clamp, so I'm gon na put this one on the side, because I do have another pack. I got to cover that a little bit if this turned out like really good. Like really player, then this won't be my last time doing this I feel like I need to be over to the side a little bit, but um girl we'll adjust them later. Let'S just make sure that we got enough Shabu yeah and I didn't even flutter anything good boom. That'S the best! It'S Gon na Keep! Oh hello. Do I look pretty good, don't lie to me? Okay. So now I'm going whoopsie a Little Closer boo, y'all whoa. I went oh a little bit too far. I can feel it. Okay, y'all y'all, I'm just doing anything at this point: honey, okay, so which one longer this one. So I'm gon na start on the other side like I did and clap the clamps calm it out. Shabu yeah, okay and then just put it on it the best way. I can hear it baby this kinky straight. So if you don't get fooled straight whatever I just wanted to look a little link, a little arousal Dazzle a little Razzle down boo yeah. How much time I get, because I got ta be gone at a certain time: hey so I'm gon na hit it here, and I got this little part. Hopefully it is just what I feed okay, this one fig, this one fit pretty perfect ly. These are same links, so this shitty feet pretty good, and then I got my cut, so it's like I'm gon na have to some way like blend this. In with it some kind of way. I don't know how I'm gon na do it. I don't know how I'm doing, hopefully in the top. It won't be cut that blunt because if it is baby, you're gon na be able you're gon na stick out like a so thumb, okay, okay, so I start right here, so I'm gon na get it as close as I can so there's some clamp it oops. I guess my lights out of me. One of my lights went out. Are you tired of me? Okay, I'm gon na, since my light went out because stuff, like that happens to me, um, I'm gon na finish it up and then I'll show y'all. The the complete look bye, see you later: okay y'all. So this is how it looks when I put all the clamps in it looks pretty me like. It looks good, I'm not gon na keep it like this. I'M gon na curl it into some layers, but I like it. Oh I got hair. Okay, I think it's kind of giving I put a little curl up in there hold on. Let me kind of push it down a little bit, so y'all can kind of see. So I think it's kind of cut off it's giving something. It'S good, baby, okay, Church! Oh yes, yes, give myself, let's give it something: let's get it's Blended, it's Blended! It'S I, like you,

Nitra813: This hair looks natural wow. Love the layered curls you did. What size barrel do you use?

Liberty: I loved how you layer curled it wish we could’ve seen that part but this noiiiiiccceee

IAmAshleyD: Yesssss I loveeee me some good clip ins these are

CrazyNaturalPrincess: I love it❤

Carla Campbell: Your real hair is beautiful

MB S: Title says $67. How much was it to achieve your look with 2 packs?

Lovely Girl: Why is she talking like a valley girl you

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