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Foreign hi everybody Welcome or welcome back to my channel. My name is Julissa, So today we're jumping right in this video. I want to start doing more natural hairstyle in my hair. Today'S video is pretty self-explanatory. So that's why I was not talking so you'll. See me doing more. Videos like this on this channel we're doing a high bun with a little bit of bang today, and my hair is already stretched styled with the Revere. I have a video coming up on reviewing the new Revere and also letting you know if I like it and if you should get it. Thank you, foreign wax here to lay my hair, silky and cute and nice and flat, and then I'm using this hot comb to activate the product. On my hair, I don't really like to use heat on my hair, but um. You really need to use a hot comb or a flat iron with the wax foreign. I'M then separating my hair and I'm gon na start installing the clip in, but I'm gon na flip it up. So it can just lay flat when you do this high bun and I'm just gon na do that in the back of my head. I got this hair from AliExpress most of my hair. I always get from AliExpress with AliExpress. It'S 50 50. You either get something good or you get something bad. This one is not bad hair. It'S just that it's not thick, but I will link it down below if you are interested in getting it foreign, the top of my head and I'm gon na, put three pieces and I'm cutting some of the pieces because they were too long and I'm gon na Put some pieces on the side and a piece on top. You want to add the clips on your hair, the same way that your bun is gon na, be like following where your bun will be basically foreign. So just make sure you brush everything together, so it can be flowy, nice, nice and together. I guess make sure you brush your Clips in, and your hair together touch a little bit everywhere to see if it's flat, I don't want the bun to be super flat. I just want it to be a little messy. It'S nicely done, but just a little bit messy too thank you, foreign, my hair, being fluffy in the back and just more flat in the front. I decided to go with this style here. There'S so many ways that you can open your bun to make it look different and twist it to make it look different, but I decided to go with a little bit of a croissant style. I feel like it looks like a little croissant. I really like it. I'M gon na add one piece, a small piece in each little bang that I have in the front. So I'm just opening my bang and adding the piece brushing it together. So my hair can blend with the clip in piece and I'm gon na do the same thing on the other side, you'll see that, on the other side I kind of rough, my hair a little bit up, so I can have the clip in Stick. I didn't do that on the first side, but I would recommend to do that because I feel, like the clippings stick better foreign with a small scissor and I should probably not wear a black shirt next time. So you can see the hair better like come on. Julie, foreign, I'm gon na curl these pieces, but I feel like straight, would look nice too, with a different bun when you're curling those pieces. I really want you to go very slow, like super slow and put the hair piece around your iron and just go slowly down and then, when you're done, you'll see magic, so cute so nice. Oh I'm adding a little bit of fluffy, hair, baby, hair and combing everything down and yeah. That'S it! That'S the hairstyle super quick super easy! You can wear that to go to work, to stay at home and just be bougie in your house to do your Tick. Tock and YouTube videos, or it's like a good date night, hairstyle too totally but yeah. I really liked it. I'M gon na try a new hairstyle and different hairstyles, so I can wait to show you what I come up with. Thank you. I hope you liked today's video, if you did give this video a thumbs up like subscribe, come back for more love. You guys stay safe and I'll, see you guys in my next video bye,

Simone Diggs: Your hair so beautiful you didn’t need them extensions boo

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