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Double Drawn 160g Clip in Hair Extensions (10pieces)

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Hair Color: Bleach Blonde Balayage (#3/8/613)

Hair length: 22inch

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Discount code: Adhay15 for 15% off

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Goo Goo Double Drawn Clip in Hair Extensions are the perfect choice for those who don't want to maintain permanent extensions but want long hair. Get Versatile Hair In an Instant! You can curl, straighten, Wash, Style and brush. Takes Less Than 3 Minutes To Attach!!! Take your look to another level with our Clip-In extensions that last and behave just like your own hair. 

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Hello guys welcome back this is, and if you're new to my channel welcome today's video is a little different. I will be trying some extensions. I am very excited. I will tell you all about it my first impressions, what I think about them, how they feel how they look. Well, you guys will see how they look so, if you're interested, then I suggest you keep on watching. The extensions that I will be trying on today are from GoGo hair extensions. This is how, hopefully I got a very similar color to my hair. The first thing that came out is this little silky bag and then oh, the extensions. Wait they right off the bat. I think they're almost exactly a match, it comes with instructions and oh and a little hair scrunchie a clip, and that is it in their website. They have so many different hair colors. They have clip-in extensions, they have tape and extensions, they have ponytails, they have so many different type of extensions. I specifically got the clip-in extensions. It is 100 Remy human hair extensions. These instructions come in handy for those that are very new to hair extensions. I feel I got a match, so let me just go ahead and see. I have to admit when I got the package, it felt a little small, but it's not a judge. Bug bites cover almost an exact match, maybe the top of the maybe the darker part of this hair will not exactly match the dark parts of my hair, but that is okay feels so soft. It'S a little warmer than the darker parts. I do have a good amount of hair, but it never hurts to add some more hair to add more volume to your hairstyles, because there's some hairstyles that need that extra amount of hair in order for them to look extra amazing. So that is the reason why I decided I wanted to try these. This will definitely give me about two inches more of length, and I am very excited to try that so right off the bat. One thing that I like to do the way that I like to test hair extensions is by grabbing my curler and curling them like this, not curling them, while they're on my hair just alone, I want to see how much they curl. These extensions come with 10 pieces from biggest to the smallest ones. Let'S test curl them and see how well they curl I'm going to use this curler. I put this at 360., so I'm just going to grab it. It is way difficult to do it like this. Without the little hanger or having it hanged, but we're gon na do what we're gon na do. Okay, that was like five seconds. You guys saw that they curled pretty fast. I'M curious to see how it's going to curl with my bare Barrel. Wait: okay, we're gon na wait and see how it looks foreign. It looks nice of course, since it's a bigger Barrel, the curls come out a little bit looser now it's time to put them to the test, I'm going to try them on my seal. So this is the first layer that I'm going to add hair to this one's gon na fit perfectly there. So before I apply this one, what I like to do is I grab my comb and I tease I like to tease the root and add hairspray. This will ensure that the clippings clip in well and do not so easy it matches my hair so well, I'm excited now we're gon na do the same thing: we're going to tease the roots where's, my comb in so I put the big one right on the Middle now I have a little bit of space right here on the outer part, so I think that's where I'm going to put these two right over here right next to the big piece that I added in the center, it is diagonally. It is like this. It'S here it's for the hair to come forward and then I'm going to there. We go out this one here. There you go there we go and give me more wow. I have a lot of hair now on this side, I'm going to add the smaller ones. These little pieces there are four pieces I think, yeah four, so I'm going to use. I think both of them here is here one right here. The last piece would be this one. Okay, I have so much hair wow, I feel like Rapunzel. You could see right away how much volume my hair has just like this here. I will leave you guys a before and after video with my phone. Let me go ahead and style it. I am going to curl it with this one, because I want something subtle. Look at this curl, I'm gon na go ahead and do that to all of my hair and I'll be right back. I haven't even fully brushed it out. It looks amazing, it's a lot of hair. I believe they have their own website and they do sell on Amazon as well I'll leave both links down below wow. Look at this hair. I went ahead and brushed out my curls. I wanted more of a soft curl wave slay a wave just look at it. It looks so soft, so effortless, it's just beautiful. Definitely the extensions made a big difference in my hair. I'M telling you guys extensions, make a big difference not only in length but also in volume, and that's exactly the purpose that I use them on myself for more volume and whatever hairstyle, whatever hairstyle that you do with extensions on. It always makes your hairstyle that much better and that much nicer these extensions matched my hair, almost a hundred percent. You cannot even see which ones are the extensions. I recommend you investing in some good extensions and all of that, because they do make a big difference in my opinion and as you guys could see, I am completely in love with these GoGo hair extensions. These are the double drawn hair extensions. These extensions, in particular are 160 grams. Hair color is bleach blonde Balayage and it is 22 inches long. Also. They provided me with a discount code for you guys and it is 15. I'll leave it right here and in the description box down below. So you guys could go ahead and get a discount at checkout. Who doesn't love that? I know we all do. Thank you guys so much for watching. It is always greatly appreciated and with that being said, I'll see you guys on my next video bye. Somebody has to hire me for a Hair Commercial, because this I am so in love,

Chinita Lokita: What is the name of the 1st Pink Handle Hair Curler you used? Pls & Ty Your hair looks Fab

Chinita Lokita: I'm sorry could I have both names of them Curling Irons you used ‍♀️

Julio Cifuentes: ❤❤

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