Last Time I Film On Wash Day #Hair #Hairhack #Clawclip #Oilyhair

Hairstyle do this: instead,

Beluga: My hair’s naturally curly, not too curly tho, and it’s about shoulder length. Ima try it tomorrow, since I fly

Vanessa Kern: Cute! Your hairstyles are so unique, I love them!

cookiexluvs: i tried it! its amazing you guys, i definitely recommend ❤

Roblox_Girl: That hairstyles looks so beautiful on you ❤

Luv🥴: I sometimes do that and it sometimes works for my hair because I have curly thick hair

Annieme: Me having short hairs-

mochi_amiku: My hair is frizzy and straight and dry so I dont think this can work

Dive4gent_Edits6: Me who’s hair is to thick and curly to put in a claw clip: ️️

リヨン: It's a cute arrangement.

yuh.: can you do a low bun for long thick hair i have tried so many but all seem to not work or fall out within a minute

BuBbLE: what size clip is that?

Arabinda Swain: So cute

Luna224AM😘🌺: Can you do hairstyles for work

MElLoNZ: My hair looks like that when it oily

PastelloverUwU: Could you try like low plaits or french braids with a little twist pls or hairstyles for thick hair

baby farts are cute: But like when I do that it doesn’t work

Momo's Channel: Hairstyle on her - Hairstyle on me - ‍♂️

Anita Devi: After watching those cross ❌❌❌ sign , My mind me like it is seeming like 3 x *DIRTY MIND ACTIVATED*

The Thrifty Fawn: Hey, nothing wrong with wash day hair... we all have it on those days! but totally understand and have skipped film and/or photos on those days too lol

paula sofia: tiene un parecido a mutya buena cuando era joven

zellie: No

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