How To Put In & Style Hair Extensions // Only $18

How to apply clip in hair extensions! It’s SUPER EASY!!

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Foreign hello, my friends, I'm Stacy, and this is gorgeously aging and today I'm going to show you how to put in a clip in hair extensions. This is a really inexpensive set from Amazon. I will list it in the description below it's only like 18. So a great place to start, if you want to experiment but not spend hundreds, we're going to start with the four clip section. This is the widest section: we're making a parting in the back and with the Clips open, we just slide it into The Parting. I like to work it up and down just a little bit and then it clip it down by pressing on the clips. The partings don't have to be super straight. I usually just use my fingers and get a rough parting. We'Re going to move up a few inches from that first parting and clip it off so that we get that extra hair out of the way the next section we're going to be using is a three clip section. So you can do this in the reverse order. With the three clip first and the four second, I alternate this. Sometimes I like it better with the three clip underneath and the four clip on top, but that's personal preference. So again, we're just kind of wiggling it into that parting and then pressing down to engage the clips into the hair. Now this is a lot of hair and I have not cut it I'll, probably layer it a little bit and use a thinning shears just to reduce the bulk, it's beautiful as it is, but it is a bit heavy now we're moving on to the two two Clip sections: These are nice for blending the sides. So again, I'm taking another parting, a few inches up from the previous and we're going to take a two clip section and we're going to apply that to one side. Now I don't like to apply it too close to the front, because you can see it so going back a few inches we're going to wiggle it into that part line and press down to engage the clips and we'll repeat the exact same thing. On the other side, making sure your Clips are open, wiggling them into the part line and then pressing down to close the clip or engage the clip. So it is firmly into the hair pieces. Five and six Are One Clip little small sections that are great for blending. I don't always use these, but I want to show you how you can put them to transition your hair. So I'm going to take this one clip section and always being mindful. You need to have enough hair to cover it up, so take into consideration where you naturally part your hair and then we're going to move to the other side and just repeat that putting the One Clip section in you'll see in a moment how, when I curl The top part of my hair, it Blends over top of these sections, so I already have my curling iron heated up. I like to use a larger Barrel. I believe this one is a one and three quarters inch. It'S a Heritage iron from Walmart and I'm going to go ahead and do some beachy waves just so it Blends in with the extension hair leaving the tail of the hair out so that it's a little straighter on the tail or the ends of the hair. This Blends, in with the curl, that's already existing in these extensions. Now these are synthetic extensions, so if heat is used, it has to be a low heat, they're, really not appropriate for using Hot Tools on as far as color. There are a lot of color options and you can get a close match to your natural hair or a little lighter. If you want to brighten it up or even a little darker. If you want to add low lights, so you don't have to have an exact match to your hair, although it does blend better when the match is pretty close. So I'm going to turn around and show you the back, and I do think I'm going to like this better when I layer it and thin it out with the thinning shears overall for 18. These are super fun. Thank you so much for watching. If you like, this video, don't forget to give it a thumbs up, and I will see you next time.

Sharon Sunshine: Hi Stacy hair extensions look amazing can you show how you cut them please x

Skam's: You are gorgeous

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