How To Easy French Twist Ponytail Hairstyle

I have missed you! In today's hair tutorial, I'll be showing you how to create an effortless yet chic French Twist ponytail that is ideal for medium to long hair lengths. If you follow me on Instagram or TikTok, you may have seen some similar hairstyles before, but those videos were just too brief. So, I decided to share a more in-depth hair tutorial here to help you achieve this cute hairstyle.

Whether you're preparing for a special occasion or just want to switch up your everyday look, this ponytail will only take you two minutes to recreate. This look is a favourite of mine because its elegant and timeless, you can never go wrong with this hairstyle.

If you have any questions about the tutorial or the hairstyle itself, feel free to drop them in the comments section below, and I'll do my best to get back to you.


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Roller Pins:

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Assorted sizes:

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Hello, I am back, and today I'm sharing how to create this beautiful French twist ponytail. I love how versatile this hairstyle is, and it's surprisingly simple. I originally shared this tutorial over on my Instagram, but those videos are quick, so I want to share it here: slow it down and walk you through all the steps. All right. Let'S get started to start, I like to apply an oil to my hands just to help keep everything smooth then toss all your hair behind and tilt your head back. This makes it easier to scoop and gather all of your hair into a ponytail just above ear height and then finger comb, your hair back to smooth it then tightly hold your ponytail in your left hand and tightly grab onto the base. With your right hand, your palm out and thumb on top then tightly twist, your ponytail clockwise two full turns bringing your ends down to your neck and then hold it. In your left hand, at your nape use your right hand to gently fan out your twist to elongate. It straighten it and tuck any areas under your twist that feel loose like near your neck and notice. How the top of the twist starts, where I gathered my ponytail? So if your twist is too low, try again holding your ponytail higher once you're happy secure into place, starting at the Bottom, insert one pin at your nape up the center of your twist as an anchor next using either bobby pins or french pins secure your twist By placing the ends through the outside of your twist to the right, then press them against your head, while flipping your pin and sliding it in towards the left. I will link my how-to tutorial below, but once you've pinned along your entire twist smooth back pesky flyaways with some hairspray and to finish off the look, add some shine spray and there we have it. How quick and beautiful - and I love how you can dress this up with hair accessories, to make it your own, but I really hope that you found today's video helpful. If you did, please give it a thumbs up and thank you so much for watching I'll talk to you next time. Bye,


・abby martin・: This is SO stunning and glamorous, Queen! I will have to try this soon! <3

Green Oregon: ❤ Thank you for making a longer video of this style!! I tried it from the quick instructions on the short video. Received nice compliments, but it kept falling I see the extra steps that keep it more secure!! PS.. NOT a fan of the short videos for this reason Besides you are a great teacher, with lots of tips and tricks....shorts don't do you justice.

Kat B: I love this! Your hair is gorgeous! My hair is really thick & super curly but I'm still going to try this!

Hannah Salameh: This is really beautiful Thank you for sharing

Jani S.: I love this style. Congratulations on your new milestone!

Melanie Rakoczy: So beautiful! I love anything with a French twist.

Zainab Husain: I am awake and ready to make my hair into a twist I second this to a French braid although this is similar to a pony

Anjela Shrestha: Congratulations on 800k love So proud of you

V Cadoree: That is so Simple & Beautiful ❤. Bless You.

Lynn Tailor: Alex, it's so good to see you back. I hope you have more videos again soon.

lynda harrison: Congratulations, so proud of you ❤

Emily Anne: I love how you make these stunning hairstyles so simple! What shine spray do you use?

M. J. D.: Me: Oh! That's a lovely hairstyle... I wanna try it. My short hair: good luck with that

Hannah Mulder: I LOVE this video!! Congratiulations with the 800k ❤!!

Ashton Giles: Stunning! I’d love a video on you sleep on your hair, and what you do in the morning to deal with/fix it.

・abby martin・: Congrats on 800K! You deserve it! :)

rano jutro: Amazing very elegant. You have beautiful hair and you are beautiful

Bellerin GR: Looks elegant

Özlem Akdas: Mükemmel❤

Vijay Rajashree: Looking great.. Will try.. Thank you..

Jaime McDaniel: You are so beautiful anyway! I love your hair and I hope my wife will try this as she has hair very similar to yours.

Amir Z: Alex! I have missed you 2!

Adderly Petit: WOW LOVELY

Phil Toro: This is very pretty, but I don’t have half as much hair.

Mountain Craig: Are you going to be posting more frequently now?

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