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Hey, what's up y'all, welcome back to my Channel or welcome to my channel. This is your first time here. My name is Gianna. This video, I'm showing you step by step on how I installed this wig on my head, which is a v-park kinky straight wig. I think it's like 24 inches that I got from Ally, Pearl hair. All the information for this hair will be in the description box below. But when I tell you, I love these V part wigs, especially the kinky straight texture, because they look so natural and it's super easy to install. You don't have to mess with a lace or anything like that. So if you want to see how I installed this wig, you got to keep on watching. So, like I said this hair came from Ali Pearl, their information will be below here, I'm just showing you everything that came in the bag, which includes, like lashes, a little brush a couple of edge bands and a wig cap, and this is what the wig looks. Like um, of course, it's the V part. You can see that kinky straight texture, it's super prevalent. You can see that it has the snap Clips at the top, which I prefer, and then it also has one at the back and two on the sides. And then it has the claw Clips on the sides and at the bottom and an elastic band to help it be extra secure. So let's go ahead and get started installing so I've done my share of V part wig installations. In my day like in the past, you know I've done quite a few from my experience. I'Ve learned that the way that I am doing my hair here, like how I'm prepping my hair, is best for me um the way you prep your hair. You know, depending on your hair type, you know you may need to do something different, but I just want to let you know this is what works best for me um. So the first thing that I'm going to do here is part my hair down the middle, because it makes it simpler and then I'm going to part out my leave out. This is the hair that I'm going to be leaving out. But as I part this, I want to make sure to leave a little extra than what I'll be leaving out, because I'm going to be braiding that and then I'm going to part a little bit in the front of my head. As you can see here, and these are going to be my anchor braids, this is what the claw clip that I showed you in the wig. This is what that's going to hold on to um, just to make sure it doesn't like slide and slip back, because I've experienced that problem in the past. Thank you and then I'm just gon na braid. The remaining portion of this side ponytail here into like a giant braid, a giant French braid, going towards the back. I thought about doing multiple cornrows. But honestly it really doesn't matter um. The wig is so thick, so it won't seem bulky um. I know some people may be worried about that, like I want to be bulky underneath the wig for me personally, no, because my hair is kind of thin. I know it looks thick here really because it's a little dirty but um, my hair is actually kind of thin. So me braiding it down like this. Um is simpler. Thank you, and this is what the right side looks like once I'm done as you can see, I have the anchor braid in the front and then my hair, just going in a French braid straight to the back, and now I'm just going to do the same Thing to the other side, foreign and once you're done, you should have something that looks like this. So I just have my leave out my braids in the back and my two anchor braids on the sides. My part is crooked, don't judge me and now I'm just going to go ahead and pin up my braids using bobby pins um just so that everything looks neat and fits comfortably. Underneath the wig foreign remember how earlier I told you, I left out a little bit of extra hair um in my leave out here. I'M just going to part that extra hair part a little bit on each side and create little anchor twists at the top. I don't call them braids, because they're not braids, I'm literally twisting, because the hair is so thin and I'm not good at braiding. But if you know how to braid by all means, go ahead and do that so anyways, I'm just going to twist um my hair going straight to the back and I'm going to bobby, pin that down as well. This gives this the snap Clips something to grab onto at the top of the V part and I'll show you what I'm talking about when I start installing the wig, but I've tried without doing these anchor braids at the top in the past. Also and again the wig slid so, like I said doing it like this works for me, um doing it without these braids may work for you by all means. Do it now, I'm ready to apply the wig. The first thing that I'm going to do is apply. The snap clips into my anchor twist at the top, because it gives me some leverage like it, gives the wig something to hold on to. While I adjust the clips on the sides in the back again, you don't have to do it like this. There'S multiple ways to skin a cat for like lack of better words, that's so bad. Oh there goes my cat, hey Didi, um, anyways, um yeah. You can do whichever way works for you. This works for me um and then I can go back and readjust it. As you can see here, but as you can see the little claw Clips, I don't know if these are called clock Clips. That'S just what I call it, but they're like, as you can see, it's sliding into my braids on the side and then the clips at the top are going to slide into the twists at the top pretty self-explanatory. But you know I just wanted to outline that, for you pause do y'all see how thick this wig is. Look how thick this hair is like just I I gave you a couple seconds here because look: how look how much hair you get on this wig? This is a lot of hair. It is very, very, very, very full um. I love a full wig, but of course you know that means we are about to flat iron, this guy, because I need it a little more manageable um. So what I'm going to do is just section the hair off into small sections in flat iron, it I know previously like in the past. I would like try to do the little pass-through method, but that doesn't work for this type of hair. I'M using Biosilk here on the hair by the way, but yeah doing that little like cute little, oh a pass-through. I can't do that honey. You got ta break this hair into small little sections and you have to run the flat iron through the hair bit by bit. I'M not going to speed through this next part right here, because I want to show you how long it took me or how long. I ran the flat iron through the hair, like, as you can see, I'm taking my time. That'S what I'm trying to say. I'M taking my time like I'm not rushing, so this is in real time. I'M going to show you it again, but just make sure you take your time on flat ironing your hair, you don't have to flat iron it. Actually, this is just my personal preference, but I like to do it because the hair becomes like silkier um and it just makes it more manageable to style foreign, so yeah, that's pretty much all I did in a nutshell. I kind of skipped through the rest of that section, because we all know what flat ironing hair looks like and I would hate to bore you um, but anyways um. So this is a side by side. Comparison of what the hair looks like, as you can see, like one side, is super silky after being flat ironed and it's so thick. The other side is like thick and poofy so yeah. This just shows you what a difference flat ironing the hair makes again. It is your choice. The choice is yours, but I chose to flat iron it now, I'm just going through and styling my edges underneath the wig. I first started using out um what I first started out using the Eco style gel this black gel, but uh it's been a little while, since my edges have had a relaxer and yes, I relax my edges, shocking um, but anyways it's been a while, since my Edges have had a relaxer um, so it also required me to use some edge control on them, guys to hold it down and it still didn't hold down, but anyways. I just had to use two products but, as you can see like I said, I'm styling my edges. If you, if any of y'all watch like my other wig videos, like my full lace, wig videos, I hope you can see here why I don't cut my edges. Um so that my hairline better fits these wigs because, like when I wear my natural hair, it works. But when I wear these wigs, I struggle but anyways um. This is me doing my edges and I'm wrapping them now with this lovely band that they provided, and now I'm just going to flat iron. My leave out and cut some layers into this wig. I do want to let y'all know that I wound up cutting more layers than what I show here here I give a little Razzle Dazzle but off camera. I really went in with cutting this hair because I feel like it just looks better with a bunch of layers when the hair is thick like this all right y'all. So for some reason I decided I wanted to try something new today. Don'T ask me why, but I decided I wanted to try and curl my hair with my flat iron. Don'T ask me why? First of all, I suck at curling my hair with my flat iron. As you can see here, I can never tell which way is like away from my face. You know, because you know how you're supposed to curl away from your face. I don't know how to do that with a flat iron like every time. I think I'm curling away from my face. I wound up curling inwards anyways, as you can see here, it kind of came out looking a little funky, but I worked with it. I did what I could at the end of the day, with this flat iron um yeah. Thank you. I know y'all see me struggling to curl this hair. Don'T laugh at me. Y'All! I'M gon na go watch some YouTube videos after this to learn how to curl hair with a flat iron, because this is embarrassing but anyways um, uh yeah. I made it work a little bit as you can see. The finished look is uh. It'S interesting. It looks you know, put together, it's different. I just like that. The curls pattern, the curl style - is different than what I typically do, because I always use my curling iron or like a wand or like a crimper. So I want to do something a little different. Um, give it a little ass um but yeah. Besides that this style is pretty much done. I'M just gon na add um a couple of touch-up curls and touch up my edges, but um yeah. I'M done I'm just going to be on my Merry way, but before I head out here, I just wanted to let you know how much I love this hair um per usual. This hair is super thick. It'S super full. It looks amazing in person. I really can't. I don't, I really honestly, don't think seeing it on camera. Does it justice to like the fullness? It just gives life and volume and body um. I love this hair so much so like I said this hair is from Ally Pearl all the information for it is in the description box below um and that's it for this video. You guys thanks so much for watching adios till next time.

Ali Pearl Hair: So pretty and natural Thanks for sharing our hair~

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