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Foreign, a little something something that requires me not to have extensions in and what do I have in right now, hair extension, so I'm going to take them out by myself at midnight and, if you're a hairdresser, I advise you to look away or keep scrolling, because This isn't going to be pretty I'm gon na be using pliers that I found in my toolbox, and you know what just a little bit of my intuition. You just have to pinch these little beads right here with the pliers. How do I do this without ripping out my actual hair see? All I did was squeeze a bead, and now I got one out: okay, okay, that's progress. I can got like 30 more to go. Uh, that's right! Another one bites and dust. The beads are out Moment of Truth there. It is there, it is. Oh, oh, this is sad. I miss you already see now on the bottom row and I got a little stubborn beat on my hand. I am just self-sufficient and independent okay where's. The bead. Did you see a bee back there, the truth, one more truth. I think I hope. Okay, Mr B, oh, I definitely missed a bead they're hanging on by a thread back here. I honestly end up here: uh, it's isolated. Oh, I got it see, look at that! What are you holding on for? I did it?

groggyfroggy: not me thinking you were gonna rip your extensions out

Lisa Lacoursiere: What are you holding on for?? Amazing

Butch-Anonymous: Bro. Your hair looks great after you took the extensions out!

Daylan montez: reminds me of the time that I got my stitches, I don’t know why that’s really dark oh my gosh

Cöwłiē ☻: I want a whole show on you I would watch it all day

duolingo: I’m so early Lisa still got money to drop

Judy Alhumaidi: I love ur videos I can’t watch only one I watch a couple every time ❤. Keep going and I love the way u talk

Robin0v0: What do you need to do that requires no extensions??

Sonder: I like your hair both ways tbh!

TheNorshipFamily: I just love you. You remind me of me except I don't make amazing videos. ❤️

Jordyn Rose: MOMENT OF TRUTH!! I hope? I think?

HouseofASMR: Everything you do is entertaining. Ever thought about stand up?

P3YT0N: U look good in the before and the after

Stephanie Ann: How do the beads not get ripped out when you're brushing?

Ahhhhhhh: I have the same tool box

claire may: " If YoUr A HaIr DrEsSer LoOk AwAy" Brad Mondo reacting to this

Kennedy Karsten: Why did you take them out

Pumpkin Spice9: Your hair is so short without the extensions

G B: How long were those in for

Mason McClure: Wait- I swore I saw you at Ulta yesterday

Tionna Spikes: Why did you get them if you didn’t want them in that long

Emma Marie: Your real hair is pretty

Audrey Burrows: Why are you taking them out??

♡︎𝐶𝑙𝑎𝑖𝑟𝑎♡︎: I just saw a video of yours,how are your Morgan

HAPPY: My hair is half my hight

Mha_AU_Stories: So much money wasted

gloomy: Why tho

michele sparenberg: you have short hair

Nyomi Rada: Nooooooo

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