How To Wash Hair Extensions Before Use. Hair Care Routine!

How to clean your hair extension or bundles. Doing this before installation can help prevent an itching scalp, matted hair, and that nasty smell that shipped hair can have. Hope you Enjoy!



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Hi guys, what's up, welcome back to my channel, so in today's video, as you can tell by the title, I am going to be showing you how I clean my bundles from new dollar. I think I am saying that name right. Please correct me if I'm wrong, so I had bought three bundles of the kinky curly hair and this company is so cute. They got some cute little goodies for me. Um. It came with this little wig cap um some little headband thingy. I'M not really sure what this is some lashes and also like a makeup brush. So I thought that was really really cute. Probably won't use the lashes but everything else. Yes, okay, so here's a little close-up of the hair. Again this is the Kinky Curly. I did get 18 inches so far by the looks of it. It seems like it's good hair um. It does look like it was colored, so I'm expecting a lot of color to be stripped from this hair so to get started. I got this little tub from Walmart. I usually use this for anything to soak my feet or to do my toes or whatever, but we're not talking about that. We'Re talking about cleaning hair. So, as you can see, I just get rid of the tape on the hair. I do leave the rubber band on, but that is totally optional. You can take it off or leave it on next we're getting right into it. I get a warm bucket of hot water. I do put a little bit of shampoo in there, so me personally, I just use shampoo. I do know that a lot of people use like apple cider, vinegar to get that smell out, but I personally just want to clean my bundles, so I can avoid like itchiness and just having dirty hair in my hair. You know so I just start by getting it nice and wet and soak it a little bit. I am using the Nexus shampoo. I do eventually end up switching the shampoo, because this is my good shampoo and I didn't want to waste too much of it see. I just get a dime size amount and then I get right into washing the hair, pretty gently at first, just because I don't want to cause too many tangles and I kind of rake it through, like I would my own hair to avoid it from getting too Too, Tangled yeah, so you just repeat this process and continue to wash the hair again rake it through. If you do have kinky curly hair, this will help so much to avoid having to detangle this hair, and I can see that this is dirt and color being Stripped Away already. This is the hair that has been shedding so far. I do have a few pieces like this. I have Shed from each bundle, so I will do a review later on, maybe in another video, so stay tuned. Also, if you are enjoying this video, thus far make sure you hit that subscribe button down below to stay notified with any upcoming videos, just squeezing out each bundle and laying it on a towel to go through my second round. So I'm going to do this process. A few times just to make sure I'm really getting that dirt out the color, I'm not too worried about, because I mean it's color, they colored the hair. This is processed hair, but a lot of this dirt that you see - oh, I won't even say dirt, but a lot of this like nasty color water that you see is color and it's also dirt. So I'm just pouring that out and getting a new Fresh bucket of water put a little bit of that next to shampoo in there and we're just gon na go through this. A second time again, like I said earlier, people have done this with apple cider, vinegar. It will help get rid of that hair bundle process smell. I do recommend that I just didn't feel like doing all that um so yeah, that's totally optional, all right, so this is my third time washing it and I brought it to the bathroom because I'm actually going to be rinsing the hair. So I'm just shampooing it again for the third time. I sped this process up a little bit because it is very repetitive, but this time I'm getting more in there, because I really want to make sure this hair is clean and the water, as you can see, isn't as dirty as it was the first time around. So I am just rinsing the hair out in the sink making sure all the soap is gone, because we don't want to have to rinse out this hair again, because there's still a lot of shampoo in the hair. I said soap didn't I I meant shampoo. Y'All know what I meant now I am going through, so once I get done shampooing I just dry it off, like I would normal hair with a towel. I use a microfiber towel and I have this little Rack in my room that I am just putting my bundles over and I am going in with some conditioner raking that through making sure the hair is detangled. So that way, it's not going to be a more difficult process for me when I actually install the hair. So this is how I am taking off the rubber band. So, yes, obviously I take the rubber band off now, so I can let the hair properly dry and it can be ready for me to install the next day. You clearly don't have to use a razor and use scissors. I don't recommend using this razor, but this is all I had at the moment um. So once I take that off, I gently unravel the hair. You want to be patient with this and take your time because kinky curly hair can get very Tangled, very quick foreign of some of the hair that has come out. It'S not a whole lot, but it does worry me a little bit with how much shedding I will experience, and that is pretty much all so this is the next day the hair feels so soft um. It smells decent enough. The smell is not completely gone, but I do trust that it is clean um. It feels like hair, it doesn't feel as processed anymore, and it is ready for insulation. If you like this video again make sure you stay tuned. Hit that subscribe. Button hit that, like button to stay notified, see you later bye.

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