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Hello: everyone, my name is Brianna Rutter, I'm an internet, hair, stylist and content creator, and you are watching Brianna Rex. In this video we are going to be reacting to the best lace closure videos. That means we are going to be watching the best lace. Closure tips, tricks and techniques from videos all around the internet, wrapped up into one. So if you're as excited as I am to check out these lace closure videos, let's watch them together. So the first technique is the closure fall frontal. Okay, so she's starting off with a lace closure and it looks like she already bleached The Roots. So I'm super excited to see how she's going to turn this closure into a frontal. So it looks like she's sectioned off the closure into two and she made sure to braid two braids she's, cutting it down the middle. My brain is rattled right now like how in the world is she gon na turn a closure into a frontal if she's cutting the closure in half like I got ta make sense of this. So let's keep watching we. So we got two little pieces of a closure, and now she has another closure and it looks like she's going to be sewing it down to a wig cap. Oh I see now what she's gon na be doing from that closer. She cut in half and she's gon na take those two halves and she's gon na sew it on the side of the actual closure to create a frontal, got ta, see how she does this, because I'm wondering if she attached that piece. If it's gon na look seamless, I'm super excited to see how this is gon na look foreign it up getting ready to, pin it down. Oh, I can only imagine how this is gon na look, okay, so to make sure everything is nice and neat, she made sure to use some safety pins to pin down her two pieces on both sides of her actual closure. So she has a regular closure in the middle, that's not cut, and then she has two small halves. One on each side. She made sure to line up the hairline really good, so she can sew them together. I'M so excited to see how this is going to look all right. So now, she's sewing the edges with black sewing thread. Okay, all right, she has a little Gap in the back. I wonder how that's going to look when she's done and she's stitching them together with white thread. This is very interesting. Now she's getting ready to take her pins out and it looks like she finished sewing it. You could barely see the difference from where the two pieces were added. Oh look at this. She did such a beautiful job, turning two freaking closures into one frontal. If this is the first time, y'all are seeing magic happen. Let me know down in the comments, because I have a never seen. Someone turned a closure into a frontal. I think that is so genius that is so beautiful and she put it on. Yes, thank you. She put the wig on y'all, so we can see it in all its Glory. You could not tell me that that's not a closure frontal, whatever is going on like how can we like create a hybrid name for this, a closure and a frontal? Let me know what hybrid name would you call it wow her hair looks so pretty she did such a beautiful job. With this technique, I'm already blown away next is ventilate closure, oh y'all. I saw that ventilating needle and for y'all wig makers. Out there. I ain't gon na say it, but let me know Down Below in the comments. Let them know let the people know watching what's about to happen right now, because I see some bulk hair and I see a ventilating needle. So let us all know I know what's happening, but let us all know Down Below in the comments what's about to go down: she's cutting off the weft from the hair, making her own bulk hair. That is such a good strategy. If you don't want to buy bulk hair to ventilate your own closure, now you see those hairs that she combed off she combed off, so much hair from the root of the actual weft and you're, probably wondering like. Where did all that hair come from see the process with Westing hair extensions is that they make sure that when they're wefting it onto the thread like binding material that they're having about two inches to maybe like three inches of hair, that overlaps that way, the hair Will stay attached throughout the thread forming a weft so when she cut the weft off of the hair and actually combed it, it had about two to three inches of hair remaining that was actually folded over when the weft was created in the first place. That'S how weft extensions are made and when you create your own bow care from weft extensions. You have to back comb that little bitty like loose pieces of hair. That'S at the top! That way, you won't have loose shed hairs everywhere. You just comb it off and then the end result is your bulk hair foreign. So this is how her bulk hair looks very pretty and beautiful, and you see how she's folding that hair over that's normally how manufacturers of hair extensions will actually fold the hair so that they can feed it through the weft and actually create a wefted extension. But nowadays they actually make sure to sew extensions with a sewing machine. That way the process is super fast, so they line up all of their bulk hair on the table and they literally just run it through a sewing machine and it creates the weft instantaneously foreign. She is going to be ventilating this hair strand by strand by strand. That means the weekend, ladies, is canceled. If you're going to be ventilating a wig or ventilating a closure, because it's going to take you a bajillion hours to finish the actual project woof. Thank God. We can buy hair extensions right and lace, wigs and closures, so we don't have to ventilate it ourselves, because this is going to take forever to put individual hairs down. So for those of you, who've always wondered. Why are bundles so expensive or why are closures so expensive for any type of Hair lace so expensive? It'S because you've got to put the hair on the lace strand by strand. That'S why it's cost so much because it takes forever to do this process. Y'All see that oh, she added one strand of hair. Oh my goodness! Gracious! It'S been some type of spinning Loop technique to pull it through and it kind of creates a knot right at the lace that way the hair won't come a loose wow, so she's looping the hair back around again and then she's gon na pull through. Ladies can't, we appreciate a good slow-mo, especially for things that look super intricate, so we can see the details. I am loving this okay, so she did an entire row and she's showing the density and thickness. She literally did not skip any areas of a lace. She literally did like a lace piece, one at a time with strands of hair to make the wig, or in this case the closure looks super dense. That'S very interesting. Look at how dense the hair looks on that closure. Next is customized closure. So, let's see what's gon na happen here all right, so we got that bw2, which is bleaching powder and she has some cream to add to it to activate that powder as well foreign, so she's, only using a little bit of bleach powder, I'm gon na assume She'S gon na be bleaching the closure and she barely added any cream activator. So, let's see what's gon na happen exactly so, she made sure to actually do a very thick bleach solution and that's extremely important when bleaching any Hair lace products. The thing is, you have to make your bleach lotion extremely thick, so that way, when you're putting it on the lace to bleach the lace, it's not going to bleach the roots of your hair. We call that hot Roots When you see super bright, colored Roots When the hair is not meant to be that color. That'S called hot roots that mean when the person bleached the lace they made it too thin in the bleach mixture seeped through the lace and bleached. The hair, of course, you can reverse that by actually bleaching the hair after you bleach the lace, but to prevent the catastrophe in the first place. You want to make sure you make a very thick bleach solution and apply it on the lace that way it won't seep through the roots of the hair. Yes, customizing that lace, closure yep, as you can tell she's, not pushing the product through the lace or stabbing it with the with the actual brush, applicator she's, making sure to lightly smooth it. On the surface of the lace that way, she's ensuring the product won't bleed through the lace into the roots of the hair, making the hair have hot roots, foreign foil on your hair, while it's bleaching foil, actually helps you to hold some of the temperature. So that's. Why it's such a good technique to make sure you use foil to make sure to put it over your bleach. So that way, the hair will actually process faster, or in this case the lace will process faster because, as bleach is lifting color from hair or from any material like lace in this instance, it actually also increases the temperature, naturally as the process of oxidation. So by her, using the foil to keep the hair covered, it's allowing the warm air to be trapped, allowing the lace to process faster foreign y'all. Now it's time to rinse off the bleach. Let'S hope she doesn't have hot Roots. Okay, oh that looks like a real scalp y'all come on now come on, scalp come on scalp wow. The color is perfect, all right. So now she's using the purple Shimmer light shampoo and for those of you don't know, purple shampoo is used to bring brassiness out of bleached hair, so she's gon na most likely put this on the lace closure. So that way, the closure won't have that orange. Look to it, you know you've seen orange closures, don't even friend. Let me know Down Below in the comments. If you had to rock an orange closure, because you didn't bleach it right or you've noticed those orange closures. That'S because they didn't tone the brassiness by bringing down the orange by using something to counteract that, and you counteract that by using something of a purple color, it's all about the color wheel, Theory, okay, those who love to color hair know to make sure to counteract The color they don't want with the opposite color on the color wheel, so in this instance purple is somewhere near the opposite spectrum of orange on the color wheel. That means, when you use purple shampoo, to help bring down orange out of the hair. It neutralizes it making it look a nice natural skin tone, foreign to look a little blue, I'm assuming it's because she's made sure to really dilute it with water, because it was purple when I saw her, get ready and pump it into her cup. And this will still do just fine, I'm quite sure, to help neutralize that brassy orange color. You see on lace when you bleach it. Oh look at that. This lace was bleached with perfection and toned to Excellence that you can't even see the lace as it is. My eyes deceiving me if y'all can see what I see. This lace literally looks invisible, okay, so she's parting off a super thin section at the front of the closure, I'm assuming that's going to be baby hairs. So let's keep watching now. That'S very smart she's making sure that she went a little bit back away from the hairline to start plucking and thinning out the hair, so it has a natural appearance. If you don't do this, what she's doing here your closure will look bulky. I mean if you're going for that super thick dense, look kudos to you, but for most install applications. You want to thin out your closures just a little bit that way. It looks more natural, like a natural hairline like a a natural thin to thickness. As you see from the edges going into the hair, you don't want the edges extremely thick because it can look kind of Wiggy foreign to style it up. We, I love when stylists just know what they're doing like your stylists out. There are literally changing the world. One girl at a time the one thing I really love about styling most when doing edges is it gives it the right amount of hold, because sometimes hair gels and like super harsh sprays, can make your edges feel really hard and crunchy. So I like it that the mousse gives it such a natural hold. She did such a good job on that closure. Y'All like she did beautiful wow. It almost looks like a frontal. I'M not even gon na lie. Next is the closure sew-in so she's, starting off with her hair already braided, and I noticed it was a middle part. Don'T we love a good middle part y'all? So now she's sewing down a tail end of the braid. Now one thing you can do is use a crochet hook to hook the braid as well, without needing to sew it she's, using some type of like removing product to really smooth out the oils from her skin. That way as she's laying down the spray. In the frontal, or in this case the closure, it's going to look extremely seamless and lay down flat, it's very smart that she's marking off the edges where the cap will be that way. She knows exactly where the closure will be placed by marking off the cap. That was so smart, oh so now, she's outlining the area where the closure will be by using black thread that way she can cut off and remove the excess cap. That'S super smart, okay, y'all, so she's using a lace glue to apply the closure in the front, and I like it that she put makeup on the cap right where she wants the part to be that way. It looks more like skin color. Yes, girl remove those tags. I can't stand those little tags on the edges of the actual closure piece like those tags are so bulky and irritating, but I get it is to help the hair last and stay in place, especially on the edges. So when you cut it off, it does kind of lower the Integrity of the closure. You will see a little bit of thinning on the side, but if it gives you your desired result, that's pretty much all that matters foreign it down, and I know that she made sure to braid her hair in a way where it has some slack away from The hairline that way she doesn't have a lot of tension on her edges. That was very smart, so she left the band on the front of her edges, while she's sewing in her tracks. I'M thinking it's just to help mold the front of the closure, so maybe she's not going to leave it on because it does extend past so after removing it she's. Just gon na finish sewing down the extensions that made perfect sense foreign. She cut the bundle to me. I come from the belief that you should never never cut the bundle now every stylist is different. Sometimes you absolutely have to cut the bundle to make sure that the install looks very flat and seamless, but if you can afford, if you can make sure to avoid it, please don't cut your extensions because it will cause the hair to have a lot of shedding, Especially if your wefts are not thick, if you have super thin, wefts don't cut it. I promise you, you don't need to cut it just fold it over and keep sewing in this instance. I'M gon na assume homegirl know what she doing so. Cutting the weft in her instance was probably necessary if it's going to be bumpy and lumpy go ahead and cut the extensions, but try to avoid that by folding. The extension back over and then sewing it very flatly so that you don't see any bumps foreign she's not doing the fold over a method near the edges of the client's hairline. So that way it looks very flat. Oh she sewed in all the bundles y'all. Now she's using some hair mousse to help flatten out the closure and she's using an eyebrow razor to cut off the excess lace. This gives a nice Jagged appearance to it. So that way it Blends in smooth and seamless like that lace y'all. That was a beautiful installation and the lace looks extremely undetectable kudos to the Styles okay, because she did a phenomenal job. This is a great way to blend your part into the color of your real skin is to use a little bit of makeup. It is such a cool trick to do gorgeous. So next is color closure black. Let'S see what that is. Like oh wow, look at that. We have a Shameless plug here. I actually did a tutorial on how to actually dye your closure without ruining the lace, because sometimes, if you want to dye your clothes you're black, sometimes it can get on the lace. So I made a tutorial showing how to do it, so we're gon na watch that here really quickly so first you're parting off very thin sections and you're, using a mascara wand to make sure that the color does not bleed or go through the lace. So when you're, actually coloring hair black, you don't need to bring the mascara wand all the way up to the roots, just a couple centimeters away from the root. So you don't get it on the lace and then you're gon na bring the mascara wand with some hair color all the way down the length of the hair, but you got ta part very thin sections on your closure. That way, you can easily saturate the hair with your actual hair color, see, as you can see, you're just lightly rolling it onto the roots of the hair, but not all the way up against the closure, because that's going to stain the lace foreign look at that Beautiful rich, dark color to the lace closure and look at the back of the closure check it out. So now I installed the lace closure and I'm getting ready to style it by using water. This helps you to make sure the hair lays very flat, and you have the part exactly how you want it. So now, I'm using some liquid heat protectant, so I can protect the Integrity of the wave pattern of the closure. That way, the closure will revert back to its weightiness without being heat damaged. One thing that's really helpful to do is part a very thin layer of hair just enough to cover your extensions, because in this case this is a sew-in one trick that I like to do is to blow dry the hair in a direction I wanted to lay So, as you can see here, I'm blow drying it to Contour to the shape of My Head by using an actual hair brush. Foreign thing I like to do is put powder on the lace, so let me know when you're camouflaging the lace to your skin color. Do you like to use cream, or do you like to use powder? Look at those finished results. Next? Is a closure wig? Okay? So this is another video of mine and I'm showing how to actually sew down the lace closure. So the next step is to make sure to remove the cap from underneath the lace that way. You won't see black roots from the cap when you remove it you're. Just going to see the natural color of the lace underneath one thing that's super helpful to do is when you're sewing is to use curved needles, because, as soon as you insert the needle, it literally comes right back out when you use straight needles, you got to Be careful to curve them up so that you don't poke your head or a client's head. It really depends on if you're, making a wig or not, because, of course the wig will be made off of someone's head. But if you're going to be curving needles or using needles to sew in your hair, you want to make sure use curved needles you don't have to, but I highly recommend it and in this scene right here, I'm sewing down an elastic band. That way, I won't have to sew the wig down to my head, or I won't have to use any hair glue products to keep the closure down. The band is so tight. It helps to keep the front of the wig extremely flat foreign. So now, I'm just gon na style up the baby hairs just a little bit because my hair tends to revert if I use too much baby hairs, because I like to have a little bit of New Growth, even though I relax. So this is the finished results to the actual closure. Wig next is the closure, quick weave, wow she's, so pretty such a pretty client, okay, so now she's getting the closure into position of exactly where she wants it to be, and then she's sewing the back of it. Now I thought this was a quick weave, but I'm seeing needle and thread y'all tell me what's going on right now, so now she's thinning out the front of the closure just a wee bit, so it can look a lot more natural. I noticed she already put makeup on the cap. That'S underneath directly underneath the closure, which is extremely smart, because it helps to blend it a lot better and she may not even have to put makeup on the top of the closure, because she already put makeup underneath the closure on the cap. Okay, so she's, laying this tiniest Edge amounts of the hair down that way it looks extremely flat and it won't lift near the edges, foreign middle part and she's, using a wax stick to smooth the hair out. Here we go y'all, the most beautiful part of a style is when it's almost done, and that means it's time to style. Some edges, oh she's, getting that hot comb out y'all. She pressed it down with a hot comb. Every time I see a hot comb, it's like I get PTSD. It'S like my brain starts wondering am I gon na get burned? Is it going to follow? My back like I have some scary horror stories getting my hair combed as a kid okay. So if you have some scary stories, let me know Down Below in the comments, because I swear when we see a hot comb, maybe I'm just speaking for myself, I get a little bit panicky all right and I get a little nervous. So, in this case, she hot combed her closure, which means that her real hair and her real scalp were not In Harm's Way. So we can definitely appreciate that. Oh she already molded down the back of her hair before she allowed to place the glue tracks now. She'S using a hair tie to mold down her closure. I love when clients get these types of installs because it literally looks like they're wearing a frontal. Oh look at them, curls! Oh, oh, so beautiful! This style is making me hot because it looks so beautiful. So Sultry and sensual, this style fits this client like a glove honey. Let'S keep watching these finished results. Oh look at this style, this client and The Stylist it's like they belong together. You get what I'm saying, because this style literally turned out too freaking good wow. Those were some amazing closure technique. Videos, If you enjoyed watching this video with me, give this video a like. Also, if you want to see any videos that were featured here, be sure to check out any links Down Below in the description and if you enjoyed watching these Brianna React, videos be sure to hit that subscribe button. So until then I'll catch, you all in my very next video bye, bye,


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