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Hello, welcome back to my channel, in todays vlog, i am sharing with you how i wash my sew-in at home. Soend the day with me while I wash my hair.

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Foreign officials welcome back to a whole new video. If you are new here. Thank you so much for subscribing. I see I have new subscribers so hello good morning, good afternoon, good night, whenever you are watching this and for my returning subscribers. Thank you guys so much for tuning in in today's video. I'M going to be sharing with you guys how I wash my hair um, my hair feels very dry and it feels like it has a lot of product on there. Also, ever since I weaved it, I not washed it, and this will probably be my second wash, so I just wanted to share with you guys how I wash my sew in how I deal with my sewing on a on a regular, so yeah, so first, of Course, I'm going to share with you guys the hair that I'm using is the same here that I got from love me. I did a video on how I did my sewing myself. My mom did redo. My mom did redo my sewing for me um. So what we didn't um? Well, I washed it here. I had only conditioned the hair, but I feel like the hair needs like a strip, and so I am going to put a little bit of shampoo and all of that good stuff in it. I did wash my hair so technically my hair and everything under my scalp is clean, but I just feel like the hair itself is a bit heavy um. The other day I tried to flat iron it and it just wasn't. Flowy, like it wasn't flowy, so we're gon na wash it today and I'm going to share with you guys some of the products that I'm going to be using. So of course I like to wash my hair, like normally I wash my hair every week. I have very, very, very minimal leave out, so this is basically my leave out and I'm just gon na use different products. I use different products on my leave out then versus my weave. So, let's get into the products that I use on my leave out the products that I use at my leaf out is these two products right here. This is the chai shampoo and the try reconstructive conditioner and for the weave I'm gon na go in with the Giovanni my Giovanni products. I think yeah Giovanni, it's uh hydrating, clarifying shampoo and I use the Deep moisture conditioner. So that's basically what I'm gon na go in on the actual weave guys taking care of your weave. If you're watching need to last you a long time, you actually have to take care of your weave so yeah. So now we're gon na get into the process, because this is a whole day process. So what I'm gon na do I'm just going to pull out my leave out because, of course, I'm gon na be doing that I'm going to be using a different product on my leave out and then, of course, the product on my hair, I'm not going to Wet my scalp too much because, like I said, my hair is not that dirty, but regardless of if I was going to wet my scalp or not um, some, my scalp is probably going to get wet. So that's the process, that's not the funnest process. So what I'm gon na do with my lever, because I'm using a different conditioner, a different different products, I'm gon na go in with the shampoo and what I do. I just basically put if you want to see like a dry shampoo, my hair, so I'm basically just dry shampooing my leave out and I have very minimal leave out. Thank God - and I know it looks like this - is not making sense. But when you go in the shower and you wash your hair out like you start washing it, it's it's just easier for a start to start off your wash day process and then I'm gon na go in with the hydrating clarified shampoo and because my hair is Oily, I am going to put it on just like the ends of my hair, basically just trying to do something like that. I already calm down my hair, as you guys would have seen it looked like it was combed out, but I would have already combed on my hair, but I just put a little bit on the ends of my hair, because I know that that part of my Hair has a lot of oil and and basically with my wash day, routine um. When I have a sew in, I actually wash my hair twice, so I shampoo twice I go under the dryer and then um. I then con then I wash out the conditioner. Sometimes, if I want to put a treatment in there, you definitely can put a treatment in there and then you can just continue on with your full shower routine, just so that your hair kind of gets a little bit of moisture or your moisture is restored. It'S really up to you, you want to make sure you protect your leave out as well. Hence the reason why I use like products that I like from my my hair itself on my hair and then I use just something different on the weave itself, so yeah foreign and let's just see that this hooded dryer, that I bought from Amazon. I will try to link it in my description box below, if you guys are interested. I feel like it's already good um best one in an investment that I I was happy that I got influenced to get, because I could just do my own at-home treatments when I'm not in the mood to go to the salon or, if I just want to Do it myself at home, you know, so I will definitely leave this Linked In My description box below alright guys. So, basically, my hair is done as you guys can see. It is basically nice and fresh. It feels so so fresh what I'm gon na do. I don't like to do this, but I'm gon na do it. I'M gon na go in with my paddle brush and I try to just comb out the nape. The nape for me is where I find this particular bundle. Sometimes it Tangles a bit, but it's not dangling today see one side. Yeah every time goes a bit in my name, so I'm just going to comb out of the hair to make sure that you know it has you know Tangles or anything like that in it? I don't put product in here and weave or even in my natural hair, when it's wet, simply because I want for what, unless it's some kind of leave-in conditioner, which I still prefer to put leave-in conditioner in my hair when it's dry. But everybody does things differently. As you guys can see, my hair is now fully untangled. This is where it's at guys. So much dye came out of here. It'S ridiculous. I hope it's not brown and what I'm gon na do um. I am just going because some of my hair got wet. I am just I'm just going to go back onto this thing to make sure it's dry, because let me tell y'all something when you wash your weave when you wash your weave like when you wet your hair like when you wet your scalp, you have to have To have to make sure that your scalp is dry because trust me it's gon na sink like it's just gon na smell Frozen and I have a net. So I have to make sure that whatever water gets into my braid, it needs to dry properly foreign hey y'all. So this is basically how my hair look. I'M basically done drying it onto the hood. So now I'm just gon na blow dry, my hair foreign foreign, hey guys, so I am done with my wash day. My hair is all dried and check out my hair. It looks really really nice. I really really like it. I love what it is giving my hair feels so so fresh. It feels fresh and clean clean, but that is basically what my wash day routine looks like when I have in a sewing. I probably try to do this every two to three two to three weeks. Don'T judge me, but I don't like when my weave looks very, very heavy and just over s, and it just looks very very light, and I also like when my hair is clean. My hair feels so so so so clean and I'm happy about that, and it doesn't have a smell or anything like that, so yeah. So with that being said, that's basically where I'm gon na end this video. Thank you guys so much for spending the day with me and just watching how I wash my sewing and all of the things that go into my sewing. So I will talk to you guys in my next upload. Thank you guys so much for watching and I'll talk to you guys soon. Bye, foreign

Dee’s Curve: This felt like a full slain spa video! What a blessing to be able to do your own hair so well

GabxCaroline: love a good hair vid

Ceda Steele: Good as new . I hate the heavty feel and look

Chebbian Johnson: Hi love you very much my

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