How To Quickly Add Volume To Thin Relaxed Hair With Seamless Clip Ins Ft. Ygwigs

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Hair Structure: Invisible Clip-in Hair Extensions

Hair Style: Straight

Hi guys it's the girl, Brittany, Simone and welcome back if you're new here, don't forget to hit the Subscribe button today, we'll be doing some clippings install very excited to do this. Actually, because I've been wanting some clippings - and I just took some tapings out - and I really just want to give my hair a break and to me clippings - is very low maintenance. I can't take them out in the night. Do my regular hair routine, like it's not hindering me in any way at all? Also, I can install it myself as I'm gon na do in this video. Don'T need to go to a hairstylist anything and it's very easy. It'S a quick fix to look cute. Add some length add some volunteer hair. So that's what we're gon na be doing in this video foreign. This is what it came in. So it's this black box. It has gold on it and it says So when you open it, it has this purple bag, and this is what the hair comes in, really cute, really cute branding I'm gon na get into the hair soon, but along with the hair, I also got a so yes, it's this clear bag and we're gon Na open it we cap, this is a two pack. A tail comb definitely need one of these brush, for our edges forgot two black clips. This is black. What color is this? It'S not black. It'S like how I don't know, and then we got this, I'm not sure what this is, but it says YG wigs on it yeah I I don't know what that is, but so now we're gon na get into the actual hair. So it comes in this purple band and these are the three pins it comes in this, so it says invisible clipping, hair extensions, it's 20 inches, it's silky straight and it's in natural color, so it should definitely blend with my hair. Well, oh, this is kind of long. I love some land, so this is the hair. It feels very silky. It'S not really thick thick, but I guess, if you want it like thick, you can get two bundles. I love my hair thick, but I think this will work okay, so it's actually a good amount. I hear like when I pulled it out. I realized that you know I got a good amount. I don't think I need a lot, but we got one two. Three. Four five six seven pieces, so this is what we're gon na install, so we have the longer ones. What I really like about these clippings is that you can tell that it's gon na be seamless like the band. It'S very thin like I don't know. If you guys can see, but it's like, I know this is gon na - be a very seamless, install the more seamless it is. The better you know like people can sit and be like. Oh, this is her real hair. You know and to me I love a natural hair like I love when I be wearing hair and people don't know if it's weave or if it's my hair, so this is definitely gon na give that effect. Okay, so now we're gon na take this off. So I did wash my hair today and I blow dry it and I kinda a kind of straighten it. It'S probably not bone straight. Hopefully it's straight enough, so I feel like this will blend well, like it's basically the same color as my hair yeah. So I'm gon na part, my hair down the middle and apply the clippings now we're on my way, up from the back up to the top we're gon na put probably the smaller piece in the box. So probably like this one, the longest one is definitely gon na, be in like the middle of my head, where the parameter gets a little bit wider. So let me show y'all how we're gon na install these. So these are the clips you're gon na open them like that and then you're gon na part. Your hair you're gon na section, your hair, because you have seven pieces. So you want everything to fit so you're gon na section in here in the back and then you're, basically gon na open the clips you're gon na. Stick it in the root of your hair and then you basically close it and that's it simple, simple and it's easy to come out. You just open the clip and you take it out with no tugging, no nothing, and it feels like nothing in your hair. You see how easy it is for me to just put it in and take it out, yeah very, very easy, so easy! Okay, so let me explain the hair, as you can see, I have different sizes so like for. I just want you guys to like properly on this and what I'm saying so, for example, these two two different length. You know this one is a bit longer. So we're gon na definitely put this one like in the middle of my head, where you know it's more to the back of my hair. It'S kind of the width is a bit shorter, so you can definitely use that the smaller pieces, so I'm gon na install this one in the second row and when I get to like the middle of my head, I will use this one and then you have Smaller pieces that you use up top so when you part your hair in the center - and you know you have that little piece right there - that you want to like put the hair at then you draw for this one, okay. So it's time to install the second row again you're gon na open your Clips like this. If you want to comb the hair out, you can, or you can wait until everything is installed, then you're gon na put it behind where the parts start and basically just stick it in your roots, because you want it at the root of your hair and then You'Re gon na close the clip so easy, easy, easy easy and you see how well it Blends like it's blending. Okay, so we're gon na move up now. Sorry, I have our tail comb and seeing that I'm right here, I'm just gon na part right. There part us a little bit there and just continue to go around the parameter of my head, so we're just gon na clip up the excess here. Okay, so I have four pieces remaining right, so we have two of them. That'S the same! Well, three of them not the same length. I never have this small piece, but I don't think that I'm gon na use this small piece, so I'm gon na do is I'm gon na apply one more in the middle right here and then I'm gon na section. My hair, like put it in the center and I'm gon na, apply one hair and then one there just on my hair to be even so. We'Re not gon na use this smaller piece. Unfortunately, but you know, really use her on a rainy day, but not right. Now we don't need it right now: okay, we're gon na pair this off camera and we're gon na come back. So honestly, this is the best that I could do, but it works. So these are the last two pieces. We have three, but I'm gon na be using only two, so these two clippings only have two clips. It'S not too long. So seeing that my hair is you know in the middle, we're gon na part, hair summer, hair and part hair, and that's where we're gon na apply the clippings, so we're just gon na section off a little right here, not a lot, because I don't want to Put it too close to the level or probably I can put it up a little bit more or is this okay? Is this fine? I think this is fine. I feel like it gives a more natural look that way, so they're open we're just gon na stick. It in the roots, uh-huh and then we're just gon na comb, the hair over it, so we're gon na part. The same thing over here this side and we're gon na do the same thing. These are the clips we're gon na Place, one here in The Roots. Stick it in the roots and then stick the next one in the roots, make sure that it's secured, don't want it falling out. Let me just close it simple as that, and that's just a quick way to add some length and volume to your hair. Very cute looks very natural and you can. This is human hair, so you can add curls if you want to whatever you want to do. I won't be curling my hair today, because I'm trying to stay away from heat, I already flat iron, my hair today. So I don't want to add any more heat to my hair, but you can wear it straight like me, and I'm just gon na, do my edges now and complete the look. So this is the length of the hair. It'S 20 inches, it's a good length and honestly, you can also wear the hair in a ponytail. So see like this. You can wear it in a ponytail. Whatever you want to do, it's your world, it's very versatile! Whatever you want to do it's in a ponytail, it's fully covered no tracks showing very seamless. My hair is very flat. It could be better, but you know I'm not, but it's very flat like very seamless but yeah. This is the end of this video. If you do want to get yourself some clippings, the link to this exact hair is gon na, be in my description and at the end of the day, why not like? Why? Wouldn'T you get yourself some clippings to me? It'S so easy, very versatile, like I love clippings, especially when my hair is like newly relaxed, I feel like my hair is more on the you know a thinner side and I feel, like everybody experienced that and I feel like with clippings it's a quick and easy Way to add some volunteer here, some length to your hair. You know, if you want it here a little bit longer. I would definitely recommend clippings, so click the link in my description and go and get yourself some clippings. But thank you again, YG wigs for sponsoring this video and sending me these lovely clippings. I will definitely be wearing them probably every day you know, but thank you again and thank you guys so much for watching, and I will see you guys in my next video

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Shereta Green: Brit can we get a wash routine on camera with you straighten and moisturize and everything…. Would appreciate it❤️

Shereta Green: Love clip ins❤

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