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3 26 inch bundle. Thank you, Eula hair. Look! How much my hair growing y'all look at this y'all the instructions once again slayed by the Brady experience. Okay, so I look racy don't go for me and I still haven't put my hair down, which I need to because the package is actually here. I'M headed down to get the package right now: okay, y'all so package received, let's open her up. Okay, so I received my hair from Beulah hair and you guys this is not my first time actually getting some hair from your hair. I love their hair um. So this time you look, they sent me 3 26 inch bundles um. You guys, I don't know, but I'm just moving into a different era like I'm such in the so when minimal, but still Baddie basic but still baddies, short nails, type Vibes natural edges, like I don't know why I just am um. They sent me a comb as well. I love their Combs. I actually still have my comfort the last time they're very durable. They don't break really good quality. They sent me some wig caps um. I want them to be needing these because it's a um, it's bundles, but it's always good to just have some wig caps and as well, this their care card. Um. Thank you, note, type situation and as well. They sent me some lashes. Thank you, Eula hair and I'm just going to show y'all the hair actually y'all can see. So this is the hair. 26 inch bundle body wave. I actually have to dye this hair. It actually looks pretty dark. Um yeah actually looks pretty dark, but I'm just gon na re-dye. It do if I even need to die, because this hair looks really dark. It still has some brown spotsy, I'm a diet, but look at that y'all. The wets are looking nice we're gon na. Do us a nice sew in I haven't decided if I'm going to do a middle part or side part that so today I need to take my hair down diet, bundles dye, the hair dye, my real hair, so we have a lot to do. Okay, we have a lot to do so. Let'S go ahead and take my hair down, I'm so sad to actually kind of see the braids leaving because I actually was filling the braids like it was such a different look for me, the color, but look how much my hair growing y'all. I have so much. Freaking news growth, y'all, and I only had these braids in for probably all of what two weeks. I do not want to stick these bracelets like what the freak but yeah Olive, probably what two weeks one my hair grows, really really fast. That'S one thing just about my hair, like if y'all remember, I had recently cut my hair for like a year or so I'll go with a case. Maybe and y'all see how low my hair is now. So that says a lot and then too, and as well. My cousin also has hair growing hands so shout out to her for that we're gon na cut down here you know damn well. I got that much hair still well girl. I have not taken braids like this down. It'S so freaking long y'all. What the freak! I really wanted to do a shortcut before I even cut these braids out my hair just to see what they look like, maybe like some um or something like that, like a Vibe like I've, seen a bob the other day that I thought was so cute. My cousin absolutely hated it, but I thought it was so cute, like I love styles, that just like looks different like I don't want to look like everybody else. I don't want to be everybody else. I want to be Chaz, you know so, and I was even considering dying my hair red, but I just might just want to be too harsh on my hair. My stylist was saying the same thing, but it would be a little bit too harsh, especially hello. I was just making sure he was okay, I'm gon na use their comb, the unicorns, but now I have to just um use my hands because the braids are big enough, they're, not too small, I'm so glad I get them oldies small! You know and not too big. I think this length was actually perfect for me made my hair be growing. Do you hear me my do we growing and my edges are starting to get Fuller like. I really just love that for me, because it was a time that I was really part of the body Community shed it already here already. Like one thing, I love about the black communities. We have like some type of Unwritten rule that we just are the cold. The respect like everybody know like if you're going to Walmart, okay, you can, you can go to Walmart, look in a hot mess. You know what I'm saying: don't nobody care, but it's like the black community, our community. We know like if we're going to Target. It'S almost like Easter. On a Sunday baby, you wearing your best like don't come to Target. Looking crazy. Just don't do that. It'S rules so like cool another good rule hair day. Everybody know if any you see any black woman shopping at or going to the hair store and she looks crazy mind your business, because everybody know that yeah. She look crazy now. But that was nothing but a quick run to go, get some of the last stuff that she probably don't have at the house, so she transform herself into a bag. So if you see her in there with a bandana, do red scarf Bonnie mind your business because shush she bought the she bout to pop out she about to pop out on everybody. Everybody'S gon na be shocked just like cool. This is just a universal move. You see a mom stealing some formula. Send me like what the case may be. You turn the other way. Then I got to do with you matter of fact. If you got the extra money, you might even go ahead and offer to pay it for that mom or dad. You know what I'm saying: it's just certain things that in the community, it's just the unspoken rule that we know you walk into anybody's house. You speak mandatory, no matter who it is no matter how marriage is. You still speak. You know what I'm saying okay stuff down, because I have a lot more to go. So I'm gon na finish, taking it down my camera's about to die so one I'm almost done I'll, come back and talk to you how about that? Okay y'all! So I'm back and I'm almost done. It'S been like an hour and 40 minutes and y'all honestly, I'm tired as like taking this down. Oh, you know what I'm gon na cut it shorter. Oh, I hope I didn't cut my hair, but can I cut my hair? Oh oh okay! I don't even know I'm tripping, oh no. I ain't got that much here. All right be for real. I'M almost done after this I'm just gon na kind of sit because my arm tart and then I'm going to go ahead and dye my hair and do the protein treatment. My hair is so freaking greasy from all that, uh from that product or whatever the uh. What is it the wax thing? The uh Not wax the edge control which I like, because it actually helps when I'm taking my hair down it'll feel as harsh when I'm trying to comb it and stuff like that, so boom got that side down now. Let'S do this side damn my hair grew a lot. Look at this y'all. You got our hair grow period period, so I'm just gon na. Let my hair kind of sit real, quick and breathe, and we're gon na go ahead and dye it to get it right, because my hair is a natural. Let me see if I can show you my hair is a natural Brown. It'S not a black, so I need this to be black. Okay, so yeah with her hair long as pretty y'all biggest book, all right, BRB, okay, y'all! So I just got up. I took a nap so now I'm gon na dye, my hair black with the Revlon. I don't know I forgot, I don't even know how to dye my hair last time I dyed my hair is when I dyed it blonde, and that was horrible. Now I am dying my hair black, so it shouldn't be that damn hard right right. Let me think: let's read these instructions. Oh y'all. I thought my English was slipping her to Spanish. Don'T need that color it after color, conditioner, cool, okay, so step one. I need to take this and cut this go ahead and pour the ammonia. We do. I leave it on 25 minutes after I eat what the hell um after I do. I'M so confused still wait. I'M still cooking 25 minutes all together, I'm guessing! So let me get my phone pour this in here, throw some shake until you know this mix. Well, how the I'm supposed to see if it's mixed well, thank you, sarcasmine peach, color moon, glasses, I'm gon na! Let the hair sit! It almost has like a blue tint to it. Lord, please don't let this be blue. Let this be black black ebony black ebony and a perfect harmony black okay, I'm trying to put a little black up on the forehead to get rid of this four heads: okay, let's minimize the forehead by putting black on it. Let'S do that ball. We are. We ball: let's make a hairline if the can make it hairline with paint, though, can we, ladies, they be spraying all that black on their hair when they go and get it done? So why can't we hmm? Why can't we? Let me just talk to y'all about what just happened: y'all I've been watching Empire, so bad. We got corn, potato whoa y'all. I really just like the size to a seafood boil. I don't even like the seafood for real. I can eat the corn potatoes all the time, um um. Let'S go on that thing back to try here a lot of Boondocks but y'all after I dyed it. My hair got so dry one and it was extremely matted y'all and while I was washing it, hair was just coming out. So my cousin was saying I should do a protein treatment and this is the protein treatment that I got in Walmart. So I'm gon na do that and I hope that it works um. It'S bad! Thank you. Oh y'all, the food is hidden, the food is hitting and I put a whole bunch of like Blue Magic and oil in it, and I'm just letting autumn conditioner the oils. The grease on my hair, so I can try to lock in some moisture and so we're not also want to rinse it out, not as dry. I'M sorry for smacking on. I am whoever yeah I can skip this part. If I want, I just hate when my hair is dry, like that, like corn and potatoes, okay, I'm gon na be back out because I'm just smacking - and I know y'all - probably like what the oh all right, you guys so we're about to go ahead and dye. These bundles jet black, using the Revlon box kit, I did need at least two of them for all three of the bundles, so my method is quite easy. I just take a bundle at a time and I fold it in half and basically just squirt the die. Pretty much all over the hair and including the wefts at the top, and then I would just comb through it and kind of massage it in the hair overall you're supposed to let the dye sit on there. I believe for 25 minutes, so I'm trying to work as fast as I can so after I pretty much did all of the three bundles and I let them sit for the amount of time that they were supposed to sit for. I just washed them with purple. Shampoo and my regular shampoo and I did a couple of uh coats of shampoo and lathering up and stuff like that, and then I let them sit in deep condition. Um. That is definitely a part that I recommend letting your hair sit in deep conditioned afterwards. Just to get it back soft and lock in some nutrients, so the hair is not dry and brittle and nasty. Looking you want to actually installed it all right, you guys, so I'm here with the braided extra experience so she's about to give me a nice sew-in said: hey, honey and y'all. Look at the West. They look amazing. I dyed them jet black. My hair is currently jet black, so I think it's a lot, listen princess. I did a jet black wig on me and I just fell in love with the jet black look on me. It just looks so clean, so Sleek like and thank God. I have myself my cousin here yesterday to talk me off of a cliff, because I was about to dye my hair red. Why? I do not know so. I was like okay, how about, instead of client to uh from stylist to client what about cousin to cousin? She said, and it's a hell no, but we got the jet black and we about to make something Shake. We got a nice bus down with a part coming to you guys, so I'm going to be showing you guys some of the process of that just kind of her braiding. The hair down a little bit is pulling up the tracks and then the best part is showing the leave out method. How'S. It really finesse it. Okay, so stay freaking tuned, so we stopped at the gas station. Now I got me some snacks. You know just some regular regular type of stuff. I have some hot onions, some sunflower seeds and a drink. I got the Gatorade lime cucumber. I know a lot of people don't like that drink, but I actually so happen to love that drink. So we're drinking that and y'all look at my lashes still holding up great. You see a Honey Boo Boo when you sing it, you see it baby but about to go ahead and get this on the road. You already know why I get my hair done. I'M a chill client I like to crack a little jokes watch. My shows and just chill out got my blankie ears, so we can have us a good time so BRB once we start, so I would just like to go ahead and shout out to Eula hair. I absolutely love my 26 inch body wave bundles. These three bundles was more than enough to cover my entire head and we actually had some left over. So I was very pleased about that, but just once again thank you to Eula hair and make sure to use my discount code az10 at checkout for ten dollars off you guys who don't want to save any money like seriously who but just get into that. Look. How neat the sew-in of wefts are just laying down like everything, is flat watching white chicks, and we were talking about how, like literally nowadays, they cannot do a movie like this. This world is just too sensitive, like, oh, my God, too sensitive. So we finish. Y'All, look at the bang hold on. First: look at the bang away. How do we have it now? You will see my stylist going over my leave out with a how comb just to make sure that everything is looking Blended and, of course, my natural hair texture with the tracks and stuff, and you guys I am just so shocked. Look how sleek and shiny and just uh and look at the length I'm thoroughly pleased with this hair. The quality was amazing. Who do you thought I'd get you okay, you guys, so my hair is done once again, slayed by the Brady experience y'all. We just took a whole bunch of pictures or whatever the case may be and like your girl is no longer with the lace fronts. She is a sew-in Queen, like I'm in love right now. It'S so cute y'all know my forehead is big, but I don't care at the end of the day, it's time to embrace what God gave me, and he may never gave me this hair, but he gave me this forehead and he blessed somebody with the hair to Give to me to help cover this forehead, so we gon na do that. But it's me shaking my head girl, I'm in love, yeah um boom. This is the only track that we have left y'all. We use pretty much everything else don't play with her she's, not that one she's, the one all right, you guys, so I'm at the house DC's here tell me what you think about my hair, one through ten one how's, your plan being the best. Oh, I was watching that literally just watching that white chicks yep. So that's going to be the end of this video pampering myself, but my cousin slayed. I just added a little bit more edges because y'all she like the big head, look on me, simple! Look now! Baby, I got too much of a forehead put a little sum up. There, babes put something: okay, what's something, but I will see y'all once I start getting my nails done tomorrow later tomorrow, foreign

Blac Diamond_TV: The hair routine as a black woman be long asf but well worth it!!! ✨ You look AMAZING AS ALWAYS

WhoIs._xDJ🥀: Man I’m so freaking proud of you.. u just don’t know how proud of you I am and how much I love you ❤ you’ve come a long way !! I love u Chaz ‼️

KMcqueen _Tv: Girl, how do you take your hair down so quick it be taking me eight hours

Keiba Bee: Yassssss girl u done got some hair deals!!!! P.S Whenever you get a bunch coming in, just know you can pass that hair right in down to me. I know food went up, but dang HAIR did too….

Shante' B: So beautiful ❤️

lazamekiah: From now on use the hair color line Garnier fructis. It's good because it has avocado oils and other oils mixed into their hair dye so it doesn't dry your hair out and actually conditions it in the process and the color last longer than the color for the black hair care lines for some reason I have no idea why. The color last up to a month longer than the hair Care dyes they say are made for black hair and they aren't harsh.

It's Just Trell: Chaz get some "bio silk" for you leave out, you can get the tiny bottle, it lays your leave out slick asf, girl I got thick hair and it be sleek asf or an edge wax stick then flat iron it...anyways your beautiful asf ❤

Kaay Thestylist: Omggggg the leave out is bombbbbb❤️‍❤️‍

Iceee: Enjoyed the episode! Can you do one of u straighten your own natural hair?

MoUsoDope: Hair is slayed yet again

MarTriana Barnett: We love you chaz#pgcsquad

Everything But Basic: You are gorgeous I didn't even recognize you

swan angel: Thanks for the upload God bless

Morgan Pearson: Love the hair

NOT EASILY MOVED: Yes she did that !!!!

Ronnell Rogers jr:

MoUsoDope: I’m thinking about cutting my hair

Achieving Healthy Goals With Miriya Bryant: You was in for a longhair day

MizzRivera86: So beautiful


The Untouchable Tims: First

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