Zombie Takeover! Hair Extensions And Witchcraft/ Demons Of Lust

I think there's something going around in the office that I'm working in I had. There was a one of our employees. She kept complaining about um, headaches and, like I think it was having like flu-like symptoms and we uh have like two or three other people that are kind of catching something. So I think I think it's something going around in our office. I'M hoping it's not! Ce19. Again but to be honest, it feels like that it kind of feels like oh, like when I caught that it caught it. So please keep me in prayer and the people in my office in prayer, because if this is going around the office again like I just I don't think I can deal with catching c19 again. It was really rough and the body aches was horrible, but um, I'm just I'm just experiencing some really weird symptoms. So please keep me in prayer, but it's again it's feeling like c19 all over again, but I just really don't want my kids to catch that. But anyway, I'm just hoping it's just the flu you know, but anyway I wan na. I do want to talk about a few things I want to talk about. Let'S just get some of the other stuff out the way quickly. I had a vision about hair, weave, hair extensions, and this was a while ago, Maybe a month ago, actually - and I never spoke about it because I didn't know how I wanted it wanted to present it to you. What to you all and to be completely honest, I would be guilty of this sin as well and um as far as hair extensions, hair, weaves, and things like that. When I do go to work, I have a protective style in my hair and naturally I have very like thin hair and that protective style is called like a V part wig. I guess which is like uh, where it leaves like a portion of your hair blessings. Jack, where it leaves like a portions of your hair, your natural hair, with like hair extensions or use his time doing well, how are you doing my friend so when I would go to work? Sometimes I would wear those hair extensions and in the past, if we're like clippings clip in hair extensions, but when I first moved here, I used to wear like a lot of wigs and stuff like that. To make myself look nice, I stopped wearing those kind of like lace, wig things because, like I feel like they look ridiculous. They look stupid and it's just not for me but like all together, I have not gotten rid of it all together and I, when I had this Vision, like I kind of knew how God felt about the hair extensions, but I was talking to God about you Know what he wanted me to kind of do with my natural hair to keep it like healthy and he hasn't really. I guess he hasn't really said much to me. So I was at a weird place, like hmm, I kind of lost what to do next, but um anyway. I do want to talk about what I saw. I had this Vision that I was in this weird Salon with a bunch of women and they were Indian women, and I just find that interesting that they were Indian descent, because a lot of the hair extension like companies now are basically imported from India. So it would, it wouldn't be too far off, so I saw them like Gathering a bunch of pieces of hair for some reason, these Indian women and for some reason one of them picked up a lock of hair, and she was telling me like. I want to do something to your hair and I was like I don't know. I was like on the fence about it. I don't know I felt kind of weird about it, because I saw her picking the hair up like pieces of like kind of looks like Fallen here from the floor, and I just find it kind of gross, and then the woman she pulled me she pulled like Me close to her, and she said, let me just put this piece in and I saw her take a lock of the hair and she intertwined the hair into my head and when she did that, I heard like this cracking sound, like only God knows what I'm Saying because he showed this to me - and I heard like this crack like I'm doing the best I can but like click click click like, but it was loud and then whenever these clicking sounds like it was her intertwining it into my head like every time she Did that I would hear that sound and when she did that, I heard like loud thundering for some reason. Like loud Thunders look I have no idea. It wasn't funny when I was having the vision, but it was just really strange and if I was somebody that did animation like professionally, I guess it would be an easier way to display it. But it didn't seem comical when I was having division. But I saw like loud thunderings and like lightning strikes like when this woman was intertwined in this big piece of locker hair into my head and as she was doing this, I kind of got like freaked down. I was like, oh my gosh like you know, and I pulled back and then she came to me with a mirror and she said, look look. I want you to see what it looks like this woman poses put this mirror in front of my face and I'm looking at myself in this mirror, and I did not even recognize myself I was just like who is that like it was so it was so Weird, it had to be some type of form of Witchcraft, because the fact that I looked into this mirror - and I didn't even look like myself - it weirded me out like if I could give an idea of what it reminded me of it - was like a black Indian person, but I mean I don't really know how to place that I mean as far as what's in my my actual lineage, my great-grandmother she's of Syrian descent, she's a black she's, black and Syrian. So it's not like super far off, but as far as like aesthetically, what I present, what I look like, I would say my phenotype is more of a like a black Caribbean woman. So when I saw this image of myself, I was like super weirded out about it and Confused, and I didn't notice something God showed me in this Vision as well. It was something to do with the actual hair color in my head. So when I come on camera before it's probably something not very noticeable, because my lighting is pretty bad but um, my hair always appears to be very dark and um. Whenever, when I saw this Vision as well, the image I saw in the mirror was that this woman was would would like. I guess, like shoulder length, dark jet, black hair and in real life. I actually color my hair really dark, but it's not my actual hair color and I've been doing it for years. Just to like, like add in this uh semi-permanent hair dye on my hair, but like when I, when I looked into the mirror, it looked really really artificial, like that it was two things. It was the actual color of the hair that looked way too black and the actual hair hair extensions that got intertwined in my head, that that's that's what those were the two things that was off-putting and the reason I'm saying that is because I've been like coloring. My hair for so long that I probably haven't really seen my hair color in a long time and then even when it starts to come off I'll like touch it up. But naturally I have like a lighter brown color to the hair, which it's kind of which I did. I never really liked the color, because it would be so Brown and so light that it would actually match my skin color. And it's such a weird thing to see like just it's personally for me, it's something I never liked, because in some parts of my hair it would be so Brown that it will almost look like I'm bald it and I'm laughing, because I'm thinking that God was Telling me to stop coloring my hair jet black, and he was also saying to stop wearing hair extensions and I'm laughing, because the ridiculous image of what I saw myself with that hair, that was so black. It looked like tar in my head. I was just like, okay God, I think I understand, but I I didn't. I didn't think it looked that stupid like it did. I didn't think it looked that foolish, but it looked foolish and it's almost like the the things that I was doing to myself was almost aging me as well, but anyway I want to get off like talking about myself and all of that I only brought it Up because he used my own image as an example, but my point is, I think that God, um wants people to embrace their natural looks. Even if your hair is so Brown that you look bald in certain spots, you know what God has a sense of humor, and so do I but um. Even if you you kind of look weird, you know, I'm thinking he's telling me to just kind of lay off that stuff. The dream was a strong message. God wants you to love who you are? He does him and Jack. You know he sure has a way of saying stuff: hey girl. Did you get my comment put on put on your videos because I never seen like icon? I don't think so. My friend I apologize. I do have a really hectic schedule, though, so, if I don't always get to you guys, I apologize. I work a lot and that's why I come on here these hours because that's when I'm not working and that's when my kids are asleep, so please no one. Take it offensively, I'm not ignoring anyone, I'm just drained, I'm the one who told you about the master. Yes, I know I remember I remember your name but but that, but thank you, sir. Thank you Jack. Thank you um. You know because I think you're right. I checked out Alpha talks, good videos, I'm glad you checked him out, he's a good guy and he um makes a lot of good content that I think that people will really like you know, he's a very like, I said, very abstract. You know very interesting topics, but anyway, I wanted to share that with you guys the vision about the hair extensions, because I because I I don't believe God actually wants people doing that stuff to their hair. I really don't believe it. I'Ve never really believed it, and - and he did kind of tell me in the past that I could kind of get away with like um, like I guess, like a look that wasn't a look that wasn't hair extension that wasn't real hair like for some reason he Was more approving of that, like, I guess, like the ones that were that kind of mimic the look of hair, but wasn't because adding like somebody else's DNA into your head was uh? What was what he wasn't approving of you're no longer in NYC, yet you had visions of yourself going underwater. You said yeah I mean I left New York a couple years ago, but I still have visions of New York and when I lived there I also had visions of New York too. When NYC is destroyed, it will be underwater right. There'S a big tsunami coming there. Eventually, there will be a tsunami and some floods as well. I think first, the floods, the floods will start and then the tsunami, but um well anyway. I wanted to touch on also also gosh. What was it the zombie apocalypse? You guys did you talk about zombies? Take did you talk about the zombies take over yet no, no, not yet, but um you guys. I I mean I want y'all to really brace yourselves for this and if any of you are on the fence about getting the Jab or just c19 vaccine, don't do it please, because it's it's not enough information about it, even if there was. I just don't think you should you don't know what that stuff is gon na like how it's gon na affect you. I'Ve had people numerously um comment on my videos talking about she's, just trying to find an excuse to get the job. I think this is when I I first got um. No, the second time I got covered and I came on a video and I was with my children. I told you guys that I was quarantining. Someone told me I was. I was trying to find an excuse to get the job. I couldn't even believe it because I was in my personal life and on here when I come on here. I was very adamant like I would never get it and I still have not yet gotten it, and I did explain to you guys that if I was forced to at any job I would I would quit and I would just have to trusting trusting God. But I would not get, I would not sustain and keep a job over a jab. I just cannot do it. I will never refuse to it's, not safe. I don't want my children to have it. I refuse to get it myself and I don't trust it, and I generally genuinely believe that the people getting the job will be the first ones to start start turning into those uh zombies. You know, I believe, like how the Bible talks about in the last days that the the abominable and the people that have condemned themselves that have the boils all over their skins and stuff. I believe they will be the ones and we got some Christians saying that they don't believe the job is a part of that system. But I really believe it is. The master's voice said how, when Satan falls from heaven, when Michael kicks him out and he's now down on Earth, she said people peeps will just start to eat each other wow. That'S some sick stuff right there wow that's crazy! Well, in the last days I saw I saw that there was a there was like a huge Calamity in the middle of Times Square like it was so bad that every tall building there was destroyed. All I saw was a dirt pile of rubble, people standing on top of it. It was not one tall building left there. It was so it was so bad that the people over there were completely defeated and there was this man that came out of nowhere and he was he was sitting on the rocks and he had a robe on and he looked just like Jesus earthquake. Probably I have no idea what hit that place, but it was horrible and I know thousands of people uh, you know, died and um. He was sitting on the Rocks, the Dirt Pile and he had on a robe and he had the sandal sandals on and he had like shoulder length, hair and he looked just like Jesus but to it to a Smart, Discerning Christian. You knew that something was wrong. It was almost like looking at an image and doing something new, knowing something was off about him, but for some reason he had a way of speaking and he talked to people and he rallied them, and I saw the people standing on the Dirt Pile of buildings With him - and he was telling them stuff like basically like oh we're gon na get through this and he was encouraging them at some point. I was not able to hear hear what else he was saying, but I perceived that he was encouraging them, but I couldn't hear the words and I saw them cheering and putting their hands up in the air like people did when they were in church. I couldn't believe it and this guy he seemed like he had a righteousness about him, but it was like a false righteousness and I remember like leaving that area, because I just couldn't be in the crowd with those people, and I couldn't understand why they were so Trusting of this man, but he seemed to have answers to everything anyway. Yes, the the vaccine has Satan DNA. She said so that there was a a war, a war, evil, sound growl that only the vaccinated herd. Then they started to eat people. While earthquake happened to Turkey, Syria yesterday I saw that that was horrible. You guys please keep those people in prayer, it is horrible and then - and today as well, there was an earthquake in Buffalo New York. A couple of those homes got, you know, ravaged, they turned into zombies and could leap over cars like in the movies. She said those who took the prizer vaccine. There is no hope, for God said I mean that's true. I saw something similar. I saw it's funny how she said there was a car, like I saw in the last days as well, that there was a man that was like slaughtering people, but he had this. He he had the skin of a leopard and he was naked and he was running all over the streets like like a wild animal and he could run fast as like speed like light, and he I saw him jump on the hood of a car and he Was so strong and so like muscular that he broke in the car, like the top of the car sunk into itself like it was crazy, but I saw him like he was like hunting people and he went to this up like this basement apartment and he went In there and and he slaughtered this family, it was crazy and I remember seeing him and he jumped on his car - and I remember trying to run from him, but he was running so fast like it was almost impossible to outrun him. Let'S see but y'all. Please keep those people in prayer, please you turn into zombies and goodly yeah. So, yes, they are so fast, Etc, because the vaccine has fallen angel DNA wow, but you know what's crazy. Even then, you're gon na start, seeing like fallen angels in the last days like these tall beings walking around and you'll, see them walking around in the same out robes that they wore in heaven, which is the weirdest thing to me that they'll be walking around wearing That stuff and um you're, just so there's just so many weird things that are gon na happen, the last days that I can't even put it all together, because if you, if you even speak about it all at once, it just seems like a crazy person thought It up, but it's very Bunch real, it's very real. That'S how the people would turn into zombies, I'll I'll do to the vaccine. Yeah like the the the amount of weird sick stuff. That'S gon na happen like I, I just keep a person couldn't even dream it up and it's all gon na be happening at the same time hold on to those people, the the scripture in the Bible, where the angel stands on the one of his legs on The sand and one in the water - I hope you guys know what I'm saying, there's a scripture in the Bible, where the angel of God he put He one. He puts one foot on the land and one in the water and he has a book in his hand and he and the God and then God told him to eat the book and the book was sweet and it was bitter he was recording something that angel Was recording something he was writing something in that book and then he God told him to shut. When was it um? John? Actually, God forgive me. I should not be paraphrasing, but that always stuck out to me and he was like eat it. He eat the book and the book was bitter and sweet and then he saw something he saw something that he recorded in a book and he said, shut the book shut, the book and don't reveal he was not. He was not permitted to reveal the end of that book because there was a date written there. There was a date and a Time written and the finale was written in that book and that's why it was shut off in Revelation. That'S why that they the date that is coming, that God will say it is done that date was recorded in that book, but we, the people, we're not supposed to know that date, but it you know, God works he's outside of time. So when the Bible is written that that date was also recorded, there's there are books in heaven that record everything. Hmm, you saw the demon statue they created in Manhattan golden statues of a girl demon. No, I didn't see that they're all doing something wicked out there. She said UFOs already came down so low to the Earth as low as the streets Pole. They had, they hid under and in the clouds specifically when it's really dark, misty out golden statues and Madison Square Garden, huge golden statues. I'Ve been there a couple times and the whole place is weird call Medusa, Medusa wow they put a Medusa out there. That'S a very that's a demon. She said how God showed her. How soon greatly involves the Fallen Angel? How USA looks like it is on fire in the spirit Realm from all the sin greatly in both demons Powers? Look it up man over over in New York City, specifically in the New York City. There are demons standing over buildings; they stand there and um. I don't know why they have to stay in that area, but when they stand over there, there's a there's, a horrible presence that comes with them, but they stand in. They stand up in very specific spots and I've seen the Demon I've seen, demons that are in the Caribbean islands as well, specifically my hometown, and when they're there they cast like they cast evil demon. Spirits like they cast out certain Spirits onto the place that they stand in, but for some reason they stand over the actual buildings and um they're tall and muscular and big, and the one I saw had horns in his head. But he would cast things into the into the area like murder, rape, um, let's see um pedophilia um unforgiveness Bloodshed like it it just it. It casts that stuff in that area, but it stays there like. I don't know why it's state, the demon stays there, but they stand there and they've been there for many years and over the buildings they're tall demons standing over them. People, people can see them. Some people can see the demons there, one demon in particular. It stands over this Temple in New York City, that's close to my home and I was praying against the building for many days and the more I prayed against this building and the demon standing over it. The more the weirder things happen to me. Weird things just kept happening to me: intercepting prayers, weird stuff beating on the walls, demons beating the walls. While I'm praying, then they try to enter into my home. I saw them walking over the walls like then they also entered my dreams, and they will also send people to say, like weird things to me and the work, the most desperate thing they did was two things: two things the man that I saw from the bus There was a guy that came off of a bus around the same time as me, and he tried to scare me he threw he threw a piece of paper into the street and it lit up on fire and he threw it in my direction. It was the craziest thing I've ever seen in my life and whenever explained this story to my people, I know and people from my church. I even talked about this story on YouTube. He was a principality, they couldn't reach me spiritually, so they sent somebody in the physical to try to scare me. I I don't even know how to even explain that whole situation, but it was just like punk rock white guy and he was really tall and he was so. He was so out of place and he was wearing his leather vest. I'Ve never seen him in that area before he just looks so out of place when he gets off the bus and he walks in front of me, but the whole time I'm like looking at him, I'm like who is this guy, because at this point I've been In this neighborhood so long that I've kind of seen - everyone - that's that's there, and even if they weren't in the neighborhood, there's a certain way that new or New Yorkers dress, that is just kind of like they fit in. But this dude was just off comes in front of me and I start walking in the street because it was night and there was no cars or nothing out, and he was just he just. He was walking in front of me, but he kept looking back every time. He would. He would walk a couple pieces and look back at me. Walk and just look back at me. So so I started walking in the street and this dude pulls out a piece of paper and I didn't even see him light this paper. He throws the piece of paper into the street. It rolls next to me and it lights on fire. I'M like what I there was a man there as well. There was a man that was at the left of me and he was actually walking in on the sidewalk and he saw him do it. He saw the man pull out the paper and threw the ball of fire into the street and he started walking faster. He wanted to get out there he's like, because there's weird things happening in New York, all the time and people just have this thing like. I don't want to be a part of this, but there was a witness there. There was a man there. There was another man that saw it and when he threw the fire into the street, like that, I immediately screamed. I was like, ah because I couldn't believe it like and then after he did this, he ran into the darkness, and I never saw him again he's like you vanished, like he was never there and like the the area with where he ran like. I was passing by it and even if he ran, I would still be able to see him, but he just disappeared black magic. He was a principalities he's a witchcraft. This was the type of human being that you that uh demons were in connection with because they used demonic powers. Sorry, they use demonic powers to oppress people and they go into homes and the spiritual realm. They cast evil spirits into homes. I knew what he was then I had this one demon come after me that was wearing a hoodie, which I know was a person and he was trying to choke me to death. In my sleep, like the whole, the hole in the hoodie was just black, but it was a person it's crazy. It'S just like these people are cowards, they're, cowards, now witches and warlocks being sent after Christians, but these are real life people and they walk around in people's homes in the spiritual Realm. They cast evil spirits, they whisper evil things into people's ears and that you think it's a thought that you really had, but it's really them doing it and then sometimes I'll see them I'll, actually see them walking around and I'll pray against them, and I tell them Get out of my house in Jesus name, get out of here. There'S a lot of evil in this world. Look it up. Did you see the stand and stayed in standing? I don't think so. Yes, when the demons are on over buildings, you, you might start to feel strange, dizzy, Etc. They stayed here for years and years, just standing in that one spot doing. Evil Deeds they're strongholds, principalities demons for that, and that Nation tells the city yeah they're everywhere they are beaten on the walls cause. Your prayers was working to get rid of them. Keep up the prayers Susan against them amen. All they can try to do is scared. Just rebuke and pray him away in Jesus a mighty name. He was very tall because he was a Nephilim. I don't know he. He was a real person. He was just. He was just evil because he was, he was practicing witchcraft. When did you start having visions and dreams from God when I was in New York City, when I first became a Christian this was years ago, maybe 20 15 2016. ever since then it has not really stopped, but prior to that, I never had any visions demons. Can look like real people? Don'T get forget that? That'S true, that is very true. They shape-shift that's true plug that phone in. Oh, I feel so sick, but um who tried to stay focused, but my head hurts but um you see, but the zombie apocalypse is coming. Y'All, it's coming to be honest. They'Re already been, there has already been zombies that have been found in China and they are suppressing and suppressing the news of the zombies, but they have zombies and labs in China right now and they're trying to cover it up. They'Re trying to keep the outbreak from spreading, but it's going to spread anyway, but this is this is why China is experiencing the uh re-emergence of the c-19, because the c19 is morphing. It is, it is morphing over there in their uh country and they know it. I honestly believe the weather balloons that uh that they did put up. It was a spy balloon, but did you guys notice when the US, the US sent the missile through it that it was like when they sent the missile through the balloon? There was a vapor coming out of it and the whole time I was thinking like what is that stuff? What is coming out of it besides helium, because it looked like it was like dust that was falling over the sky and the fact that they've been like sending these balloons. They sent like three of them in the Trump Administration and then over Latin America. There was like a couple of them too they're releasing something into the air. Okay. China is trying to use the zombie virus to their advantage, their people, their people, are disappearing. There'S many people in China right now saying that they have family members that have not come home. They don't know where they are. That'S because they've already turned and the CCP took them and they put them. They put them in Labs already and they're. Trying to keep this news from the United States, so what they're trying to do now is they're trying to use the virus they're trying to collect the virus from these individuals and they're trying to use it for for chemical warfare. But it's not gon na work because the virus is already in their own Society. It'S it's out there they're trying to contain it so that they can morph it into something to be used for war. But it's going to spread regardless it's going to keep mutating and they can't stop it eventually. They'Re not going to be able to stop it. China would not tell you that they are actually they actually have zombies over there ready. That is why people family members are disappearing. The zombie apocalypse will start in China and they they kind of have this attitude they're going to have this attitude about it like after it spreads out it'll, be like they're going to be like, oh well. If we're going now we're going to take everybody with us, so they're releasing the zombie virus into our into our air space and into Latin America, because they want to destroy the rest of us with them. They don't want to see. They don't want to see anybody else succeed and they feel like if they're going to go down they're taking us with them. Okay, they are the reason for the zombie apocalypse. China is, I know what this Theory sounds really insane. It sounds out there, but it's true. I literally saw in a vision that the apocalypse from the zombie, the zombie apocalypse, came from China and it's gon na come out of there and it's going to spread everywhere. Just be careful you guys. All of this will make sense soon, all of it, the Chinese president XI xingping. He knows that there's zombie apocalypse is happening, they're doing everything in their power to try to keep this out of the news, but some of the people in China already know this and the people that want to speak out and said, and - and they see these people In the street acting weird and the CCP Gathering them up into those vans, they're not going to let those people see the light of day the in China there's such the Communists regime over there is so strong. It is crazy they're, they suppress their people, so severely that if they even speak out against their president and they throw them in jail, and some of these, it's such a common thing like some of these people that haven't seen their family members for like five six. Seven years and it's like normalized there, so could you imagine what would happen when one of their residents say that they saw a zombie eating somebody? You know eating someone's flesh, they're gon na they're gon na put that person in jail and then they're gon na keep them there if they even keep them alive. Okay, they, what they're, probably doing with these people, that uh are whistleblowers and eventually it's gon na get out. Okay, they can't stop this forever. They can't suppress it forever, but unfortunately they cover they cover everything over there in the CCP. They cover the news. They cover the internet, you know they suppress the internet, there's certain keywords that they can't use and any any killed them. But you guys my phone is kind of over acting crazy and I'm not feeling the best. Hopefully you can create cure. There will be no cure. Unfortunately, hi princess, hey friend, Hey Lloyd, there won't be no cure for the zombie apocalypse. Then people will be demons. Okay, it's beyond like just a virus. They will be. They will be like demons, plead the blood of Jesus against every evil demon amen. I agree, amen. It'S his name, but those things that are going to come, there's nothing, there's, no, no one that can um reverse what's happening to them, but it's it's gon na come from China. Like I said anyway, I may the Lord bless you many Shadows, light upon you may, the god of the Bible, give you peace not only today, forever but forever and ever and those who believe to say, amen, amen, you guys in Jesus name. I want to thank you all for coming to speak with me tonight. You guys stay prayed up stay in your Bible and uh know that the um Coming of the Lord is is near. Make up truly all that badity will not inherit the kingdom of God. Please pray about it in Jesus name, amen, all right. You guys, I won't say goodnight to all of you and get some rest. Keep me in prayer, I'm not feeling the best and my co-workers as well. They'Re, not feeling good on my children amen good night

jah angel: And even if it aint in moderation,...some peeps are just more creative, flamboyant/eccentric, etc, than others! And dats ok, whatever u do, do it all for the glory of GOD/JESUS- 1 CORINTHIANS 10:31❣ wednesday 2-8-23 9:17pm

jah angel: There is acounts of peeps in the bible wearen rings, earings,...GOD even says how HE HIMSELF has adorned them w/jewlery etc-EZEKIEL16:11..says how GOD/JESUS put the jewels, braclets, etc on HIS peeps,...there nada wrong w/make up, earings, etc. Everythang in moderation...monday 2-6-23 10:47pm

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