The Vixen Sew In - With Various Hair Styles

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The Vixen Sew In means you can maximise the versatility of your weave as it can be parted many different way, I will be providing a tutorial soon. The beautiful model Jojo Lara has 4 bundles of 22" Peruvian Hair and her natural hair was straightened to blend.

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Me one

Daniel: The vixen sew in is pure hair magic.

Katt Robles: omg its perfect ! i want this done so bad ! i got cancer and all my hair fell out but its starting to grow back .i use a wig but it is soo annoying

NurseKortney: She's the perfect candidate for this! Beautiful and amazing work!

Élboricua596: Jojo is such a beautiful girl the hairstyles really compliment her; but the weave itself is astonishing; you would never even know it was extensions the installation and blending are beyond flawless

JojoBee23: The skill in this is just amazing! Love this,changing this hair game!

Tamra Smith: LOVE IT!!!! This is a sew-in that I would want!!!! Every hairstylist in the USA needs to do this look!!!!!

kenia cole: This is so bomb. I absolutely love the hair, great job!

K: omggggg!!! I was anti-weave before my friend showed me this. i just didn't like how fake it can look if done the wrong way, but this , this is magical. where are you?! i need to find someone who can do my hair like this as i'm going away for 5 months and need to be able to change it up. my lord, this is amazing. you're truly talented!!

ALYVH: Her hair is so laid i almost cried 

Tanissa Brewer: I am always the go but I like to look A1 24/7, this definitely works for me, thanks much

Choumika C: Love it. most realistic sew in ever

Dr. Sun: would you please do a detailed tutorial on how to do a vixen sew-in? I really love your videos

Its Jamee: Love it . I hope I find someone who can do this for me .

Sonia Twizere: You're amazing! How much do you charge for the vixen sew in?

Sadé M: This is the best vixen sew in I've ever seen.

Crystal P Cullen: It's always a hater. 54 people vixen weaves were done with princess hair. The model doesn't need a relaxer because she is already rocking her natural hair. This vixen weave is on point. Love it So beautiful! Did you color her hair to blend with tracks?

ANTONETTE Reed: Fantastic job. I want this!!

laughinglaughing: Bomb! You're blessed with talent. Your work inspires hair lovers like myself. I wished you were in NYC your name would be in lights. You could teach celebrity stylists a thing or too. Bravo

Kaylie: I love the way you did her hair and I'm going to get my hair like that but the thing is my hair is really curly and it's really hard to stay straight when flat iron and I don't want my hair to get all puffy and start curling up when I have my weave in so I was wondering if you have any suggestions of what I can use to keep my real curly hair from getting curled up and puffed up when I'm outside Please and thank you

Asia Trahan: omg!! that is so pretty im looking for somebody to do that but you can do some good hair keep it up

Anna Daniel: omg i love it an her baby hair made it look even more real..good job yowww

Brianna Watts: Amazing it looks so real

Adriana Jackson: I need this done a sap I'm in love

Jessica Dos Santos: waaaohh!!! love this !!! i think i'll do the same!! *___*

shekinah ?: Do you only do celebrities or can I get my hair done by you? Your work is great!

Savannah Alexander: Planning on having this for my birthday

Life With Sophie: amazing job!!!!!

HOA: can you do this with NON relaxed hair? do i have to flat iron my hair before the sew in?

Maggie Magnoli: My dream hair stylist! Whenever I get married I want you to do my hair! <3 #speakitintobeing   LOL

E: first of all, i just wanna to say i love ur work... just wanted to ask if u can do a video for those of us that are challenged in hair length can we achieve these look with short hair or thinning edges

Danita Dove: how long does a vixen sew in take

Gabriella: Fantastic .. Just so beautiful.

Brianna Green: How many packs of hair does 4 bundles equal to ?

Jaya Pops: That is beautiful

Roselyn D: amazing!! do you have a salon? I would like to make an appointment pls!! x

Ashley xSkylerr: Can you do a half vixen sew in so that the front is just as versatile?

sarauniyaGH: Can you do this with curly hair as well?? Like curly hair & curly weave?

PrettyR ‘: I LOVE this!!

shockingno1: You are very talented I love the hair it looks so natural, How can I contact you to get my weave done?

Atl SWEET: Baby!!!!!! You the truth! I was interested in a vixen so Google lead me to you! long does your hair have to be to accomplish this style? and are you In Atlanta Ga.?????

CAP _RESE: what is the pattern for this style?

April Rhodes: omg i cant wait til you do the tutorial

XAMKX: What braiding pattern did you use ??

Baby Butta: Question, now can you do a vixen sew in on someone with 4c natural hair. Like someone with 4c natural hair who wants to do the straight hair look. 

Carine Sangana: oooohh my the hair is so beautiful your skills are so impressive

Monae’ Jackson: Father God.....I need this in my life Your hands have been touched by Jesus

Mary Shabazz: this is so perfect, brb, im about to cry lol

Qtepiee88: and how in the world did he fit 4 bundles in there!! #skills

Renielle Davis: What type of hair is recommended for this type of sew in?

Patty Wack: beautiful!!!

Nikkita Lawrencr: Do you take bookings?

Chona Garner: Should you have a perm with this braid pattern

Chona Garner: Should you have a perm with this braid pattern

Styles by D: does anyone else think she looks like a grown up version of Bryson Tiller's daughter Harley

angel a: How many bundles were used? And did you have to cut them?

prettyudoli: When are you going to do this tutorial?

Allen Angela: Love your video .

Maima Allen: How much would it be to get a Vixzen saw in?

LittleSunshine: I just realized I basically had a vixen sew in before when I didn't even know what that was

Tiara Marshall: how did you do the cornrows ?

Celeste Zamuner: Can you do this with a side part? If so how?

Kim kashmere: Phenomenal!!!!!

Leanne Cherry: your hair was prettier before the weave in my opinion

Kykymj2010: Can you do this with a side part?

Crystal L. Glenn: So natural

drem c: best weaveologist on YT

Amber Scott: Can This Be Done If I Have Short Hair?

TheresaBeenHere: so does my natural hair have to be a certain length to cover up the braids for the vixen sew in?

Daniella Campbell: Love the hair and that song is 1 of my fav

Qtepiee88: Perfectly Undetectable!!

Baddie Doll: How many bundles will it take to do?

Hannah O: Where in the UK is your salon located?

GamerGirlQween: Did yal order the peruvian off a website? If so, What website is it if you dnt mind me asking?

ABG styles: Hello did you use a bundle an each square?

Siham Armon: How much do you charge?

Julie Jolie: beautiful! and what is the name of the song??

Jazlynn Thomas: what hair company was this hair from??

DiørBabyj: That Was Nice.. But You Need To Made A Video About How You Did The Vixen Sew In

Ann Cajour: Can you please tell me the name of the song? I'm in love lol

Melissa Hawthorne: YAAAAAASSS diva fan!

Amy al: Is this possible with a side part?

Lovely E: Love your video and I was jamming to the song while watching it lol

Caribbeandoll: Nice and what's the name of the song that's playing

faaiza faiza: How do we book appointments

Jonequa Gill: What kind of hair did you use?

LovelyLady Carter: I have a very fine hair texture it's 4c permed what can I do to make sure that I can hide my tracks

Mizz Brown: Nice video I like the weave to

clarisse mizrahi: Sometimes I just really hate living in California because no one does hair like this !! Ughhhh..

Mikaylah Green: where did you get your eyelashes from1?

prettyeyes prettyeyes: yeessssss loveee it !

Snow bunny Elite: Waaaay in London :( Didn't think London can do this. I'm in Dallas TX....the search continues.

Anon: Can you do this with curly weave?? and put perm rods on the leave out??

Kelly Harper: What number inches of hair did you use ?

Hannah Adams: i want a weave that has little to no shedding, can be styled, barely any tangles,and if possible goes back to same texture or styles as it was wen i got it. do you have any suggestions?

kia .j: Can u go to any shop and get it done how much does it cost and how long dose it last sorry

Rmonie Burney: Im gettin that right now ;)

jjhggggggggg: Can you do a ombre like zoella hair vixen for me

Coleen M: Yesssss philip !

UnStAbLe CrEaTuRe: My goodness you are amazing!! where are you located???

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