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Today’s video is all about ZALA Hair Extensions!! I hope this video was helpful to you guys.





Zalas Website:

Extensions i’ve purchased:

20” tape ins - shade Beach Blonde

20” tape ins - shade sunkissed

16” tape ins - shade sunkissed (shown in video)


Hey guys welcome back to my channel or welcome to my channel if you're new, my name is Abby for today's video. I have a super fun topic and we are going to be talking about hair extensions. But more specifically, I have tape and hair extensions because I know a lot of people don't really know about them and they're kind of like the new upcoming hair extension type. So I'm not going to talk too much as an introduction and I'm just going to go ahead and get on into the information. So the brand of hair extensions that we're going to be talking about is Zala. I'Ve ordered from this company three times already in two times: I've had their hair extensions installed in my hair, I'm going to go ahead and start with the actual ordering them on the website. So the website is super easy to navigate they're all having it down in the description box below, if you guys want to check it out. So basically, what you're going to do is just click on type in hair, extensions, you're, gon na click, the length the color and how many pieces you want so for the length they have the range between 12 inches and I think 36 30 36 inches. Something like that, so they have a nice wide range both times that I got them. I got twice of the 20 inch and once of the 16 inch and then for the hair color, they have, I think, about 20 different shades that you could choose from. So, there's a wide variety and also, if you don't know what shade that you should get, they have this cool thing where you could send in pictures of your hair in different Lighting's and people that work for the company will look at it and they will give You like a free color match, so that's great, I used it and the ones that got shipped to me ended up matching my hair perfectly. So I definitely recommend that, because you are spending a lot of money on these, so you definitely want a good match. So then, you're gon na pick out how many pieces that you are going to need it. They send them in bundles of 20 at 40 and 60. So, depending on your hair type is how many pieces you are going to get so for my hair, it's thin, but I do have a chunky layer. So I ended up getting sick pieces and what I recommend is when you're buying these make sure that you are getting that more than you think you're going to need, because it's better to have it too much than too little, because from experience I did not have Enough and it just didn't blend as well as it should've, and then you have to order them again, which is more money, and then you have to make it another hair appointment and it's just gon na cost. You more so just make sure that you buy more than you need the first time before the shipping. If I can remember correctly, I believe it takes one to two weeks for them to come in and then, when you do get them, you should get a box that looks something like this and I'll show you guys what is inside, I'm holding it upside down. I will show you guys what is inside, so this is what the inside is going to look like. It'S gon na have a whole bunch of stuff. We have a booklet which is just going to be talking about the hair extensions. It'S gon na have like different products that you can try out that they sell the different lengths, the different colors, all that fun stuff. They do also put in little samples of stuff. That is like hair care for your hair extensions and then you're going to have your actual hair extensions that you ordered. So this is a pack of 20. This is a pack of another 20. So right here is 40 pieces. So here is what they look like out of the packaging they're super soft super smooth and they are 100 % human remy hair. So it's just like your actual hair is not synthetic. It'S not plastic. It'S actual real treated hair. So some people don't know the way that tape in extensions work, so basically you're gon na have two pieces you're gon na take one like this. One side is the adhesive and the other side is what is going to be sticking up. So what your hairstylist is? Gon na do I recommend that you go get these put in it by a professional hairstylist, just because you're spending a lot of money, and you don't want to ruin it - you don't want to have them like stuck in places that they shouldn't be what they're gon Na do is they're gon na place, the hair extension close to your root. On top of your hair, then there's gon na be your hair in between and then underneath that section of hair they're gon na put the other piece, and that is how it sticks. So these hair extensions they will last in your hair anywhere from like three to six months, depending on how fast your hair grows. How well you take care of their hair extensions? The tips that I learned that I'm going to give to you guys is don't wash your hair every single day. These are stuck in your hair, 24/7, the whole 3 to 6 months that you have them in your hair, so you're gon na be washing it, but make sure you don't wash it every single day, also use sulfate, free, shampoo and, if you're, putting like oils to Smooth your hair and stuff like that, make sure that you are not putting it anywhere near the tapes because it will loosen the adhesive and they will slip out of your hair. So since they are human hair, you can style them with heat products. I do recommend that you use he protectant before, so you don't damage them because they will get ruined. Just like your regular hair that you can fry them, you can also put them in ponytails, buns and stuff like that and they're virtually like invisible. So that is great about them. Also, since they're tape, they're super super thin, so you're not gon na feel like chunky, like you know, if you use clippings like they're like thick at the top, you know so these lay pretty much flat to your head. So you can't even see them basically and another great thing about the tape and extensions is, if you take care of them, they are reusable so now that you've had them in your hair and you're ready to take them out. I'M going to tell you what you guys are gon na do and from my experience I found a great way to take them out. So what you're gon na need to do is order the solution from their websites and what you're gon na do is take a nice hot shower, and this is going to kind of like loosen up the glue you're going to know when your extensions are ready to Come out, the extensions are gon na grow with your hair, because they're gon na be placed up at the roots at first and then they're gon na grow. As your hair grows. You know so there are a nice alternative and less damaging than clippings and stuff like that. So once you take your shower and your hair is wet you're gon na spray, this on the actual tape part so you're gon na have the tape in your hair, you're gon na spray it on top and you're gon na. Let it sit, then you're gon na start pulling the two pieces apart. So then, they're gon na be kind of like separated like that you're gon na spray in the middle and then start pulling them apart, and then they should slide right off your hair. One downside about these extensions is that they do kind of leave a little bit of a glue residue in your hair. I haven't really found a way to easily get it out. The best thing I could say is just keep washing your hair and it will come out the more you wash your hair, so yeah. That'S basically all I have to say about these extensions. They are absolutely amazing. If you're looking for length I'll show you guys a picture of what they looked and look like in my hair, they blend really well, they look super natural people can't even tell so yeah if you want to check these out for yourself, like I said, I'm gon Na have it the website down below in the description box, and that is all I have for this video. I will see you guys in my next one bye,

Olivia Martinez: My hair is exactly the same length and thickness as yours , so would you reccomend getting 60 or 80 pieces . I also saw a lot of people saying the zala extensions shed a lot

DollylynRuth: Loved this super helpful!

Devon Stone: Use acetone to remove the glue residue. It works great!

Angela Loving Life: Hi thanks this was very useful..... in this video what length was using? My natural hair length is the same as yours, I don’t want it too long just need the thickness

Toby Hess: COOL,I love your channel, I purchased the same one from three months ago, shipped by EMS,wonderful quality !!!!

Chris Hall: I have a small head my clip In from zala are beautiful but my head barely can fit 5 pieces.. this time I got tape in 40 pieces and that will be plenty..I’m doing myself and I’ve got both orders in 3-4 days 3 days my last order…

Dayna Shonka: 3-6 months? You mean weeks.

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