How To Use Octocurl On Natural Blown Out Thick Black Hair | Heatless Overnight Curls *Detailed*

Here’s a step by step tutorial on How to use Octocurl on Natural Blown Out THICK Black Hair. These are Heatless Overnight Curls that anyone can do! Octocurl is a heatless curling tool that gives you beautiful results and they last all week long too!

I wouldn't be able to complete this hairstyle without my Wonder Curl products! The final results are so full and bouncy! Their Jelly helped shape and mold my curls as they dried to the Octocurl, I love my results!

The next time you want heatless curls try Octocurl and the Wonder Curl haircare products!

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Look how thick this was. I didn't know these sections were that thick geez Louise. These are some thick sections y'all, what's up y'all and thank you guys so much for tuning in to another video of, as always, Aaliyah, where we always keep it real. Now, y'all. We are breaking out something that I have not used in a few months and that is octo curl. Now I don't know about you guys, but I love perfume now I did receive two perfumes from dossier and we're gon na be trying these out on camera. Today. I read really positive reviews about this brand and one thing that stuck out to me is you get the luxury product without the luxury price, so this is how they come in the mail and let's go ahead and open these up now y'all. I have not tried these before and we are opening them on camera together, and this really does scream luxury to me. Oh gee, look at that in the packaging, so this is called the Ambry Orange Blossom. So for me to have these Luxury Perfumes again without the luxury price. That is so mean. Oh, this smells like I'm going out on a fancy date. So let me just put it on my wrist. Just one squirt - and I know you're supposed to like wave your hand around to let that scent like sink in. I can already smell it. Oh my God that smells so good. I really do like this and it's strong. It smells like you, don't need a lot and I can tell like even the top is heavy. The product is heavy. This is definitely luxury and it's like a magnet, so it kind of like snaps on. I don't know if you guys can see that, but it like snaps on like a magnet. This is really cool. I love the packaging and I love this scent. I feel like I'm going out on a date. It'S not like your everyday perfume. This is like top-notch honey Top Notch you're going out on a date somewhere fancy. That'S when you want to put that on all right. So that's only the first one y'all. Let me show you the second one I got so here is the second one again. This is from dossier, oh Jesus, it's from dossier. It has the same exact packaging. So I'm just going to take all this out and then the second one I got is called a fruity honey. So let's go ahead and give it a whirl. Okay, let me go ahead and give it a Sprite on this side. I'M gon na do it over here. So the scents like don't, mix all right wave that around let it sink on in Yep. This is an everyday scent wow, it's so light and refreshing, I'm so so happy that I got a chance to try these out yeah. So this is definitely your everyday set if you're just running errands, if you're hanging out with your girls, if you're going out to brunch like this, is the scent that you want to use and if you are going out to an expensive restaurant on a date night. Something romantic: this is what you want to use and thank you again dossier for sending me these products. I absolutely love them and I will be adding these to my stash. If you guys want more information about these perfumes I'll definitely have them linked below. If you are looking for Luxury Perfumes without the luxury budget, this is what you want: okay, y'all! So again, thank you, josier all right y'all. So let me go ahead and hop into the video where we will be styling our hair today, yay, I'm so excited to be using my octo curl. I'Ve used this like only once or twice in the past. Here it is right here guys. It comes in a beautiful box, I'm gon na to be showing you all about the Octo curl today how to wear it, how to sleep in it, how to take them out how to secure it to your head. All that jazz will be happening in this video. So if you guys have ever seen octo curl or is interested in learning more about this product, then stay tuned. So before I break out the Octo curl, I am going to show you guys with tools and hair products. You'Ll need to complete today's hairstyle, I'm going to start with the hair products. Today, guys we are using the Wonder curl. This is the get set, hair, jelly and the moisturizing hair pudding. These are the two products that we're going to be using to complete today's hairstyle um. You may or may not have seen these on the market. I'Ve been using these for quite some time now and I really do enjoy them so we're gon na break these out. Today they smell amazing by the way and also wonder curl has a candle, I'm not sure if it's still on their website, because I think it was a limited time but y'all this candle smells so good. So if the candle is still available, I will have it linked below, along with the products, also you're going to need a brush. Just a detangling brush we're going to use the Felicia Leatherwood today - and I do have some clips here with me because we will be clipping our hair up and out the way to stay focused on our sections and I'm going to go ahead and grab a comb. Just so I can start parting, my hair, but let's go ahead and get into this octo curl, all right y'all, so here's octo curl - this is how it comes. The packaging is so cute. Look at the packaging. I love that they have both black and white women on the packaging. It just says that this product really is diverse. So let me go ahead and open it, because I know you guys are dying to see what it looks like. So here is your octo curl guys, and this is a hair tool that is going to create heatless curls, and you know on my channel: that's all we talk about is heatless curls, so it looks just like that you're supposed to put it on your head and You curl your hair on these pieces right here and you can secure them at the bottom I'll, be showing you guys, step by step, how to use octo curl alright. So I'm really excited to get started. Friends, let me go ahead and grab a comb and I'm going to part my hair and show you how to do this hairstyle all right. So I have my rat toe comb here. First things: first, we're going to go ahead and part our head. You can decide if you want a middle part or a side part. I did this hairstyle before with the side part, I thought it looked beautiful, so we're going to do another side part again, all right so give me one. Second, while I get my side part together, all right just like that's awesome, all right y'all, so my part is on the side. Here again, you can choose where you want your part to be, but we are ready to go ahead and get started. So the first thing that I'm going to do is just brush out my hair, making sure everything is flat before we start to apply the Octo curl, because it's gon na sit on our head. So I'm just brushing everything down because we want it super smooth on the crown in the top of our head sure, all right, y'all got a lot of hair, got a lot of hair brand, okay cool beans. So now what I'm gon na go ahead and do is place. The Octo curl on my head. All you have to do is make sure this part right here is in the front, and I grab it just like this and you're going to slide it on. Like a hat, so I'm putting it around me and we're gon na go ahead and slide it down. Y'All slide it on down all right, just like that, and what you can do is start to pull at the hair just a little bit to just make sure everything is flat. I look like a hippie all right, so this is the best that I can get it. I tried to make it as flat as possible, working on tucking everything pulling the hair just making sure everything is super flat. So this is how we are looking with the osto curl on our hair, and we are just about ready to begin. What I first want to do is break these down into sections and what I mean by that is taking a section of my hair and also a piece of the Octo curl and we're gon na like kind of break this off. Okay, so I have here with me just some rubber bands: it's going to be a lot easier for me to do it like this. So again, all I'm going to do is just take one rubber band and we're going to take a section of hair and also one octo curl and we're just going to kind of section that together. So I know that goes together like that and we're going to do the same thing with the next section, taking some hair taking the Octo curl in a small, rubber band or just a ponytail holder. If you have it all right, so next, next up we're just going to take that next section of hair put that into the Octo curl, just like that. So now it's sectioned off and we're going to keep going back on both sides all right. So now I have these two I'm going to take the next section of hair. I think that is good right there and we're going to take an octo curl and put those together just like that. Alrighty, I'm gon na keep going back, and we have our next section up here right here and we're going to go ahead and bring those together and it's going to make it a lot easier when we're going through our hair. Now that it's already um sectioned off all right y'all, so I have all of my sections on this side: pretty much sectioned off again, it's going to be a lot easier. If you do it this way, um! So when you're going back, you already have your sections prepared, I'm going to do the same thing to the other side, I'll be right back. So here's how we look - and I have all of my sections sectioned off - I do - have one - that's like I'm - probably not going to be able to use um because there are a lot of octo curls if I'm not mistaken, there's probably 16 on here. So this is what we're looking like and we are just about ready to get started and we are going to go ahead and start with this side right here and I'm gon na go ahead and start to apply my products to this first section, any sections that I'M not using I'm going to go ahead and clip those up and out the way just like this. I just really want to be laser focused on this section right here, I'm going to go ahead and remove that rubber band and we are going to first start off by opening the moisturizing hair pudding from Wonder, curl, here's how the product looks y'all, it's all white And creamy it smells so good. It smells very refreshing and it's like thick thick y'all see that it's a thick product. So I'm just going to go ahead and take that and apply it to my first section of hair, which is right here and we are going to do the same thing with the get set hair jelly we're going to apply this next. So this can help mold and shape the curl and here's the product. I told you I'd be using this stuff man. This stuff is something good. This these hair products are good. They really are. I would never steer you guys in the wrong direction, so try them out here's what the jelly looks like again. These products are nice and thick. So I'm going to rub that on my hands and then I'm gon na rub it in my hair. Now you can start out on wet hair um. I just decided to blow mines out, but if you want to start on wet hair, that is completely fine, it just might take a little bit longer to dry all right so now, all I'm gon na do is make sure that it is detangled and that product Is fully in there all right, we are good to go with that, and now I'm going to show you guys how to wrap. I have seen some people do this, where they're braiding the Octo curl into their hair. I personally like to wrap the Octo curls, so it just makes a nice tight curl and I'm going to show you guys how to do it. You literally twist it so act like this. Is your hair and also this I'm just going to take it. I'M going to go underneath and try to get those parts a little bit closer together, since I do have long hair all right. That is a little bit better. Now a lot of people struggle with securing their ends. So I'm going to show you guys how I do it once I have no more hair left. I just have both of them. In my hand, my hair is on top of the Octo curl. As you guys can see, all I'm gon na do is flap it over just like that, and then I'm going to take this part right here. The elastic strap and then we're gon na put it on there and we're gon na start to secure it. Just like that all right, so hopefully you guys pick that up it's in there and it's not moving all right. So now I'm going to go ahead and just take down the next section and do it again cool so we're going to take this clip out. So I can find the next section, which is right here, then we're going to clip everything else up and out the way just because I like to be organized all right and, as you can see here is our next section right here. So the first thing I'm going to do is take off that rubber band to release the Octo curl from my hair, and even if you want to you, can clip the Octo curl up while we're applying the products. So you can really be focused on the hair. I'M going to go ahead and take some of my moisturizing pudding from Wonder. Curl rub that all of my hands - and this is going to bring back some moisture into our hair. I actually think that this section is too big, so I'm gon na I'm gon na fix it, because I feel like this section's like really thick so hold on y'all all right, my bad. I had to fix a section because there was too much hair one section. I just didn't like that. So now I'm gon na go ahead and take that section down again kind of pick up where we left off um. I think I was about to apply the pudding and then we're gon na apply the jelly cool beans. There we go and next I'm just going to go ahead and detangle my hair just like that, and then I'm going to take this clip down. So I can bring down that octo curl and again all we're going to do is just twist it I like to go under so I take my hair and I go over and the Octo curl goes under and then I'm gon na try my best to not Leave um a large gap in between my hair, because my hair is kind of long. I don't want to run out of octo curl and we're going to continue to work down, see how, like my gaps, aren't that um spacious, all right yeah. It looks like we are at the bottom now, so once you get to the bottom, I can literally just pinch my hair in the Octo curl. In the same hand, I'm going to take the flap and I'm going to Flap it over my ends. I'M gon na hold it just like that, I'm going to take the elastic band and I'm just going to start to work around the octal curl at the ends to secure it. Just like that, and now we have two installed so far, all right, cool beans. Now we can go ahead and take this clip down, and do you guys see how easy it is to like keep going back now that we sectioned off our hair? So this is literally the next section right here. Everything else gets clipped up and out the way and we're going to focus on this, I'm going to take that rubber band off I'm going to clip the Octo curl the strap up and out the way just so I can start focusing on applying those products. First up is the moisturizing pudding. Next up is the jelly, and now we're just gon na go ahead and detangle make sure all the knots are out make sure the product is evenly distributed into that section all right. So I'm going to take this clip off and what I'm going to do is start to wrap my hair around the Octo curl. Remember I like to do the Octo curl under the hair goes over and then I'm not leaving a large gap in between my hair spaces, because I don't want to run out of octo girl, so the gaps are tiny and I'm also twisting it pretty tight guys. Pretty tight all right, so we're working our way to the end. Once we get down to the end, I'm just going to take the flap flap it over my hair, so it holds I'm going to take the elastic band and just start to wrap it around the end. It fits about three times and then that is f. That is how three of them look all right. So let me just keep working my way back, and hopefully you guys are picking this up. I'Ll definitely have this link below with a discount code for you guys, if you want to give it a whirl, but again these make beautiful, heatless curls. So you definitely want to try it out foreign foreign. We are all done. It looks nice and neat, I'm so excited. The curls are super tight and you saw my technique of how I was doing it. Hopefully I explained it easily. I know it's hard to when you get to the end, how to secure them, but I promise you if you just keep practicing you'll get it just like. I did. If you guys did enjoy this tutorial of how to put the Octo curl through your hair, then please subscribe. My name is Aaliyah. I do all things Heat, free, hair, tutorials on my page and I specialize in rods and roller sets. So if you are interested in taking your hairstyles to the next level this year, then go ahead and give me a subscribe, I am going to go ahead and knock out the other side off camera. So I will be right back y'all, hey y'all, alright, so I just finished the other side. It did not take me long at all, because I have all my parts separated out and I've done this before so again. Hopefully you guys learned something new. Today I am going to go ahead and put a bonnet on and actually sleep in this hairstyle. I don't think it's going to take too long to dry, because I started on blown out hair um, but again you guys can definitely start on wet hair. If you want to, I think I did that in the past before and it worked out fine as well, so make sure you guys subscribe to my channel if you are interested in learning more hairstyles, just like these, I'm actually going to head to bed guys - and I will see you in the morning when I take these out comment below and let me know have you ever tried octo curl before or if you'll be interested in trying it after seeing this style all right, guys I'll see you tomorrow, hey yo, alright, so I Am back, it's been over 24 hours since I've spoken to you guys, probably close to 48.. I didn't do anything yesterday. I didn't go anywhere. I did a lot of editing, so I stayed in and left my Bonnet on all day. So I have no idea how we're looking under there. This is exactly how I slept. I just threw a bottle on and went to sleep um. They were pretty comfortable to sleep and I really didn't have any issues whatsoever. So let's go ahead and take it off and see the damage, so there is adjustable strap on this one, so I'm gon na go ahead and take the adjustable, strap and then we're gon na go ahead and take out the also curl all right. So first thing: I'm noticing is this kind of went bad as I expected. However, all the curls seem to be intact. I don't see any issues with anything, so we should be good to go. I don't even know if I should like try to fix those. Let'S put it back here where it was originally at y'all, I was sleeping hard but yeah. So this is how the curl I'm in the curl, the Octo curl, is looking and we are ready to take them out y'all. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to take this side out for you guys and we're gon na start, and I think we should start in the back we'll start in the back and we'll work our way to the front. Are you guys excited to see the results if you've never used octo curl before this is a great beginner, friendly, hair tool that you can use? It'S also Heat free as well yeah, so I definitely would encourage you guys to use it I'll. Have a discount code below for you guys I actually love octo curl. I need to use it more often and I'm so excited to see the results. So if you guys think that these results are going to be bomb comment below, if you think these results are going to flop, comment below - and let me know alright y'all - let's get started all right. So we're going to start with this side right here: y'all, I'm just gon na start in the back back, putting it down the middle. So it feels like this one is like the first one I can feel in the back. So all I'm gon na do is starting with this end right here. If y'all can see, hopefully you guys can I'm just gon na work my way around trying to unravel the elastic strap just by pulling it down. Just like that now you can see it's back flat and all we have to do is unwind our hair from the Octo curl strap literally unwinding it in the opposite direction. All right. So I think that's everything cool all right. So our first one is ow. I know it's kind of far back there, so you guys really can't see it too good, but it is out all right and then what I'm going to do is I'm going to take all of them out and then I'll go back to separate. I know I don't usually do that, but for this case I am all right so again we're just going to work on pulling that elastic, strap down until it's flat and then we're going to go ahead and start to unravel the hair from the Octo curl. Just like that, all right, that's what our second one is looking like our Brady and we're just gon na keep going. This is really easy guys. Let'S go with this one, all right! So again, I'm just taking this piece right here, I'm going to pull it and then continue to work that strap back down all right and then once the strap is free. It looks like that, and all you have to do is start at the bottom and unravel your hair from the Octo curl strap until your hair is free and that's how the curl looks super super pretty. Oh, okay, all right! So let's do that again. Here is the strap right here and we're just going to start to pull at that strap to kind of free it up. Just like that, and then we're unraveling, the hair from the Octo curl in the opposite direction. Now it's free y'all, these curls are looking bomb. So this is the next one foreign taken out, thank God. It'S 100 dry because some of the curls were a little bit thick um. So I'm happy. I gave it an additional day just to dry. What I'm going to do is go ahead and take out the other side off camera, then I'll, be back to show you guys how the curls finally look all right y'all. So I have the other side all unraveled. It did not take long at all, probably three to four minutes to unravel all these beautiful curls and now we are ready to take off the Octo curl and see how this curly hairstyle is really coming all right, y'all without further Ado. All I'm gon na do is just pull it out of my hair. I feel a lot better and here is how all the curls are looking guys. This is amazing. Yay we got an October. We got some octo curls, okay, so now all we have to do is go ahead and separate. I am going to go ahead and just grab some oil here, um, let's go in with this Bahama Mama, because I've been loving this stuff. This is the oil. I would have used the Wonder car oil, but I cannot find it to save my life y'all. I don't know I feel so bad, because I love that oil. It'S oil from Wonder, curl that went along with the products that I used to do this um installation process, but uh. I cannot find it for the life of me, so hopefully it pops up somewhere um. So, in the meantime, we're just gon na go ahead and use this curly Bell: Bahama glow, um I've been using this recently and I've been loving it. So let me go ahead. We'Re gon na start on this side and all I'm gon na do is clip some of them out the way, maybe just like we'll clip these out the way, and then we can start in the back and we will start in the back with these ones. Let me go ahead and put some oil on my hand and the reason why we put oil on is so it can prevent any extra snagging. Also it'll control flyaways as well. There won't be a lot of frizz if you use oil, because you're going to be pulling the curls apart so with using oil that will limit all of those problems alrighty. So here we go. I'M just gon na put some oil on there and then we are going to start separating now. How I like to separate is I see where it naturally wants to separate and then I'll go ahead and just pull it right there and with this it's going to help like you, guys can kind of see it naturally once to separate there, and this is going To also limit frizz as well, when you are working with parts that naturally want to separate on their own. So that's how we're looking back there we're probably going to go ahead again now. Sometimes you will have a section that doesn't naturally want to separate and that's okay and then sometimes you oil, just like that. So I was able to separate that a few times and it looks really really good my little curls back there. So we're going to do the exact same thing, just taking it and pulling it where it naturally wants to separate at, and I'm just going to pull it away from the rest of the curl. Just like that and kind of see. If that's where it naturally wants to separate and we're going to continue to pull and again sometimes there won't be a place where it naturally wants to separate, and that is okay, but I'm really going to take my time pulling these curls apart to get a nice Beautiful hairstyle, all right, look at that. So now we are ready to take down the next section just want to take this clip down, and I am going to take this one and this one next and we'll clip everything else up and out the way, starting with the bottom right here. This is a big one: y'all look how thicknesses alrighty, I'm so happy that it's 100 dry and again I left these in for like 48 hours, so of course, they're dry and the gel just really help mold and shape the curl, and the pudding gave it that Extra moisture so right here you can kind of see this is naturally where it wants to separate. That'S all we're doing all right. Let'S go ahead and take this one wow, I'm really impressed this is awesome. Alrighty now we're just going to focus up here just separating it. This is awesome all right. So let's go ahead and take down some more curls. I guess we can do these next. Look how thick this one I didn't know these sections were that big geez Louise. These are some thick sections y'all and, as we continue to work our way up - oh my goodness, all right, so here's the next one, these sections all thick, so you can kind of see I'm just pulling it all right y'all. So we are working our way to the top. I have about four more to take down again just parting, any. I meant sectioning off anything, I'm not focusing on, and I like to do two or three at a time just so it's not too much for me. I didn't know these sections was so thick honey. They wasn't that thick when I was installing them, I'm taking them out they're kind of thick, like I really got ta like break it down, break it down, whoo all right y'all, so I just finished taking out and unraveling all the curls and look how beautiful it Is 100 dry? I love the color like I love how my hair can shrink up it can get long like. I really really like black hair, like our hair is so versatile. I think we have the most versatile hair in the world. We can do a lot of different things with our hair and my hair right now is just shrunken up and y'all know. My hair comes down past my chest so for my hair, like not even barely touch my shoulders like, I love that um so yeah. I really like the curls. This is how we're looking Wonder. Curl definitely did their thing. My hair is a little hard to the touch which I like. That means the curls are going to last a long time. They have a little bit of a cast on them. I don't like to break my cast because I like the curls to last and if you break your class, if you break your cast, the curls will become softer, which is great, but that means for me they won't last as long. So I always try to keep a little like it's a little hard to the touch, but it's like a good hard. You know, I don't know how to ex. I don't know how to describe it, but like I like it, okay, that's all you need to know. So what I'm gon na do is go ahead and just unravel the other side and I'll be right. Back y'all, hey y'all, look at the girls, look at the curls nice and full that's what I'm talking about Aqua curl did their thing Wonder: curl did their thing curly belt oil did their thing y'all. I will have everything linked below that I use. If you want results, just like these, I have done this in the past. I promise you. It just takes practice for you to get used to these new hair tools that I'm performing on my channel. But if you guys hang in there with me, I promise you guys will get it down too. If you guess that these curls are going to be bomb in the comments below, then you are correct. My friend these curls are going to last me all week, long and they're going to be minimum maintenance as well. I can do like different styles with these. If I want to pull it up or pull it down, it is a little flat at the top. So I just took my hands and kind of went in there like this, to kind of give it more volume but y'all like the curls where's that song don't play with it, don't play with it, don't play with it, honey, that's the song. I need right now in my life, because these curls are giving look, how cute they are like. I just can't stop going like this. That'S when you know like that's when you know so that's how the curls are looking. I think my favorite part is the length because, like I said before, our hair is very versatile. We can make it long, we can make it short, we can make it curly. We can make it straight like whatever we want to do. We can do it with our hair, so I just love like having like shoulder length, hair like yes and then over the days to follow. My curls are naturally going to start to drop they're, naturally going to create more volume. So I'm really looking forward to that. As well and make sure you guys are staying tuned on my Instagram stories, YouTube short and Tick Tock to see how I am maintaining my hair throughout the week and using my maintenance process so guys that is about it. I showed you start from Finish how to use this beautiful product right here. This is uh the Octo curl once again, y'all there she blows friend, and what I'm gon na do. I'M gon na put her right back in her box because I like to keep everything organized over here, so I'm just gon na fold. It I think in half and then like just kind of stuff it down in the Box just like that, and then we will close it and then take her out when we need her again. I am very organized when it comes to my hair tools. I like to preserve them as best as possible, so make sure you guys are keeping the original packaging or sometimes I might use Sheen and fashion Nova bags for my hair tools as well um, so yeah that is pretty much it y'all. I'M gon na go put this away and enjoy my hairstyle. Maybe pull me a glass of wine. It just feels so fun girl. That'S what I'm talking about. If you are somebody who wants to level up your hairstyles this year, take it to the next level start. These roller sets start your roller set Journey. If you want to start your roller set Journey, your natural hair Journey, your heat free hair Journey. This is the channel That You really want to be following. My name is Aaliyah. I give step-by-step tutorials on how to perform these Heat free hairstyles, using rod and roller sets and also Heat free tools as well, alright Guys Without further Ado, I am going to let you guys go, but thank you again so much for sticking in there with me. My name is Aaliyah. This is as always, Aaliyah where we always keep it real I'll catch. You guys in the next one deuces. Thank you.

R Curlie: Girl, you are killing this heatless styling Your hair always comes out good ❤

Natural Normal Nae: Love how this turned out! I have a similar tool to the octocurl but the way you installed this makes me want to get this instead.

Doctormycurls: Heyyy frannnn ❤. I love how you used those products bc I agree the hold needs to do what it’s supposed to do or iono want it . Planning to use mine this weekend (FINALLY ). I think I’m gonna do mine on stretched hair too

AsAlwaysAleia: Three cheers to the heatless curls

wherebuysilverware: I'll definitely have to check out this product if I ever grow out my hair, nice video!

PoshFox ASMR: Do your role it up again on the second night? And, do you put the winder curl products on it again the second night?

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