Dupe Curling Barrel For Dyson Hair Dryer...

We all know or may have seen the Dyson Airwrap all over the internet. Airwrap is a heat styling hair tool that dries and styles your hair all at once. Jackie found this knock-off barrel attachment for the original Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. Honestly, we didn’t have a lot of hope that this barrel attachment would even work. Keep in mind that this product is not sold by or from Dyson.

Products I used/Mentioned:

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer: https://bit.ly/3SZFmOQ

Dyson Airwrap: https://bit.ly/3D69bZK

Jackie found these attachments on Amazon for the Dyson hair dryer, not the Dyson air wrap, but the actual Dyson hair dryer Dyson does not make these. These are from a third party, so we're gon na try it out and compare it to the air wrap. Oh, it's hot, it's very hot yeah it works did not think that was going to work. That'S amazing! It'S very similar enough in my book. Okay, like I'm honestly shocked at how well I mean. Are you kidding me beautiful

TheJessy8888: Worked great, but i think the dyson's side has more volume, otherwise the dupe did well.

Jette Svensson: Could you please do a long review of this attachment?

jacqueline loving: Where did you get the attachment?

Candace McCormick: Wow! Do you have a link for those? ❤

Samantha Lacy: Can't afford Dyson...wish I could all their products look like they are amazing ❤

Fariyal Jahangir: But the heat comes from a Dyson so that’s why it’s hot and working so well I guess

Samantha Lacy: Just wanted to say your long hair looks AMAZING on you...❤

Sára Kuzsner: Why do I see this literally the day my airwrap arrived

Canuckbelgo: So what is the name of this dupe please ??

Maaeva D: omggg i need the link pleasee

KyttiCockroach: Wow!

Aphrodite: Looks like shark dupe

Laprico28 Vlog: Nice

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