Heatless Hair Curling Hack ! #Shorts #Hair #Beauty

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Quick beauty, hairstyle hacks videos that gives you hair inspiration, for school, work, college, especially for lazy students, moms, girls. I also create stationary, ASMR, sleep and organization content

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Really beautiful luscious fluffy curl, these are called straw, curls damping, my hair, taking a section and wrapping it right around the straw and i'm pinning it in place with a bobby pin just create a knot. Just repeat the same process want to sleep on it and then the next day you should be waking up to beautifully fluffy gorgeous curls

addyayee: when i were little and still have my luscious long straight af hair, we did something similar but with scrap papers instead and some rubber bands, the curls were AMAZING! also a better alternative for the nature too

☆rachsousanne☆: yass Natalie you look so good with curls they look so natural, ur amazing! : ) #NaturalBeauty

Scarlett 💚💙: Those curls really suit you! They look AMAZING

Angie Bonsangue: Now you need a tutorial of how to sleep with straws in you hair. Like GURL. HOW?!

Shahana Senthilnathan: Ahhh, why do the look so cute, I have never seen this hack with straws, I need to try it!!

Reagan Janke: Hi Natalie!!!!! I absolutely love your videos!!! Beautiful hair!!!!

Patricija Fijan: I've seen similar hack years ago Finally tried itvlast summer It was amazing

Clouds luv#goal 112: The fact that my hair is straight and when I shower my hair turns curly when I dry it!!! #TOTSNaturalCurls

Iness: Girl you look SO good with curly hair <33

Georgiaplays: Ooo Natalie your hair looks so good curly!! :)

Gummy_: Fortunately my hair is like this already everyone's hair is beautiful ♥️

Mary Cambree Cleveland: Love this style on you

eva: Such a cool hack luv u natalie

Arya_aesthetic_pastel: Wow Natalie this is really cool!

Kendall Dewey: Natalie is soooooo pretty! #nataficationsquad

Anastasia Rosner: Plastic straws are forbidden in Germany

Mariam Malek: Okk that is beautiful but that must take FOREVER! Especially if you have thick hair

Katriel Aye: Ooooo this is beautiful and so helpful! First btw <3

Jana kabagz: I already have natural curls like this but if I were to try that it would probably start tangling like crazy

Aurxlle ɞ: I tried it they were amazing but they beat the hell out of me putting them in

Ellie Gilmour: I LOVE YOU NATALIE!!!<3

Claira-𝐹**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝒞𝒦 𝑀𝒴 Р𝑅𝟢𝐹𝐼𝐿Е: Ooooo this is beautiful and so helpful! First btw <3

Gerie Sylva: Looks Very naturally pretty

Fatima Joiya: You look beautiful as usual!!!!!!! Luv u

Milla Harrison: Your so cute Natalie keep opulent the great videos

Lacey Nicholl: loveeee it ofc <3

jo hanna: Looks beautiful...but there's gotta be a better method that isnt bad for the environment.

It's Nohea!: thank you!

Cute._.💅🏼: How do you have so nice skin, what products do you use?

Amy Cremeens: Where can u get those and what are they called

Hey_itsDennis: wow! too bad i'm bald ‍

Arya_aesthetic_pastel: It is impossible to get a heart from Natalie... #natificationsquad

Avril Brielle Tarver: ❤❤❤

Aishwarya harishankar: Anyone notice this is an old video of her cause her hair and background looks different now

nour randoms 🇵🇸: Be careful you poke your eyes at night

cloverie: Wow

Natalies Outlet: Would you try this cute lil hack? ✨

Khansa Aamer: Cute

Emersyn Head: Oh cute!

EC F: The sea turtles are not happy with this video

Smart Kid TV : I love you

Jhebert Dela Cruz: My sister tried this before

ghalia ragab: Ahhh early <33

gUma Rani: You look like indian actor nithya menen

TocaXboca - #RoadTo500Subs: Damn and ya reminds me of Rae

Nina Goldsmith: Natalie, this video is from 2016

goofy ahh : first

Zuri summer: Third

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