Trendy Summer Hairstyles | Very Cute

Trendy summer hairstyles | very cute ✨

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Summer, hairstyles parts well one so so easy updo section your hair off into three sections with the back section, create a bun split, the rest of the hair into two twist those strands and then just wrap them around the base of the bun bobby pinning. As you go now, just tie the two sections in the back and do a topsy tail flip your hair up through and then you're gon na turn it it's gon na create a little loop. You pull your bun through that loop, tighten it and then tuck the rest of the hair up underneath pinch and pull for some texture, and then that is it look how easy and cute thank you trendy, hair styles, twenty dollars, so so you

NALISH XOXO: So amazing!

lorena gutierrez: Así me veo con dos colitas Así me veo con un chonguito Así me veo con un peinado...

Amanda Oficial: Minha família tá passando por momentos difíceis mais eu não vou desistir de crescer no meu canal!!

heartsforcammy: Seconddd

Anumeha Phanswal: Thirddd

Disneynaz ☆: Firstt

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