Back To School Hairstyles!

Yay! Easy and quick hairstyles that you can do on the go, or right before you gotta catch the bus! I hope these hair looks helped you in choosing how you wanna frame your beautiful face this school year ;) Comment below how you're feeling about going back to school.. I'm pretty iffy about it..

Music by: Epidemic Sound

Hair by: Taylor Tanaka

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Hey guys today, I am going to be doing a video with me. Taylor, okay, daily Tanaka, is a most commonly known makeup. Artist and hairstylist on the show make me over for back-to-school. You want something easy! You want something quick! You want to sleep in as long as you possibly can. I think me personally, Monday was gon na be a pretty hard day to wake up, so it's always the hardest. Let'S do something! That'S pretty easy cute. I think something really really cute and really on trend right now, for the past, like two or three seasons is like the milkmaid braid yeah super easy, it looks complicated, but it's not. I can do it on my own hair in like three minutes, no joke. So the best way to do is how do you like to part your hair, usually I'm gon na switch spots in here and what I like to do is. I know: let's go with the side since we already have it on the side. Oh and I'm just gon na break, I'm gon na start from the back, and I like better here - has some kind of like texture to it, because it's just gon na make it look thicker. So stuck in the hair, you don't wan na wash your hair everyday help. Yeah we'll help. It looks a lot more high-fashion. I think we can leave some of these front pieces out. It'S cute very good and we're just doing a loose braid if you like weights, but you don't necessarily have time to curl your hair or wave it or you just don't want to do the heat damage if you braid it and not used your rubber bands. Just some bobby pins the next day, you'll have some awesome like mermaid beach waves. So that's a net! Oh yeah! That'S an L! Save you time to like tomorrow. You could just take your braids out and then the next morning, you'll have these awesome super cool beach waves yeah. I know a little bit number two yeah crazy. These are super cute and all we're gon na. Do you have a nice long hair? So it's perfect and again it's messy, but I love it and we can. You can tuck the ends into your first braid. If you don't want to go in this extravagant, of course, I love just doing two braids on the side. Yeah that could be Monday. This could be Tuesday or Monday yeah. This can be Tuesday at after school when you're going to your study session. With that really cute guy, I think secretly, like and you're trying to impress with your braids. That'S how I got my good. You know do something with the bangs something with the bangs. You know when you're in when I was at school like I was trying to be mysterious and have my bangs in my face, but that's not always practical. You know like how can you study if all you're seeing is like hair in your face? It'S not the best look, you can always do the classic twist. You can do the center yeah, we could do the center part or we can even do the center pull back yeah, which is that 60s? Look. Oh, that's cute, not too sniffy say it they're onto something. We don't want it too. Big shake it out and a nice good does that smell good. They make the best stuff and then I would kind of cold it brush it back, and I would get a center part just yeah about that. One yeah about an inch and then you just twist it back do a little twist down and in one just like that, and it should stay all day and all the hair that kind of sits here gives you that extra, like volume like that per sheet Vargo, You know 60s bombshell volume and I always think that's a good look. Okay. So so far, we've had our hair down with Alex one crazy up. Do you have I'm thinking, I'm thinking, thinking fun, fun, fun, fun been to the side, I'm thinking to this. This is my like easiest way to do a bun, especially want to the side. You get one section you roll it under. I wish, can you see you roll it under just slightly says hello, and then you just keep rolling it all the way. Through the other side, through twist, it put one more time and I'm going to loop, it half way just like that. Like I'm doing, and now we have all this extra hair here and you go Taylor, what do I do with all its extra hair? That'S really silly split in half into two sections and then kind of wrap it around, and it's also gon na give you like this really cool like shenyang effect chignon, and I'm doing this all kind of war on the messy side. But you can make it a little more polished. If that's your thing and then, if you really want to take it up a notch, you can get another pin, and you have this like little loop-d-loop. If you put your finger in the loop-d-loop and you push it under like this, you can pin the loop dude to the base of your hair yeah. But if you put like a little cute, / right here or a flower or you know, if you leave it on its own, it's just a very polished look. I would do this on a day. You have a test that way. You can impress your teacher even if it's not with your grades, it's gon na press it with your head. They look for that. We'Re gon na do something fun. I think a really cute look would be high ponytail hidden this. The center part back, I'm just gon na grab this pen not use the point not use the drawing part, don't use the ink part, but just kind of do a deep part. I'M gon na go even crazier and I'm just gon na get my brush. This is my favorite brush and it's good to use one with kind of with boring results that can see the smoothest finish. Alright, now I'm gon na. Have you do me a favor Tufts? What I'm gon na have you hold the cone powerful? You got it so much hair me bananas. Now, here's a secret, I'm gon na get a rub and she's in disguise. I'M taking over we're gon na get the rib and we're gon na get our bobby pin flip it just like that into the bobby pin, and I'm going to pull it through like that, oh and then I'm gon na stick the bobby pin into her hair. Like so kind of steal the bang and I'm going to use that just kind of wrap around the rubberband, so you don't see it well. Thank you so much Taylor for showing me all these looks. It'S been really fun. You'Re welcome, yeah. So today the reason Taylor's with me is because we've been doing some fun shooting for an upcoming show that I'm having about seventeen, which is called 17 for 17. I'M super excited for it. Not gon na reveal any details about the episode yet but stay tuned. It'S I'm very soon so yeah, I'm super stoked that you actually get to give me this advice, because I'm out too well it here yet so! Well, we'll get there together! I'M here for you, I'm your support! Thank you yeah. I love you guys so much I'll. Be bringing you guys more videos soon and yeah I'll see you guys in my next videos, deuces deuces, hey guys today, I'm going to be doing a swimsuit collection. Video without further ado here are the swimsuits that I own. I most

jessiepaege: I love the milkmaid braid and Taylor seems so cool and I lovee all of these hairstyles :D

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SaraQaddourah: Can u plz do another every school day hair makeup and outfit because it was very helpful

SaraQaddourah: Can u plz do another every school day hair makeup and outfit because it was very helpful

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Ellie-Louise McGuffie: I'm starting secondary in September, and if I wake up late cuz I'm not used to the time of getting up then I'll have these styles to help. Thanks!

Ellie-Louise McGuffie: I'm starting secondary in September, and if I wake up late cuz I'm not used to the time of getting up then I'll have these styles to help. Thanks!

Natalie Maaitah: Omg your hair is perfect ilysm!

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