Cute Flat Twist Out- Relaxed Hair

Jays, this will be one of my go to styles this Spring/Summer...I forgot how cute this look could be.

Hope you like the video

Be Good To Yourself


Hey jays, thanks for watching i'm starting off with dirty hair, i'm going to use pure water and this product here. This grows strong love it. I mainly put these products on the ends of my hair. Now, i'm just parting, my hair to suit the way i want it to fall once the flat twists are out. I speed this clip up, but taking your time and flat twisting is very key. Relaxed here is prone to breakage when manipulated like this. This is optional. I'M using some of that cantu product in the front of my edges and i'm gon na tie it on with a silk scarf for a sleek look in the morning. It'S the next morning - and i forgot to tell you guys that i left a little bit of hair loose on the end of the twist, and i also forgot to put oil in my hair last night. So here i go. I was not feeling it guys, but then i remember that you have to give styles a little time to find themselves so to speak. So this is the final look. I actually like how it came out. What i ended up doing is i um kind of adjusted. My part a little bit and put more of the hair in front, and i also spritzed a little bit of water, giving it that secondary hair look, and so it doesn't look super fresh fresh. It gives it a little bit of a puff, so yes, i'm liking. It now i added you, know little soups here and there to dress it up a little bit. The reason why i don't do these styles more often, but i think i'll start doing it a little more often um is the upkeep like this is a one day style for me because if i go say put it in a pineapple or do something like that. I'Ma try that tonight. Actually, since i'm washing my hair tomorrow, i'm just going to try out a little pineapple and see what happens um because um. If i sleep on this, like this like if i go put on my bonnet, it will get flat tomorrow. So these kind of styles on relaxed hair - you really have to like braid it every night for it to look. You know a certain type of way, but i will try the pineapple and i will share it on my vlog, which you would see before you see this video. So that's cool you'll see if that works. If you tune into my vlog um, yes, so that is it james! Thank you so much for watching hope. You like this video, and i will see you in my next video

Sakeenia Noid: Very helpful ♥️

Mella Butter: Hair looking so thick an healthy. Ms J is bae ❤

AYANA Antoine: Cute style

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