How To Roller Set Hair | Roller Setting Tutorial For Relaxed Hair

This ROLLER SET TUTORIAL FOR TYPE 4 RELAXED HAIR was one that was requested, this is a in depth tutorial that will ace your roller setting skills. Please enjoy the video & also let me know if it was helpful for you as well.

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So hi lovelies welcome back to another video guys. Yes, we are doing a roller set: okay and nice fresh roller set, but guys before we move any further. Please don't forget to hit the subscribe button for those who are not yet a subscribe to the miss kim k. Family. Don'T hesitate guys why wait hit the subscribe button down below so you could be a part of the miss kimmy k family. It'S nothing but love over here. Okay, love and support all right, all right, so um! I will be doing this fresh nice roller set. So i did do a roller set video before right. So i, but this time i'm going to be roller. Setting um my hair going backwards. Okay, so just sit around just enjoy this video grab. It grab your glass of wine and sit back, relax and enjoy the video. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop them in the comment section down below and of course i will respond to any comments or questions concerns all right and also guys um. Please make sure your notification bell is turned on so you'll be notified. When i upload my weekly videos - okay, guys so i'll, see you in the end and enjoy the video and enjoy the music every wake me, whatever they but twinkle wide and far lucy. He taught me to be me: it's the difference, not the distance, but we foretell. Whatever they do, we can do it better. Oh, they can play stop, they can play well, but we foretell cause. I can do this all night, i better make it keep it calm. Don'T need to slow down. Show me where i can see you so clear. All we got is man here, your eyes, follow the sound, keep it calm. I give you what you need if you're saving me, i love you so casually keep diving into concrete. So this, while is in the back seat, what's left of me drowning in my face, is like an ocean negativity is getting closer. Sometimes everything just gets harder, i feel like they. Just keep. Sometimes keep losing negativity is getting closer. Sometimes everything just gets hot. Sometimes everything just gets harder feeling like sometimes think about the stuff i keep screaming baby. I sat down by the ocean. Is that tears that i feel fill up with emotions? Could i taste them for real? What can i do? What can i do if my hands are empty? Hey, dude with me. I know you are the best. For me, your intentions are good. I walk back to my history into my own. Neighborhood is hey, okay, love, so we are wrapping up coming down to the end of the video. I really hope that you learned something from this video. Okay and don't forget. I do have a very much more detailed um roller set video. I will link it in the description box down below where i you know, talk more emphasize more on how to place your ruler set in your hair, okay guys. So, yes guys. Thank you guys so much for sticking through to the end. Please also, let me know if um, what videos you guys would love to see and also, let me know if you enjoyed the video okay guys. So thank you for the love. Thank you for the support and thank you guys for watching and i'll see you in the next one bye. So you

Joynopain: Love that you keep up with your hair as well as different styles. great video

Pat Barnes: Beautiful love this one kimmy keep up the good work

0tismadaline: I love the result and you are looking absolutely gorgeous

Tiffany Daniel:

Julio Santos: WOW You are so beautiful

Domingo88: Which leave in did you use?

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