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Hey, guys! In this video, I spill the beans and give some updates as well as an announcement regarding my relaxed hair. So, subbies and newbies (both natural and relaxed!), let’s all take a seat and check out the chit-chat, shall we?

Enjoy and thanks for watching! ♥️


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So i want to thank you guys. I really do want to thank you guys for jumping in and helping me out on that one. I really do appreciate it. Hey guys, welcome back, welcome back, what's going on subbies and hello newbies, that's anybody checking me out. Maybe for the first time, maybe not it really doesn't matter, we really don't count around here. We really don't. I just want my subbies and my newbies to unite, grab, hands and come on in come on in come on in okay. So today, today we have a quickie. Okay, we have a quickie, i have a product update and i have a an announcement. It'S not a big deal, but i just want to keep everyone informed because you know how we like to keep everyone informed around here, because we like to share news and and all that good stuff, so we're going to jump right into it. So, first of all, you guys know for all those who are initiated who came to class last week uh i got a warden comb. I got it so that i can sort of get rid of the static in my hair. That'S been building up from time to time and a lot of you guys, i mean i got a lot of good responses as far as the comb and what to do with it, because when i was using it, it seemed like it was controlling the static and Then, at some point on one side of my hair: it didn't it wasn't doing too much. So a lot of you guys. I guess you guys are already you know familiar. You guys told me to oil, the comb, okay, oil, the comb and, as i oil, the comb and sort of season it. You know, just like a cast iron skillet, you want to make sure the pan is oiled up or seasoned before using okay. That leads to you know better cooking results well same thing with this comb, and that made a lot of sense. So i want to thank everyone for your suggestions. As far as you guys suggested, using olive oil - and i was thinking well - maybe i'll - just use a serum because that's what i normally use on my hair, but it turns out that um, the more that i used it. You know and i'm combing my hair. Whatever my natural oils are naturally seasoning the comb, if you will - and so i really haven't - had any issues so anyway. I want to thank everybody because i have been successfully using the comb since we last spoke about it and i do like it. I really do like it so yeah, i'm very happy and again thank you to all of y'all that it just jump right in see. I like that. I like how we help each other y'all saw that i was sort of like what what's going on and y'all told me what was going on, and i really do appreciate that. So that is number one. Okay, so update number two honey i've been working on the color thing. I told you for all again for all those who are not initiated. I am looking into getting some color in my hair. Nothing, nothing harsh! Okay, because i am relaxed - and we know that you don't want to deal with more than one chemical in your hair, because you want to keep the integrity of your hair and the health of your hair. You know intact, so i'm looking into color and i'm what i would like to go a little lighter. So i am looking at two different things right now and possibly a third and then i'm going to narrow it down. I'M going to be looking at clairol. I think it's called the beautiful collection i used it before with great results, never had an issue now before when i used it, i wasn't necessarily trying to cover any gray or anything like that. I was just using that, to you know, enhance my hair and have a little bit of fun. You know a little bit of fun with some color, but this time around the objective is to sort of blend the grays that are popping up on my head again. I don't really have a huge issue with it, but i'd like to play. I think it's a good time to play around with some color, so i'm looking into going back to that clairol, beautiful collection and one of you guys - and you know who you are. You also suggested a semi-permanent from clairol as well, and it didn't really click to me when you first suggested it because you also say clairol beautiful, but this one is specifically for grays and it's called the advanced gray solution. So with that claim, i'm i'm hoping between the two, depending on which one i choose uh. This one sounds like it's. It'S it's about that work. So with that being said, i'm looking between those two and maybe i'll do a combination thereof, because you know you can mix colors, you can sort of. You know enhance one and sort of you know tint one with the other. I don't want to do too much, but i may do that particular one being that that's sort of my focus this time around. So i had to give you guys an update about that that i appreciate yet again the suggestion. As far as the color is concerned, and again it's a semi-permanent we're not doing nothing permanent, we're not lifting and bleaching and all that good stuff, because we are trying to get to our goals our final goals. So we don't need nothing sabotaging our goals. So, in the meantime, we can't have a little bit of fun, so i had to come in here and tell the congregation that i am close to picking that up. As far as one of those colors and, of course, i'm going to show you how i use it and the outcome of that particular shade or selection, so that will be upcoming and i will let you know okay. So for this final announcement i told you this was going to be quick. I'Ve done some thinking and i have decided that for the next week or so that i will not be using heating. My hair, yes, yes, yes, i have decided that i am not going to use heat in my hair. Let me let me let me just let me just explain. Nothing is wrong with my hair, so for all those who are anti-heat and just been waiting just like. Oh, i knew i'd get her. I knew it there's nothing wrong with my hair. With regard to heat, i haven't it's not damaged, it's not burned off. It'S not. I mean, as you can see, it's not burned off. Nothing'S happened, nothing's been singed, nothing of the sort. Summertime is here and it's getting a little hot, not that i've ever had an issue with that before. But i've just been thinking, you know what just to change it up a little bit. You know just to change it up. On y'all i decided that i was going to go heatless now when i say heatless, i'm still got to use a blow dryer, i'm sorry! I cannot cut out heat 100. I got ta blow dry with heat, because air drying for me does for me just for me. For me, air drying does not work it just doesn't you guys already know the story? My hair feels like straw, like shredded wheat, like hay, it's like the sahara. You know snap, crackling and popping. I think you get the point so anyway, it feels very dry, don't feel good. So with that being said, i have to blow dry my hair, but after blow drying my hair, i'm not going to touch my flat iron. Yes, my beloved flat iron don't mind the little bunny i just like to cover. You know i like to take care of my stuff, so i put a little bunny. It'S actually a sock, but i put it on there. So you know nothing messes with my iron, but yes, my beloved iron. I am going to pack it away for at least a week and we are going to do heat lists for i wanted to do two weeks. The goal was two weeks, but i think we're going to do one because i think the next time that we speak is going to be a length check and for the length check. I think i should have my hair flat ironed. That way, you guys can see the link that makes sense. So with that being said, i'm going to do a week. So i'll show you what i do and it's not going to be a huge deal, but i guess kinda. It is because you know i use heat in my hair and i'd have no problem with heat, but but we're gon na zip you on a flat iron. This is the case that it came, except for the bunny and we're gon na put my iron away i'll be back soon. Okay, don't worry, i i know you're gon na miss me. I'M gon na miss you too, so we're gon na put it away for about a week and i'm gon na style, my hair, without using any flat iron or whatever, which i've kind of done before so we're gon na play by ear. Now the only problem will probably be my bangs, but we'll figure it out. I'Ve had bangs for a long time and i have done heatless styles. I have i have before a long time ago, but um. Yes, that's what we're going to do so. I figured out coming here. I was going to do it today. Actually, but time got away from me, so i'm you know just bear with me guys time got away from me and that it's a lot going on so anyway, you know i had to give an update about that and then the color honey. You know i've been looking at the color for a little bit, so i had to tell you all about that, because i'm getting a little closer get a little closer with that now, as far as the last one honey that even took me as a surprise, i Was like what am i talking about, i'm gon na do this. I said yes, i'm gon na do heatless. Why are you gon na do wheatley's? Why not cause it's summertime, it's hot, and why not? You know what you got a point that i know i do girl. Why are you getting sexy? Why are you getting sassy so that was kind of the conversation that went up in my head, so i just had to share that with all of you. Yes, dolce is going to go no heat for at least a week. Okay, so we're gon na we're gon na have a little fun with that. You know, and i'm gon na show and tell you know my little simple style or whatever. So we got that on the horizon. We got that on the program of coming events. Okay, so just to keep everyone informed, so i think that'll do it. We got any more announcements, no, no okay! I think we are done and we can now give the benediction and put a button on it. Okay, okay, i told you - this was gon na, be quick i'll keep my word up in this piece. So with that being said, that wasn't too bad right, we were in and out. Okay, i want to thank you so much for dialing in and showing up. I really do appreciate it. I really do i really do and yeah we'll be back talking about some more stuff honey. Didn'T i just tell you we got stuff to talk about, so you got ta come back for that. So you already know it's going to be the same, dolce dial! It'S going to be the same, don't you channel! So you come on back all right. You

Cooking with Renee Saunders: Hey there. I've been doing the heatless for a couple of weeks. Like you, I still blow dry but I'm able to straighten the hair out where it is manageable. Also I wanted to let you know I started about 2 months ago washing my hair every week and using serum when blow drying and or using the flat iron. I must say my hair has grown considerably, it is now center upper back. It's not at the bra strap where you hook the bra but it's getting there. I'm so happy. Keep up the good videos, I truly enjoy.

Trystan: omg just binged your channel and i LOVE everything you’ve posted! i was able to get away from my flat iron by switching to one of those brush/hairdryer combos, still gets my hair pretty flat and let’s me round out my ends. i’m worried i tug a bit too much on my hair with it though so i’ve started using a regular dryer till it’s about 70% dry then use the brush dryer to finish

Sapphire Relaxed Hair: Great video! Wooden Combs are the best for our hair I've been using a wooden comb for 4 years now and a wooden paddle brush :) nothing wrong with going without heat. I haven't use my flat iron in 3 years. At the only time I do use the flat arms is when I get a fresh relaxer fresh relaxer :) other than that that's it now my hair is not broken off it's not damaged this is just what I decided to do instead of washing my hair letting it dry and then flat iron it I don't want to do that anymore so I haven't done it in 3 years :) I hope and pray that you like the results of not using heat.. Thank you ever kindly God-bless you

Sabrina W.: I'm excited to see what heatless styles you'll be doing because I need to incorporate them into my hair journey too. love the video!

Sandra E: Nothing wrong going heat-less for awhile. Keep us updated on how things turn out.

Mrs D: Hey Dolce! Due to your amazing demonstration on how to wrap your hair at night, I no longer put heat on my hair. Sometimes my bangs need a little bump every now and again however my hair feels much better for it. Like yourself, the only time I use heat is when I have to blow dry it and also flat iron after the blow dry. A little serum and my hair is good to go .

ActorJulion: Did my touch-up this past week and was pretty proud of how long I stretched; it's looking like I'll hit mid-back length by December or earlier! You use heat and wash your hair at least every 1-2 weeks right? it's just so invincible and pretty looking lol. Glad you like the paintings btw!! The one with the face is gonna be gold and emerald.

Angela Thompson: Yes! I use the Clairol Advanced Gray, and you know I am an Ultra Precise girl and has never had a problem with using them both at the same time. They work well together, no texture changes or anything. Good luck Dolce Dawn!

HrhSophia TheFirst: The conversations with yourself are always almost coming to blows!

Angela Brathwaite: Looking forward to seeing a heatless style or two or more. I normally just blow dry and wear an updo or pony. Confession. Wait for it... As above, so below. Say it isn't so, Sam! Au contraire ma cherie square! I've had musings of a silver fox on top and a pink vixen below. There. I said it. I would end with a wink face, but I'll just put a button on it and set the mic down gently and softly.

Livia Freeman: I am so looking forward to hearing your findings with your proposed changes. I’ve seen this clairol product you mention and would like to hear further from you. Best of luck!

Nicky D: Im excited for the next update already. The break from heat at this point does make sense though.

Jammie Slater: Hello Dolce keep up the good work

Debbie Debeaux: Lol!! Go for the color and heatless styling! It will be fun to see what you come up with. When I put the iron up I too do the pony (without the tail, it's still too short)..also, I may rollerset with big rollers and I use the same products as I would as if flat ironing. However, my hair dryer is in the cool basement and that's the only place I can sit under a dryer during this heat. Looking forward to seeing you!! That haur is so gorgeous it will be beautiful whatever you do.

overbrook095: Great video. Can’t wait for the next update.❤

melissa baguidy: You should try Pravana Chormasilk Vivid hair coloring. It's extremely pigmented and it is a deposit. It also lasts for a long time. Also, Clairol box dye may have a developer, I think. Remember, your hair is relaxed, including your greys, they are already lifted. So whatever color you choose will latch to your strands better. I would play with color deposits and or semi-permanent hair coloring until you find what you really like and then do demi-permanent. If you go that route.

Judy Niles: Hey Dolce. Thanks for your response. I tried to order the Theorie Heat Shield Thermal Spray on Ebay, but unfortunately I received a message indicating that "either the seller doesn't ship to Canada or there are import/export restrictions. Oh No, what's a girl to do?

ms.chelle: Excited to see you color and heat free style.

Alise: Any update on switching relaxers research ? I did switch to ors from Affirm avalon and I really loved affirm but my hair did not take well to it meaning it did not relax lol but I'm just going to hear train with the blow dryer moving forward love your content thanks Dolce

rjmami8508: Girlfriend is growing so nicely

Christel Lulu: I " kindly " laugh when you said that you won't be using heat on you hair

Tonyafeminineenergy: You had me dying laughing when you "you and me must never part" (The Color Purple) patty-caking your flatiron...

Judy Niles: Thank you for the information. Is the Theorie Heat Shield Thermal Spray Discontinued?

0tismadaline: I have done some thinking avoiding heat during summer helps too

sincerelysandi: New here and love your content. New sub. By the way, where did you purchase the comb? ☮️

sweetsharie66: You are so funny! Not the Nettie clap.

Elizabeth mcfarquhar: Thanks so much dolce.i found it.i want to ask you tho, do you think this clairol is mild for relaxed hair.and can apply just afte a relaxer.

NailChic32 Go: I've decided to roller set for 2022...sitting under bonnet dryer.

Ms Ms: Lol the . If your not using your flat irons, will you be round brushing your hair when blow-drying to get your usual look?

Patricia Panther: I stopped using my blow dryer but used my straightener after my hair air dried. I did that for about three years and I promise you my hair was not happy. My hair got its sheen and luster back when I brought back the power house tag team, of blowdryer with the straighteners.

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