Straightening Wet Hair?! | Liana Jade

Is this worth the price?

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YouTube: @ConnorAndLiana

Oh, let me tell you if this works half as good as I've seen it work on other people, then I will do absolutely nothing but be very happy. They didn't waste my money and apparently zero percent damage. I have got naturally curly hair and then I've also got extensions put in so I'm fully putting it to the test here and the only people I've seen using this so far have been in paid sponsorships. I have paid for this with my own money. Don'T tell Connor call so this is the first section. I'M actually really shocked it's a bit unconcerned about this is without the shine thing. So I'm going to do that now. I don't think my hair has ever been this straight or shiny. My hair looks healthy. I wonder if you could curl your hair with it. I love it.

Liana Jade: This is the GHD duet style 2-in-1 hot air styler btw, I took one for the team

Tay M: Looks amazing on you you've been glowing ever since birth

Sophie and Sadie: I just looked up the price- The fact that she did this without a sponsorship and took one for the team! She’s amazing!!

Natalie Keene: You always looks good, but today you looked extra amazing. Your hair really does look so shiny.

emily randall: This may seem really silly but I’m only 20 and I’ve been self conscious of my forehead wrinkles for years, and seeing yours has made me feel a lot better about myself….also your hair looks so good! ❤️

Izzy: If you ever wanted to try a relatively simple curly hair routine, I recommend the boots own curl cream (last I checked it’s only a couple of quid) and also the catwalk wavy hair gel (little bit more expensive - £10 - but I’m sure there’s a substitute) I used those products on my wavy hair and I got some really good curls!! I diffused my hair but those attatchments tend to come with your hair dryer so yeah :) I recommend the channel manes by mell if you wanted video advice :)

hi: looks amazing!! just wondering, how long did it take to do all of your hair??

Ivanin Iordanova: Wow, your hair is so straight and shiny using this! I mean your hair has always looked great, but now it's so shiny!

Ali terp: I straighted my hair for years. Now I embrace the curls and my curls curled more as they recovered and it's so much better now. Try it x

Superowl 203: Your hair looks amazing and I thought it would be pricey cuz it was rlly good by the looks of it but I didn’t think it would be taht much

ava: $400 btw for those wondering also liana do you think you could find one a little less expensive

Chava Nageswara Rao: You look really amazing with straight hair Liana!!!

Jen Stieler: I have a cheaper one from Amazon and it works pretty good. I have alopecia universalis I was diagnosed at 6 yrs old and started wearing a wig at 10 years old. Since I haven't had hair most of my life, I really don't know much about it. I have helped a couple of my friends dye their hair really awesome colors. Over the last few years I have been able to find some decent quality wigs in beautiful blues and purples. I've always wanted different colors that were not "natural" and finally I am able too! Sending everyone good karma and I hope you all have a wonderful day

Allie The Lifeguard: Can you also use this on dry hair? I have like insane curly hair and a straightening brush so this would be nice for when I don’t want to use both and after I use the brush to make it less poof

randomgrungewannabe: ooh! liana you should try the GHD glide smoothing hot brush, not in wet hair but i also have naturally curly hair and it works really well for me!! ❤❤❤

Kim van Voorst: I would love to see your natural curly hair, I bet it would look amazing on you!

Isabella grace: She’s…she’s perfect Voice= gorg Face= gorg Hair=gorg Clothes=gorg Body=gorg Without makeup= gorg Soul= gorg

Sara Reier: That's awesome! You look great. How long did it take you to completely dry your hair?

noviered: wait i was fully expecting to see a smoke coming off of your hair!! i cannot believe how smooth and shiny your hair is

Maria Solano: I have been using wet to straight straighteners since about 14 and honestly, it has never damaged my hair, this device by the sounds of it, it sounds like is a blow dryer but is nice

Taylor Xoxo 🦄: Did it take long? And how many time do you have to go over the sections before it dries?

Gracyn Caroline: For those wondering I’m saving your time so you don’t have to look it up the price is $400! When I saw this price my mouth dropped but I really want it so

T Richmond: Looks amazing, thanks for trying it ❤

Larin Boles: Now I want one. Your hair looked so good.

~*𝓷𝓲𝓴𝓪𝓼_𝓹𝓲𝓬𝓷𝓲𝓬*~: This is something my aunt used to do for my hair when I. Was little but she would use a brush and a blow dryer then it looked like this I have one know that I use and it’s amazing but it’s the same as the thing my aunt used to do for my hair

Curly_Nic: Would love to see your natural curly hair one day! ➰❤

ツ simplymads ㋡: Omg my goodness I need to get one!! I found one on Amazon but it’s 400 dollars!? No way my parents will let me but that!

C Couch: Lol I had a wet to dry straightener when I was 16 years old... It was like the best invention ever lol and yes that was the name of it.

rosie kako: Omg it looks better with this than normal straightener. But I mean everything suits you. ❤

Zoey&Madisonarethebest🤍: Your hair looks really pretty

ellie: It looks so good! But again, you can pull of almost anything

Lorelai DeCerbo: You should do a video of his reaction!! To you’re straight hair!

T.Hannah: It made your hair look beautiful! But for me idk if it would be a good fit bc I’m all ab getting some volume up into my hair at the roots and I can’t seem to do it without using an actual blow dryer first also I wonder how close to the roots it can get I need to watch more reviews bc I love ghd

Gina KN: Girl, please be careful straightening your hair while it's wet. It can really damage it. You look beautiful though ❤️

Hannah Lander: I really hope there's an affordable knock off out soon!!

קורטני F: This looks way better than the conair wet to straight i would use in high school

Cooper Gant ASMR and mad dog: Staighting your hair when it is wet can cause your hair to have heat damage!

Megan Malloy: It’s $400 guys, she really did take one for the team

dazai’s bitch: wait does this really not damage your hair..sounds too good to be true tbh

beck <33: how long does it take compared to a regular straightener?

thehuney56: That looks so good!!!!!! I fully expected it to be a scam

🌻Jen🌻: You look so good! I just wanted to you know that you are my favorite YouTuber ❤️ love you

Avah Gingham: “hey Connor, so uhm Liana bought a 250 hair straightener, but keep it secret she said not to tell you”

Tina Johnson: Wow it blow dries AND straightens? That beats having to blow dry it first with one machine then having to straighten it with another!

SegaNaLeqa: Me: Oh damn sounds like that thing’s gunna take off! Liana _2 seconds later_ : It sounds like something about to take off Great minds think alike (and let’s forget the second half of that saying)!

Katelyn Case: Yesss! Here she is, the old Liana! I missed her!

RR2020: I would love to see your natural curly hair .

Wiccan Moon 🌙: You’re hair looks fab!

Idk what to name this…: Her: My hair looks healthy! Me: *looks In mirror* …yea well I can not say the same thing….


K. Walt: How long did it take to dry and straighten though?

Jocelyn Lovelady: It looks amazing.

Lamees: My scale for how good a straightener is by how it leaves your hair smelling. Of hair smells like fried chicken then it is a no no . I hope someone can relate

Marz Farrell: I need this in my life asap

Dyer Knowles: what is the product called? and how long did it take to get it fully dry?

Aruzhan Sultan: oml you're so pretty with straight hair

Elle H: please do not advertise this as "damage free" unless you have a source proving this claim.

Ana Cardona: My dumb 10 yr old self would be burning my scalp with the sizzle from the wet2straight back in the day ‍♀️. This looks good tho

Elle H: Please do not advertise this as "damage free" unless you have a source proving this claim.

XxFruitybeanXx: This looks amazing I’m guessing you couldn’t get to sleep so you posted this !

blaise 'N' layla: You absolutely look stunning

LiLac_R0sE_: I was thinking about getting it until I looked up the price lol

Khloe Krowl: How long did it take (about)? Because I want to get one but I don’t have much time to do my hair in the morning so I’m kinda on a time limit lol

J A: How long did it take to complete?

Hilda Stubbs: Liana, dear, I just want you to know...I scrolled off of, and then back onto this 5 times just to experience the first two seconds of this because you are so freakin cute

Gassy_gacha: Omg it looks so good I’m gonna have to go ask my parents to get I for my birthday or something I don’t care that it’s 8 months away

Teddy: Girl it came out great you look fabulous

Dylan Jackson: Well that worked awesome. Great job

Jenni: After seeing your hair I was like oh my god I want one....and then I saw the price

Denni Rae: You’re so beautiful! Love your hair!!!

Emmygrace: I was like I’m going to buy one bc I have to blow dry then straighten my hair and it is so annoying and then I looked and it was $399 and I was like I will take out the extra time to blow dry my hair lol

Floriana Marcu: Don't use the steam pod when you're hair it's wet

Justice Campbell: Wet to dry hair staightners are nothing new. They were pretty big in the mid 2000's. ‍♀️

Titli Sadhukhan: Thé way she changed her profile picture after so long and it’s so cute Koazy is such a sweetheart

Sabrina Leal: I don't think it's possible to have 0% damage to your hair lol

penthehuman: looks amazing

Catsarelovely_: If this is no damage…this is insane. You won’t have to waste money on heat protectant. Damn hit take I think this is like es better than the dyson. Idk how ppl aren’t freaking out

abb: your so pretty! ❤ btw, LOVE your channel!

Alyssa Hamlett: There's no way heat on wet hair is no damage

Jennifer Renee: ❤ looks good !

madi.g.burgess: OMG IM GETTING THIS!

erowyna and whatever: No damage I want this!

Caitlyn Luck: Strait hair looks so good on you well actually all hair styles look good on u

AmieLaingOx: Not gonna lie, I’m gutted you love it . I was hoping you wouldn’t but now I want it even more xx

Kate S.: “Don’t tell Connor” Me: But what if he sees this video?

Clair 1090: I want to see her hair when it’s naturally curly

Kiara Singh: Early❤ and I love ur channel. The hair looks nice

Mune Charbon Sol: Well damn! I didn’t think it’d work or at least as much

ßeautifulChaos: Ugh I got so excited until someone said it was $400

Lilly Pennington: Where has finding a colour until it suits me gone!?☺️

Priscilla_08: Omg I NEED this!!!!!

Rita Desira: Love you liana!❤

Arifah: People who want to see her try and curl her hair with it ⤵

Chloe Leow: I love it so much!

Poetic Disaster: Wasn't expecting it to cost $400 lol

kikielahlah: I cannot believe they have made another wet to straight product. How did they get around they extra damage it causes??

Roberta P: If there's heat - water boils in your hair. How this can be not damaging..?

henny888: U should try aphogee 2 step protein treatment and do a curly hair routine


Watch Servant: Looks so pretty

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