#Shorts Haircare Myths And Misconceptions

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Dr. Daniel Sugai

Board Certified Dermatologist

I'M a Harvard trained dermatologist. Let'S talk about some hair care, misconceptions number one: the hair loss Gene comes from your mom's side, the genetic hair loss or androgenetic alopecia. You see a receding hairline in us guys and also the top or the vertex will start to lose density. Women will see an increase in width of their hair apart and then generalize decreased density throughout the scalp androgenetic alopecia comes from both sides mom and dad, and not just from Mom number. Two brushing your hair with a hundred Strokes is better for your hair, brushing your hair May stimulate blood flow to your scalp, but doing 100 Strokes is unnecessary. It won't increase the shininess of your hair or increase hair growth. If anything is unnecessary, friction and stress to your hair, shafts and number three biotin supplements helping with hair loss. There'S no clear evidence that this is true. There is some evidence that biotin may help with nail brittleness, but if anything, it will mess up your thyroid and heart enzyme Labs, especially at these doses, so I wouldn't take it for hair loss hope this helps pay

Sunny Sidupp: Wow. So many things can mess up your thyroid labs. I never heard of that.

Eve Palazzolo: I have hormonal breakouts and oily skin. I have been alternating between salicylic acid face wash and a gentle unmedicated wash every other day. I find medicated face wash reduces the amount of new acne, but drys too much, and leaves scars once my pimples dry up. Any tips on preventing scaring?

T.Hannah: I’m not sure if you have a video or short ab collagen, but what’s the recommended amount to take? And what form is best? Pills or powder drink mix, etc?

Holly: Can you do a short about best shower gel/body wash please

mercy mallari: I truly with you doc

Kathleen Bryce: The background music is very distracting when I’m trying to listen to what you’re saying it’s just a bit too loud. Plus the tempo of the words song in the song make it difficult to concentrate on the wisdom of your words.

Angela Oddo: I have a lot of hair loss on top and thinning and breakage of like 15” long break of why I’m brushing out my hair and it’s very dry can u please recommend things I can do and things I shouldn’t do I’ve tried all the organic stuff to put on ur scalp well not all of it but quite a few of them and which is the best shampoo for dry thinning and breakage hair and what will help the thinning spots and my hair use to grow fast and now it hardly grows at all now it’s been going on for a cpl yrs now and nothing I’ve tried has helped it it’s just getting worse PLEASE Help I NEED IT BAD or if u sale stuff let me know and what it is and how much I’m very desperate and it’s very depressing and I’m getting to where I don’t even want to leave the house anymore now for about a year

L.s. Rivers: Thank you

Amanda Villasenor: Well let me correct you doctor for someone who has lupus folic acid grow my nails and hair

Mrs. Brenda Fleming: Biotin brought my hair back. So not true. Anyone who's had gastric surgery will tell you same

Christina Sornbutnark: Marcia Brady

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