*Must See* Quickest Braid Takedown Ever + Wash Day & A Fast Blowout Method!

Hey Fren! This video is all about efficiency because who wants to take 4 hours out of your day for this? Not I. This quick braid takedown method took no time and I am so excited that I tried it out. I also show ya'll my after braid care Wash Day and a Fast Blowout method. Lets start reclaiming our time fren.

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I am never taking out my braids individually ever again, so I was on Instagram or something - and I saw this lady and she was selling this comb - that I don't remember the comb ain't even out yet uh she was selling this comb. She can comb your braids out with, and I looked and I was like well honey. I need that today she was like coming soon. I was like baby. I ain't got coming soon time, so I'm gon na show y'all in real time how I take out these braids. So, as you can see, this is just like half of my head. I already took out the most of them: they're, not half my head. This is like half of the front section of my head. I don't know how many braids this is. Should I count on one two, three, four, five, twelve thirteen fourteen braids 14 braids and we're gon na take them out all at once. So, let's just get right into it, so the first thing we're going to use is a cream. I'M gon na use this one by Bread. It is a hair cream. This is actually a really good cream. I'Ve had it for a long time. I never really opened it and I just opened it for this. It smells so good y'all, and this is a glass jar. So there's that so first you want to moisturize your braids and the hair at the end. No actually, first before we do that, I'm gon na put some of this on, though, but before you do that you want to make sure all the knots are removed and yeah. I missed one - I probably missed more than this, so let me go ahead and take the knots out or whatever you use to. You know secure the ends of your braids, because if you don't do that, then it's going to be hard to unravel the braids y'all. I'M not even gon na lie. It took me no time to take these braids out and I was procrastinating it because I had so many braids in my head and I was just like uh-uh get somebody else to do it, sugars, but now I don't feel like it. I think that's it. You guys so now, let's put the cream on the braids and the hair. Now you want to put cream or something moisturizing on your braids anyway, it shouldn't just be. If you're going to use this method, you should be moisturizing your hair before you take it out. Anyway, because it'll just make it a little bit easier, but I like to go ahead and do that so I was in my closet and I found this brush and this brush is by Tango, teaser y'all. I feel like this is really really good whatever that comb is that's coming out from that, lady, I'm pretty sure it's good too, but it ain't out. Yet I don't know if this is in stores, if it is I'll link it below, so you can go and pick it up. It might be an Ulta, I doubt now, but let's just get right into it, because I'm gon na show y'all. You just want to start from the bottom and work your way up, friend, you're really just combing the hair out. You can't go up like this, don't don't you even do it? Don'T you even try that, like you trying to break your hair off, you really got to work from the bottom and work your way up. Look at that and I like to hold it like hold it like you, detangling your hair for real. You know you don't want to just go doing it without having some kind of tension, so you ain't pulling on your hair, you know - and just so some of them aren't getting combed, because these are really really tiny. So I try to do these like a little separately because they be acting a little crazy. I mean you, could you section it into like four sections, I'm being a little bit like in a rush? But if you was to cut this into two sections, or so it'll probably be a little faster. Okay, so like this and, like I said, try to make sure you're not going above, where the ending braids are, keep it like right at the ends and just work. Your way up now, when I like, when I get to my hair, I like to add a little bit more cream right here: moisturize moisturize, because the weave is a little bit more straighter than my hair. So when it gets there, you want to go ahead and put that cream, so your hair don't get like Tangled and then just continue. Brushing up bow y'all, see that I know y'all see that now I don't know if you could do it with any type of brush you got in your house, I don't know, but this is what I'm gon na be doing. Okay, then, let me do this other side again add some more of that cream and if you kind of rotate the hair, you can make sure you're getting an even comb like doing it in the front side doing it. On the back side, see I got a little bitty braid in here like you're gon na have a few snacks. You might, if you get snacks, go back from the bottom work. Your way back up, just like that. Just like that, just like that just line wraps now look at that. I don't even think this video been 10 minutes yet and we already have way out like I don't forget how many braids I said it was. But but when I get up here, y'all I ain't gon na lie. I like to just go ahead and just start taking them out. Um, I mean you can't keep brushing them up, but at this point I know that my hair is about to start coming out, because these are not less braids see look so I like to just go ahead and start doing them individually. I'M faster, don't you try it out if you must, if you want to okay y'all, I'm gon na go ahead and take the rest of these out and I'm gon na come back when we're all done, because I don't want to get here all over my carpet. I like to be on like a hardwood floor. You know what I'm saying so, I'm gon na come back when I'm done all right, you guys, so I showed y'all what my hair looked like right after I didn't have the microphone hooked up. So I didn't say anything, but I went ahead and washed my hair. It'S all nice and clean now, of course, but I'm gon na tell you guys exactly what I used so I started off with the bread mud mask. It was really good but like that was my first time using it and it's almost gone. So I just feel as if I needed a little bit more product is good. It is a detoxing mess. I feel like it'll, be amazing for right after my braids so yeah, so I really just put it right along my scalp. While my hair was dry, rub that in a little bit and then it does say to put it on the rest of your hair - which I probably should have done - I probably should have just let it stay on the scalp, because I did proceed to use a Detoxing shampoo, so if you buy this, I say just use it on the scalp: don't put it on the hair because it really ain't enough product and I'm sure this is not a cheap product. So I went in with that. It does say to let it sit. 20 minutes, so I let it sit for 20 minutes and then, after that I hopped in the shower, and I used the curl Smith wash and scrub detox probiotic. You guys know. I love this stuff. I'Ve been using this stuff for years and it works amazing. So I went in with this cleansed my hair and then I went ahead and went in with the briogeo. Don'T despair, repair, deep conditioning, mask I've, told you guys about this too. It'S amazing because I have color treated hair. I just love how this applies. I can easily detangle so of course I detangled in the shower when I put this on. It smells amazing, I'm obsessed with this stuff. I need to start using it, but I'm nice, but if I come across another like Repair Mask, I will always give it a try, because I love a good Repair Mask and then I put my hair in two braids and let that sit for an entire day. Right because I was lazy, so let that sit for a day and I just washed it out and then right after that I went ahead and went in with the K18. This is a leave in molecular repair hair mask. So it's like a leave-in conditioner and it says to let it sit on your hair for a while and then blow it out so went ahead. I think I added four pumps of this stuff, so I added four pumps. It'S not cheap! So don't go too heavy with this product, but I went ahead and added that and I put my hair in four plaits and we are here and I'm ready to blow out my hair. So I'm gon na go ahead and grab some clips and we're gon na get started because I learned a trick on Tick Tock about how to blow out your hair a little bit quicker. So I'm gon na show you all that in a second all right. So y'all know I always plait my hair in the four sections before I do a blowout, but this is genius. So what you want to do is you want to keep your hair in these plaits just like this and get you a really good blow dryer? I use the Dyson with the comb attachment because baby, it's not going anywhere, look at that. It has this long thing that goes in there. So it's not coming out, but if you have a regular hair, dryer y'all know to pop off now get you one. That'S very very secure or put some tape around it. Do what you got to do? Okay, but what you're gon na do is you're, basically going to comb and blow the hair out as you're going up, and what this is going to do is help with detangling. For sure, and also by the time you get to the roots, it's all going to be dried and blown out. It keeps it stretched. It'S perfect. It'S perfect like. Why do I take this out section? It there's no need, let's just go ahead and do it y'all. So I'm gon na go ahead and get started. Of course, this is going to be loud and obnoxious, so you guys aren't going to be able to hear me talking or anything, but I'm gon na go ahead and blow out my entire head and we're gon na see how this actually works like in my head. I'M like this is going to be perfect, but it could go wrong. Let'S be honest, it could be like you need it to detangle a little bit more or something so, let's just get into it, because I got other things I need to do today. I'M probably gon na do it on the highest blow setting, but at the medium heat setting and then once I'm all the way done, I'm going to go in with the hottest heat setting. So let's go okay, um! I need another brush and, to be honest, I think it was me I should have detangled right before I put the leave in. I didn't I didn't so we need to do just a tad bit of detangling. Thank you just as much as I did issue one shot. Oh and I also turned up the heat, because I don't have time to play these ghetto games honey. My hair loves the heat, it needs the heat to thrive and to go ahead and get it done and so yeah also. I split it up into a few sections. Well, two sections, because I was just it just - was wet up in here and I felt like it was gon na be a little Tangled mess. So if you are going to try this method, like I said when you are in the shower, make sure you completely detangle - and I want you to really braid at the root like really tight and then proceed to go ahead and plat. So yeah just a little tips. If you want to do it the quicker way initially, but it's still kind of quick. I will still still I mean still doing the ends. Let me go ahead and continue. Poor DA's don't have all the staffy fancy. Defense guys have recently I've been liking to put like a little fan to my blowouts, because, first of all, when I've been doing my blowout show I'll be sweating, and I don't want it to get really poofy and the cold shock or my uh Dyson isn't really A cold shot like it's, not as cool as it needs to be, so I just like using a pan a little bit better and it'll go ahead and comb the temperature of the hair down, so it doesn't really sweat and get more poofy. I'M not gon na lie. I really like using the chasing method when I'm blowing out my hair now and using the Felicia Leatherwood brush, it's just something about going through with that brush and with the dryer that just does it for me. So all right, you guys this is the blowout. Do you love it? I absolutely love it. I think it's ravishing, don't you think I think it's so nice. The Ombre just gives me a nice anyway, so I'm actually about to give me something to eat, because I'm hungry um, I haven't decided what I wanted to do with my hair just yet y'all. I really don't know, and I want you to come back to the next video because we'll be styling, my hair, okay, all right, I'm making the food now it's because I'm hungry it's I'm delirious, I'm very delirious right now, but I hope you guys like this video. If you did, please give it a thumbs up and I'll see you guys in my next video

annakay daley: Girl I just wanna say thanks because I have these two month old braids in my hair that was supposed to 1.5 month.

yaya: okay so i have a few questions: 1. do you think this method of combing work on thicker braids? 2. do you think this comb will work for someone with high density type 4 hair, as a way to slightly detangle the base of their hair in preparation for a slicked up or back style? 3. will you be trying out the original unbraid comb and creating a video for it? love your channel btw❤️ been a viewer for a very long time now and the content lately has most definitely been contenting! loll

Tonya Hutson: Ma’am that came NB in the Unbraider. I got mine in the mail on Monday. Haven’t tried yet, but I can’t wait to

Ebony Keys: Thank you for those tips Frenn I be struggling blow drying

Carla The Natural: Yesss fren give it to us! Looking gorgeous as usual

JustLaricia: Hey fren watching this one now just came across the Tobi clothing haul one during my search to see if other people had any good experiences modeling for that company. That stuff works good on taking braids down and your hair has grown a lot.

J. H.: Give our friend a role on Bridgerton…RIGHT NOW

Earl Moss: You are gorgeous and that big hair is everything

Emiria Henry: Hey fren! Have you ever tried the Authentic Beauty Concept brand? Its smells so good and the Replenish line has one of the best repair masks. I love your videos and your creativity always amazes me. I hope you have a blessed rest of your day ❤️

Getta T: I bout fell out when you said put tape on it can’t wait to see what you do with it

Kim Sullivan: Hi Kim, great technique. I wonder if it work well with conditioner?

Middle T: Oh give me the motivation to do my hair please!

Ann Harris: Great tips..just got braids

Alaysha O: Hey frend so when do you put the heat protection in ?

sweettee051988: I've done this a few years ago. I got lazy with taking them out one by one because, who got time fa that !?

Kiki Aleaki: Now I’m wondering if you’re on Pattern’s PR list because I know you love your Dyson (iirc lol) but everyone I’ve seen is raving about their dryer.

Naturally NeNe: Genius!!! ❤❤❤❤

Rsvltdiva: I cut them then unravel it’s faster

Diamond Hill: Kim you are crazy girl “I don’t have time to play these ghetto games” chile

Sweetmamarms: Hey Kim nice video enjoyed

Ida Vaughn: Nice

Ida Vaughan:

nejma chabi: ❤️❤️

Latarsha Black: Hey frenn

Steph Tom: Kimmy

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