Easiest Way To Rope Twist | Senegalese Twist Your Natural Hair | Beginner Friendly!!

Hey Curlfriends! I am going out of town and needed to install a quick protective style! Today I’ll show you how I do my Rope Twist/ Senegalese Twist! This hairstyle is so quick and once you have the technique down you can speed through this process.

Because I was laser focus on my parting it took me a while to get through this. But the results turned out great!!

I used the Tropical Moringa Collection from The Mane Choice:

Pearly Braid out Glaze - https://amzn.to/3YtoeEt

Leave in Conditioner - https://amzn.to/3HGtVIk

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Aleia Scott

Hey y'all welcome back to another video of, as always Aaliyah where we always keep it real. Now, y'all, if you are going out of town for a short vacation, I'm gon na show you guys the perfect protective Style. So friends, if you are going out of town for a short vacation like I am this weekend right now, it's 9 16 at night and I have to be at the airport tomorrow - at 4 P.M. Ish! So I'm gon na be showing you guys a super quick and easy style that is senegalese twist or rope twist, as some may call them. This is a protective style for an extended weekend. So without further Ado, let me go ahead and jump into all the products that we'll be using to complete this hairstyle, all right friends, let's just go ahead and start picking up some stuff. I do have here with me a parting comb, we're going to try to get our parts as straight as we possibly can. I do also have here with me my Felicia Leatherwood right here y'all. This is my detangling brush. I have also here with me a spray bottle: it's filled with water and we have some rubber bands because we are going to be putting rubber bands on the root of our hair today, and this is from Annie one of my fav favorite websites to get my Hair tools from and then for our styling products. We are going to be going in with the main choice. This is the tropica Moringa line, they're pearly, braid out glaze and also they're rinse out or leave-in conditioner. So here are the two products that we're going to be using today, y'all to complete this hairstyle. I am beyond excited if you guys have ever used the tropica Moringa lime, then you already know friend. This is one of the best smelling lines on the market. I do have a mirror here, I'm going to be putting a mirror in the front and a mirror in the back of my head as well. So I can make sure that my parts are pretty straight in the back of my hair, where I really can't see at so I'll, be using a mirror to kind of just make sure we're good to go. So those are all the products and tools that I have today. I will also be putting accessories on the end of my hair or throughout my hair, I'm not really sure yet. So if you guys want to know how to do a quick and easy protective style for an Extended Stay or vacation, then watch and learn okay, so I am not the best when it comes to parting, my hair air. So hopefully this comes out correctly but, like I said it's just for a few days, I will be out of town from Friday and coming back on Monday. So it's nothing crazy. I'M actually going to Florida to go see one of my friends. It'S her birthday weekend. Y'All and I just really need a vacation. I have been posting three YouTube videos a week so all of January of 2023. I did not miss a beat and I'm gon na keep that momentum going. But right now it's like I'm not experiencing burnout, because I'm like so excited that I'm actually doing what I said. I was gon na do manifestation, but still your girl needs a little bit of a break. I think I washed my hair, maybe like four or five days ago, so we should be fine. This is how my hair looks right now, yeah, so I'm just gon na get my hair a nice good, Shaker shake and before we get started, I actually want to go ahead and put some oil on my scalp. Since it's been a few days, all right, I'm gon na go in with the Bahama glow by curly bow one of my face friends, one of my face all right, so we're just gon na go ahead and put that all on the scalp y'all. So we're just gon na go ahead and apply some oil to our scalp right before we get started, because I don't know what my scalp is looking like for - and I just I don't know so. We'Re just gon na apply some oil all over our scalp and rub that in and all I'm gon na do is just take my fingers and go ahead and start working in that oil. Oh, my goodness, not only does it smell amazing, it feels really really good and I feel like my scalp is just going to be hydrated again, so I'm just gon na go ahead and give myself a nice scalp massage. If you guys don't know, scalp massages causes blood circulation and blood circulation will help stim hair growth. So if you guys are not doing your scalp massages like every other day, I would definitely recommend it. I'M just going to go ahead and make sure my part is looking and feeling good all right, so this is literally the best that I can get it. Hopefully, you guys can see we're gon na pop this all up and out the way friend got a lot of hair y'all. So I'm going to split this side in half, so I'm not working with too much hair at once. All right, y'all look at me. Trying frame with these parts look at me trying out just the reminder. I have a mirror in the back and a mirror in the front, so we could stay as organized as we possibly can. This is what we're working with this back section right here. I don't know it's not going to be like 100. I am nowhere near a breeder, a parter, nothing I'm none of that, but I am going to go ahead and start to part my first row of hair. I am going to try to use the Pearly braid out glaze to like Sleek down the roots, all right, so this is where we're at y'all foreign. So the very first thing I'm going to start doing is parting out my sections and we're probably going to do. I guess I don't know how many yeah it's looking like. Three is gon na go back here. I guess these are kind of like large Senegalese twists, it's going to be, and then here is our first section of hair. So the first thing I'm going to do is just apply some water. My hair really needs some water back there, so we're gon na just get her nice and drenched all right and then we're gon na go in with the rinse out or leave-in conditioner. This is what we're using right here, y'all and we're just using a little bit, because we don't need a lot. That is honestly enough for that one little section I'm gon na go in with this. Next, my hands are getting a little slippery friend. This is my favorite friend. This is my favorite, if you guys have never seen pearly braid out glaze all right. So let me go ahead and detangle. I'M gon na do that next, so I'm just gon na go ahead and take my edge control brush and see how smooth we can get it. So let me go ahead and put a rubber band on well. This is as best as it's gon na look y'all. The rubber band is optional. I just want my parts to look nice and Sleek. So that's why I'm using it. But let me go ahead and show you guys how to do the actual Senegalese twists. So all I'm going to do is go ahead and separate, and now I'm going to go ahead and start twisting both sides the opposite direction. I know it's kind of like hard to explain, but I'm going to twist this side one way and I'm going to twist this side the other way I'm pretty much twisting outer and then I'm going to go in and start to twist and as I'm twisting, I'm Going down and I'm twisting my hair, so it's like you're twisting your hair and you're also twisting The Twist it's kind of hard to like say, but that is what I'm doing senegalese twist or a rope twist do take a little bit longer. But I am twisting this and then I'm also twisting this and then I overlap them to create the actual rope twist. So I go down a few times and then I twist this a few times and then I'll go in and twist now. If, once you get good at it, I literally can twist my hand and like Loop it over and that's how you can like pick up some speed. So that's what I'm just twisting this one, I'm looping it back over and I'm picking up some speed as I'm going down my hair. So hopefully you guys are getting that and we're gon na just keep going down y'all all right! So now that I worked my way all the way to the end, as you can see, that's how the ends are looking they're starting to curl up all nice and pretty and that's it y'all. That'S how the first one looks period that is so cute. It'S nice and toy. I like it, I like it. I need to like stop messing with it, it's so shiny. So let me go ahead and take down the last one, and then we will be all done with that back section. Okay, so again, water is always. First hydrate hydrate hydrate working that product in and we're gon na, follow right up behind it with the conditioner yeah, not too much. I literally have that much on my hand, it's not a lot at all all right. I feel like it's in there and nicely and now we're gon na go in with my favorite, the Pearly braid out glaze. Oh, my God name a product that does that name, a product that does that, like she did her thing best product that she has hands down, is the Pearly braid out glaze everybody and their mama talks about this product. So I'm always gon na first go in putting it all on the uh. I guess the roots of my hair slicking it down those ends, picking it up in all four corners trying to get that and then I drag it down my hair as best as I can keep on Dragon friend, keep on dragging it down all right. So now I'm just gon na go ahead and detangle all right and then we're gon na add in the rubber band yeah. I just realized that it was not recording my bad friend but uh we're getting there. We are getting there, so I'm just about done braiding. This or roping this twisting this I should say, but it looks good y'all, like I'm, actually kind of proud of myself. Look at me trying to do something new and I think that, what's really helping me is the uh, the Pearly braid out glaze, it's like it's really giving all right. So here is the next one right here they look like little hooks, and that is okay. My hair is getting long period, y'all hair is getting long honey. So that's how we're looking in the back y'all and what I want to do is I want to do the brick effect, so we're gon na try to part not like evenly I'll I'll show you, but you probably know what I'm talking about. I just can't explain it all right, so this is like, as straight as I can get it. I have a little bit of the Pearly braid out glaze. I'M gon na put it on this little part right here and see if I can get it a little bit straighter because I know like that's a trick, that people do okay, it looks a lot better. Okay, that trick definitely works so put a little bit of the Pearly braid out glaze on the part and then go ahead and part again, so you can get it as straight as possible, and now we can go ahead and work on our brick parting. Let'S see how we're looking all right so that doesn't look bad at all. We'Re gon na go ahead and proceed. Looking good we're just gon na go ahead and spray go ahead and bring that down, and then I'm going to go in with the leave-in conditioner. Just a little bit so start to get some moisture more moisture on that section and then I'm gon na go ahead and go in with the Pearly braid out glaze yay. Look at that! Oh my gosh, oh slimy! All right! So go ahead and start to Pat in on each side and take a little bit more and start to drag that one down all the way down and now I get to go ahead and detangle and now we're going to go ahead and add in our rubber Band all right all right, so that's how we're looking for somebody that, like really doesn't know what they're doing I'm going a very good job, just gon na go ahead and detangle one more time. Okay, this will make a really really really nice wash and go all right. So now I am ready to start twisting my hair, oh my god. It feels so good. This would dry so beautifully. I'M gon na have to do a wash and go even though it's a braid out, I'm gon na have to do a wash and go with this one of these days. So I'm just gon na add a little bit more hair over here and start twisting and passing it off you'll twist and pass it off twist and pass it off twist and pass it off. And then you can like start to go faster because you can like kind of grip, your hair and feel for it. It'S like a rhythm, a lot of melanin. People already have that it's like a rhythm baby, all right and just keep working your way all the way down and I'm keeping it tight too, like I'm twisting and keeping it tight. Once I get to the end, I just Swirl My Finger around it and it is going to come to a time where I'm gon na have to trim my ends, so that will definitely be coming and it's straight right now, but it's gon na start to curl On its own, so there is another one y'all we got four of them down friend, so we're parting again. So I have my next part ready to go and we're just gon na again keep doing that same process starting with the water. Then the Pearly glued up, glaze cool, look. How pretty that is. It makes my hair look so pretty talk about pearly braid out glaze. It is not lying and I'm gon na just take a rubber band and when I'm doing the rubber band, I try to put it directly in the middle of the box, and now we can detangle all right and now we can twist again we're just gon na Break that down into two even halves and then I'm gon na start to overlap one half over the other and twisting while I am overlapping, twisting and overlapping all right y'all. So we are making some progress. Y'All look at lucky. I love how long it is y'all. My hair is super, duper long see if I can get it in the shrimp. It'S like my favorite part about my hair is like it grows like it grows, it's kind of crazy how fast my hair grows, because I take care of it. I do natural styles. The ends are looking healthy too. You probably can't really see them all like that, but they're the ends. Some of them are curling. Some of them aren't. It is going to be time for a trim soon, because I think my last trim was like October: hey y'all, all right, so we're finished the back guys. We are finished with the back, I'm giving it a strong 8.5 out of 10 because, like this really is my first time doing it, but it's like 11 30 at night, it's 11 34.. I'M getting tired, I'm only one! Fourth of the way done. I have no idea why this is taking so long. I guess I'm just like laser focused on my parts and I want them to be perfect, but I'm gon na try to pick up a little bit of speed as we get to the front. It should be a lot easier, so hopefully you guys are learning a thing or two about how I do my rope twist. Like I said, if you guys are enjoying this video, please go ahead and like subscribe and share to my channel, my name is Aaliyah. I do a lot of heat free hairstyles, I love doing rods and roller sets as well, but we're switching it up a little bit because we are going out of town for a very short vacation and yeah y'all. So hopefully you guys are enjoying what I'm doing and keep watching foreign guess what time it is and clearly we're only halfway done right now it is 12 27.. You guys can see that what I started at 9 15. see so it took what three hours whoo talk about: a quick hairstyle, let's say quick honey to say quick but anyways like I'm tired, it's 12 30 at night, I still haven't packed and I need to Be at the airport by four o'clock tomorrow, so at least it's kind of like a late afternoon flight and it's not like an early morning flight. I probably would be panicking, but I am going to go ahead and finish the other side. Here'S how it looks. It looks good, it looks good it's giving for like for me not to do this often like I'm, actually really proud of myself. That'S probably another reason why it's taking so long. I decided to do twists instead of breaks, because braids would take way longer than twists, but we are going to go ahead and just quickly knock out the other side. Now that I have the follow-up things I will come back on here when I'm done and show you guys what time it is. I'M assuming I'm gon na be done. 12. 30. 1. 30. 2. 30. Around 3, 30 in the morning, so yeah I'll be back y'all. I don't even want to know what time it is like. Oh my gosh, I didn't think it was going to take that long y'all. It is four o'clock in the morning like I feel like my voice is gone. I'M tired it's four o'clock in the morning, but my hair's done and how we doing y'all this side's, like still drying so you're gon na see like residue, I should say, but this side over here is completely dry and the reason that it took me a little Bit longer is because I did decide to put little accessories on the end um because I didn't like my end, so I was like I'm gon na put some on my ends. Honey took a while friends took a while, and I'm probably gon na, take this out. Like five days, this is why I don't do Styles like these because they take forever and I don't leave them in too long, because I'm a natural hair influencer. So it's my job to keep pumping out natural hair content and I also have brand Partnerships that need to get done. So it's just a lot friend it's a lot but yeah. This is the final results y'all. This is how we looking like they're, not perfect whatsoever, but like they look all right like I can. I can definitely wear this hairstyle outside they're, very uniform to the best of my ability. I am not going to part my hair down the middle anymore like what what purpose I thinking y'all. What was I thinking? So I'm not gon na part, my hair down the middle anymore, and I need to like follow through, like all the way around, because I can kind of like see some mistakes. But it is what it is friend. So I think I'm gon na pack and then, when I am done packing, I'm gon na try to catch some z's again. Thank God. I do not have to be at the airport until four o'clock tomorrow today, I don't even know I have 12 hours. I have 12 hours and eight of those hours I like need to be sleeping. Thank you guys for watching from start to finish on how I do my Senegalese rope twist honey again, this is going to be a beautiful and great style for just like a weekend. Trip a quick getaway or, if you just want to install them to not worry, have to worry about your hair for a week or two. You can do that as well. I love the fact that I put rubber bands on it, so it just feels like nice tight, even and I don't know I feel really confident so I am definitely going to be experimenting more with trying styles that work with parting. My hair, I also want to um, try adding like fake hair into my real hair, so you guys are going to see a lot more of that on my channel as well. I'M just trying to master all things natural hair this year so make sure you guys stay tuned and thank you so much for tuning in And subscribe, but guys without further Ado, I'm gon na. Let you guys go, I'm beat tired. My name is Aaliyah. This is as always, Aaliyah where we always keep it real I'll catch. You guys in the next one deuces

rockpaperskizzers: I feel you on the parting! I swear making the parts look nice takes longer than actually styling the hair. I just did bantu knots the other day; it took me 2 hours and I swear 1.5 of those was spent on straightening up the parts! The things we do for a cute style lol

Natural Normal Nae: This came out really nice. I will have to give this a try. I hope you had a fun trip!

Hilary: I need someone to do this for me because I suck at twisting.

AsAlwaysAleia: Super cute!! This style was for a weekend get away

Aditi Nath: Super

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