Natural Hair | 3 Quick Hair Styles For A Blow Out

Check out 3 simple styles done on blown out hair. I hope you enjoy these looks and let me know which one was your favorite.

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We hadn't heard about you. I was waiting for you as it does hey guys. No seriously, it is me Tiffany and in today's video I'm going to be sharing with you three simple and easy looks that you can create with a blowout so guys. I hope you enjoyed this video and, let me know at the end, which one was your favorite guys. So again, this is going to be done on blown out hair. Make sure you check below for a video tutorial on how I do my blowout mission. So, let's get started with the first look: ok, let's first start off by parting, your hair down the middle, and then we will make a part on the side all right. So I'm going to apply a little bit of pomade around my edges to give a more sleek appearance. I didn't want to use gel because that will make my edges curl or wave back up so anyways. After doing that, I will go ahead and flat twisting hair. All the way down and then I'll section off another side, piece of hair and follow the same process with flat twisting the hair down, and then you want to do the same thing on the other side, all right now, it's time to gather all of the hair Up into a high ponytail and then I'll secure it with a outlast hair tie all right. So now we have our hair into a high ponytail and we're just going to evenly distribute the hair on both sides. Now I'm going to just take random sections of hair medium sized sections of hair, and I will begin to loosely two strand twist it and then I will get tighter towards the end of the twist twist you're going to go ahead and position it to where you Want it and then secure it down with a bobby pin, and you want to repeat that throughout that top section of ponytail, just taking random sections of hair, placing them where you see fit and securing them with a bobby. That is it, for the first look is just a simple high bun, with a little twist to it. So, just something creative to do outside of doing your normal high bun tulip number two we're going to start with a deep side, part and then we're going to carry that part all the way down section off the first section of hair and make sure this first Section, if you want to work with, is fairly detangled using my denim and brush and applying it just a little bit of the edge controller or some pomade to smooth down the edges. And then I do want a little bit of leave out around my ear area and then I'm just going to French braid, my hair, so this is one of my favorite styles to do. I do this a lot during the work week. I'M really simple when it comes to my hairstyles outside of making YouTube videos, but I will do this to my hair and leave it like this for a whole workweek. If I can and just simply braid the hair and braid it all the way down. And then you repeat that same thing: on the other side of hair, adding the edge control and just French braiding the hair just one, and that is it guys. This is a simple style. This is a super cute and easy protective hairstyle that you can do again. One of my absolute favorite hairstyles to rock during the work week - and I hope you all like this one, so we will be moving on to look number three. Okay, we're on the number three we're going to be making a part from ear to ear and we will tuck away the back section and start with a front in the hair detangled. You want to go ahead and start your French braid, so we're going to French braid the hair over to the sides. If you cannot French braid, then you can do a flat twist. That'S another option and whatever style you choose to do, make sure you do it all the way down to the end, once you've done that we will start in the back and making sure our hair is detangled and we will be putting it into a ponytail. We'Re going to grab medium to even large sized sections of hair and begin to loosely two strand twist it and make it tighter towards the ends. Once we've done that, we will position the hair where we want it and secure it with a hairpin, and you will repeat that for that entire ponytail section of hair. So I absolutely love doing my ponytails and buns this way, it's a cute way to create some Flair, some texture and just a different look to your simple, easy bun, so guys I hope you all enjoyed this look as well. Again, you can opt to do a flat twist in the front instead of the braid and that's it for the three simple styles. So guys, let me know which one you are feeling where you feeling look number one the most or was it the number two? The crown or French braid, or was it even number three, which is a little brain in the front and the super cute texture bun in the back. So let me know in the comment section below keep up with me on social media. This is where you can find me and, as always take care, god bless and peace out.

Millicent Swift: Again, I love your creativity! All 3 styles have characteristics of their own, but my absolute favorite would be style #2 because I've always wanted to wear my hair similar to that, but still haven't mastered how to french braid yet. So I'm up for the challenge. Thanks for sharing as always!

Sikethia Robinson: Gorgeous styles Tiffany!!! My fave was #1!!! You make it look so easy!! Love it girl!!

Antoinette - Inspired Queen: Tiffany, you never fail when it comes to those natural/protective style. You know how to rock them girl! I'm going to do the 2nd style for work this week. It seems simple, easy, and carefree! Thanks!

Portia Lewis-Gray: - I love all of the styles, but #3 is my favorite! I will definitely be trying these, thank you for sharing Tiffany!

Shelly Hollingsworth: Thanks so much! #1 is my fav, mostly because my hair is shorter than yours and it's stretched but not blown out. #1 is definitely going in my rotation for an easy updo.

Ramona Seawright: I absolutely love these simple yet classy looks and they are super easy and user friendly... Thanks

Genia: Love all three styles! Will definitely try 1&3 , I do two all the time. Thanks for sharing.

Ebs FroFrenzy: I love love love look #3. I always do #2, but I am definitely going to switch it up. Thanks for sharing!

Ash A.: They are all super gorgeous! Also perfect for my type of hair! So trying this!!!

tmargreen: All so very pretty! What's crazy is I just had my hair dyed almost exactly the same color. Looks like you beat me to it though lol. Beautiful

dvinenubian1: LOVE LOVE #2. That's my fave go to as well. #3 was cute as well. Great ideas for a blow out!

nphowe: #3! I successfully did a French braid last week so I'll continue practicing and try that style next

Jaina Bundage: Awesome! Loved number 3...I love the twist you put on your buns. I never thought to do chunky two strand twists and then fluff the tops to make the bun fuller. Will definitely be trying that one.

Michelle Hamilton: Love all 3. I wear style 2 on the regular. It's so easy.

Ashes: #2 and 3! Can't wait to try them on my daughter!! Thanks!

Ahdree23: The last look is gonna be mine for the rest of this month it!!!

Reservechic: Love each hairstyle! As, they all look very lovely! Great job!

Paige Queen B: So cute. I blew my hair out for the first time last week and had no clue what look to do! We have the same amount of hair but mine didn't come out that smooth lol. I loved the last style the best.

GrownWoman0804: Loved all three styles. Just in time too since I want to blow out my hair this weekend.

BajanRoots: These are so cute!! I like them all! Sometimes I need a break between ironing my hair but not having a whole Afro at work. Thank you for sharing!

Ali Jones: Love style number 1, you just gave me something to do with this head tonight for work lol! Thank you, new subbie ❤

Rmoni 90: Tiffany I like all 3, but I really love #2. It's natural, classy, and simple beautiful.

Presh: This came right on time. I love them all. Super cute!

TheSweetestNerd: I was feeling all 3! I think my hair is long enough to do these styles now so I will definitely attempt!

Courtney J: All 3 were beautiful and super easy to duplicate. Thanks!

PrettyDiva59: I love all three styles! I think I am going to do the first style on my daughter. Very cute!

Acasha B: Yess!! #2 has been my go to style forever, I usually do it on wet hair.. Luv all 3!!

NaturallyMe: I loved #1 & 3 hair styles. Tfs, you did a great job! :)

KinkyCurlyTop: Just beautiful! Love all three.

Cathye Cooper: I love, love, love 1 & 3, but all are absolutely gorgeous!!!Tfs

Akio bryant: love this...i'm constantly wearing look #2 bc they are soo simple & hubby loves it. i will be trying the others.

Jamisha Battiste: Love styles #2 and #3!!! Just wish I knew how to braid my own hair.

MissTina_B: i absolutely love all 3 styles but i love style #3 the most. when my hair is as long as yours I must try the twisted bun method. Super cute

Gregelle Fulcher: I love #2. I wear my hair like that and love the simplicity.

NATRICE HOLIEWAY: hey Tiffy! so proud of you. I love them all, esp. the second one! it looks so sophisticated. good work!

Bonnie Morgan: Really loved this video. I'm always looking for something new to do with my natural hair. You've gained a new subscriber

EWForYourSoul: I'm loving 2 & 3! I wish I knew how to braid!

Naturalle Drea: I love all three styles and loving the 4 page letter lol!! I'll have to try these next time I blow out my hair!!

Trenia Thomas: I rock the second one most of the time. So quick and simple. Gonna try the other two and see how i like them. But i love 3. Thanks for sharing

raina littlejohn: I absolutely love all three styles. Love finding videos like this. I'm so simple with my hair and always try to find #easy but #cute ways to style it. Thanks. Will be subscribing!! ;-) Do you ever wear your hair wet?

Wahkuna Baldwin: Number three was my favorite! I love watching your videos and please keep up the good work.

Shenique SS: I`m inlove with the first one <3 Totally going to do that for school this monday <3

Mikasa 1: Nice on the go hairstyles. Your hair looks so healthy.  Keep up the good work.

Black Butterfly🦋: All look pretty simple to do. Loved them all

Shelly Nicole: Beautiful work Tiffany! ❤️ what pomade or edge control did you use for this tutorial?

Brittany Le: #1 is my favorite! I will try this for sure!

QUANI: This looks so beautiful Tiff, if i could i would rock this to my graduation. I only wish it could fit under there. Could you do a tut with some ideas for graduation please?

•BISH•: I love the first style, I tried it and got ALL compliments....thanks

Form Of Eve: The first one was so different from the ordinary bun. i also love style number 2, super casual!

Tereza Augusto: I liked them all but #1 was my favorite!

Kim Glover: Hard to choose they were all really cute! I guess the #1 since I love high buns! Thanks for sharing!

Beauteeann 92: Loved all of them! I really need to learn how to French braid!! And do a better flat twist

Macarlyne Louis: I love all 3. Will try them soon. Thanks for the video

Carissa Woods: All 3 styles were very pretty...great tutorial

katharine wilson: omg Im so glad ive found you! im so bored with my hair! i was ready to chop it off again! but your simply hair styles have given me hope! Thank you

lilmama: Gorgeous!!! All three are my favorites . Love all of your vids. Keep them coming and be Blessed

Msj3nnibee: I loved the first with the high bun!

AMP: Number 2 is my favorite! I would wear my hair like this every day if only I knew how to braid 1

Pristiny Productions: This is so cute! I love all 3 of these styles but #1 is my favorite. I need to practice my flat twisting and braiding

Luana Cuffie: All of them is lovely, certainly will try them out, keep up the good work.

Talya laing: I LOVE all of these styles!

Jasmyn: The first look is my favorite due to the high bun! I'm a sucker for high buns.

Tywan Brown: All 3 looks are fabulous but #1 was my favorite

Angenique Hill: Yessssssss!!! Love this style! Thank you!

daintyblue3: All three styles were cute, but I liked the braided crown the best :)

D-MAE FRANO: I love look #1 the most!

Curlspopseverely: The first one is my favorite!! They're all very cute!

monique6805: I like all 3, simple is always the way to go. Cute thanks for sharing.

Katshell: I love these. I’m going to try all three

Feminine_ Vibes_: Beautiful!! I like the first look!!

MsSassyMT: Cute. #2 and #3 are my go-to styles for work now but I like the bun action in the back on #3. I will have to try that instead of my boring ponytail in the back.

Joyce Butler: I love all the styles, but because my hair is so much thinner than yours, # 2 would work better for me with maybe a little added hair. I too love simple styles. Thanks for sharing. God bless you also.

Curlzz Next Door: Omg I love 'em all!! Lol I think I'll try the last one tmrw for school =)

Michele Little: Yeah... I'll DEF be doing Style Numero Uno tomorrow morning (hope my hair is long enough) lol Thanks for the help!!!

Leigh Alexande Weir: Love all the styles!

Adrienne Crumbley: Shoot I liked all three! So going to do my hair like this

Paris Jackson: I love all three thank you!!

Mandy Pinet Space: I like all 3 but I was really digging #1 the most, thanks for sharing.

tanya joyner: These styles are so nice and I thank you for posting them

Meka Goodman: Loved them all! But #1 is the one i am going to try!

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ChanelStar1: ☆ I loved look 3!!☆

Sincerely, Tondra: 1 and 2.. my hair isn't long enough for the third one but it's definitely a must try.

Victoria Ieshia: I love the 2nd and 3rd hairstyles!

ஐCrossing.the.Cosmos ஐ: The first style is perfect..i would have never thought to do fat fluffy puffs to fill out the bun..genius! Lol

Riholistic Healing: love look number one cant wait to try it.

Kreative Designz: I loved #1 and #3 I'm trying to stop cornrowing my hair because it gets old after a while. I think just blowing out my hair and styling it would be something fun, different and easy.

Christian Mommy Billionaires: thumbs up!! love love love how you 2 strand twist your buns.

hiitsmeeeeeeeeeee: i love how you do your buns. they are so cute

ShanBan: Loved #1! Also, what kind of pomade do you use? Because every time I use gel my hair curls up also.

Jamella Divine: The first look is my favorite.

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