How To Stretch 4C Natural Hair With No Heat - Very Easy


Hello guys welcome to my YouTube channel. Thank you so much for tuning in once again in this video, I will be showing you guys how I will stretch my clients, natural hair, forcing natural hair with no heat using our rubber thread, which is available on the website. To start, let me just go ahead. All you need to start. I will be using Freedom, style, magical growth, oil and water a little bit of warm water. You know the weather is kind of cold. Now we are in winter. You don't want to just be spraying that cold water, a little bit of warm water, the oil and the shake, and I will spray it on her natural hair. Before I will start to detangle what I will use. I will use all these tools afro conceptually comb and all you can see the rubber thread. I will be using this rubber thread I'll be reused so many times so many times and I'll also show you guys if you are to get it new, how it looks, what are we doing just to go ahead and spray in the water and the oil? You know I miss uh, I I press in a little bit of oil inside the water shake and I will be spraying it on her natural hair if you are to get the low heat stretching rubber. This is how it looks this one now, as you are seeing this is Magic. You will be able to reuse it so many times until you are tired. What are we doing just to go ahead and session on her hair, her hair and I will just use the rubber thread to thread it as usual, and then the rubber track can be used to use so many times is available on our website. All the link will be in the description box and freedom starts. Magical growth, oh yeah. The link will also be in the description box in case you are interested, just click, the link and you will get to Freedom. Styles website and I'll also go ahead and apply a little bit of Freedom, style, magic, hair growth, um Freedom, Styles live in cream. I will use it to detangle the hair before I will start to to trade. Yes to use straight to stretch. Natural hair is like magic, oh my God, if you are used to this method, I don't think you ever use heat on your natural hair. Again, it's stretched like magic. Like your hair. Will people will be asking you? Do you even apply relaxer? It will be wear stretch. No, it's just imagine. You are not apply heat or your natural hair. You just use thread rubber thread and at the end you get the look you are looking for and then I will join. You can see it's two. I grabbed two together you can actually use one as well and at first I will show you guys. Some people normally do thread like this. With this robust train, they will just go out like this. They will have it for maybe one month or even two months, and then you can see if you are to trade, the natural hair. If you have to use it to trade, your natural hair, you can be closer or you can give a gap, but the first one I will be showing you guys. I will. I will not give a gap too much and if you are also looking for this sexually come, you know this um wound comb is also available on our website. Yes, you see this won't come I'm using to stretch uh to sexual. Her natural hair is also available to other, and if you are seeing that the way I am man the way, I am ready now the way I'm tying her natural hair. Now I'm not giving too much Gap, but the restaurants, I will be showing you. I will be giving guppy just that. I want to show you guys that you can do it in two different ways. Is it that will be very close to each other or give a gap? If you want - and this is also how I usually stretch my natural hair - I have a lot of videos on my notch on my YouTube channel, whereby I'm using this rubber thread to stretch my my natural hair and then it's very, very nice. It stretch hair like like Wonder, whoa and then this her natural hair swell because we were to do cornrows or back cornrows. I tread her hair because we were having so many times like. She was also not occupied that day and then I stretched her hair left. It for just two hours remove it, and there is also good you can see it's not tight. It'S not tight on her stuff, make it very loose and um you can say the the rest, I'm sure you guys now. I gave a Gap, a huge gap to the rest, see the youth Gap and it will be kind of faster and we are also to also remove it travel the hair in two hours in just two hours, because we are to do a back cornrows. Where battery we, she will be putting on waste, just have the upper cornrows, and then you know like um. There are some people if you are to braid your natural hair being very thick and they're distracted when you braid it like that, it's kind of painful for some people, but when you stretch it before braiding it, it will lessen the the pain and then I would Also advise you to definitely try this or battery and it was after stock. For so many I can say for so many months and a lot of you guys were sending me messages. Oh Freedom, you no longer have that robot thread that you have tried it. I love it. I I just want to tell you guys now: it's back to stock, it's back to stock and it's on our website. The link is in the description box. You can see the way I'm giving Gap now just give a gap. Sexual use. That would come to sexual apply, um, apply freedom, living cream and then - and I will braid when I am done just apply. Freedom starts magic, hair growth, oil on her scalp. That one is also available everything everything I'm actually in this video are on our website and the link will be in the description box below you can see. I will just go ahead and apply Freedom, Styles, magical great oil on her scalp. You can see very, very soft, and if you braid like this, if you rub a thread like this and you you can actually do so many things with this put on wigs, like this leave it for one more two more three most two weeks, one week depends On what you want, but her own, we were to unravel it in two hours, because she needed cornrows or back cornrows know this kind of style. Yes, because she were to leave the cornrows for some weeks before she will start to be. If he did chorus getting old, she will start to wear with yes and and then what I will advise if you are to do something like this, it will last you for weeks for months for one month for two months, it will just be intact, like it Will be intact and you will see how you, oh, my God, you will see how your hair will be well stretched and you will even see for us to for us to just leave it for two hours. You will see how stretched it was not to talk or say if you are to leave it for for one week for two weeks, for for for what, for one month, safe or for every two months, it will be way stretched. Like I see, if you you use relaxer eh, and I am to show you guys after two hours, this is the Outlook. After two hours we are going to to remove it so that you will see how stretch it will be after just two hours. Yes - and I will advise if you are to stretch your natural hair - just braid it like this and let it be - and let it be for Waste for months for days, and it will be much very, very stretched that this. This is just two hour, and this is the the look we get. It use this robot thread to stretch her hair for just two hours. Yes and then you can see, it will be easier Now to control with no pain, yes and for using heat, but not everybody loves to use a heat tool, especially when your hair start to grow. When you just start to grow your natural hair, you just start start. You are starting to to grow your natural hair. It'S not good to start heat directly. It'S always better to look for when you can see how it looks now we live. Will you imagine before and after just go back to the for the to the beginning and check before and check after before she were not able to put a cup on her natural hair. She do not come and shoot she's, not copying her hair, but now you can see her she's able she was so happy. She was able to grab an afro comb place it on her hair and comb it easily. And then what are we doing then? Just to go ahead then, and then we control the hair. I have a lot of videos on my YouTube channel how to control natural hair and I need to know to say: okay, let me show the video again, but I will just go ahead and show you guys how the finish look, how it looks finished look. This is the finished look of the cornrows. You can see how it looks. It looks more neater and looks more nicer. She will be able to just rock this cornrows for some days or for some weeks before she will start to wear a wig. Thank you. So much for watching this video all the details I mentioned in this video, the oil, the rubber thread. Everything will be in the description box, make sure to check out check them out and Order click. The link, thank you. Bye,

ONYINYE OKEKE TV: Welcome back, you HAVE been missed ❤️

Ms Black Queen: This is a technique to definitely use for those who are tender headed but don't want to put chemicals in their hair. Put the oil in their hair whatever oil they like. I would like to try your oil it's on my to do list. And then start braiding very nice I might want to try this on my youngest she's very tender-headed

Bernice B: Hi Freedom Style! Her hair is beautiful! You did a awesome job! Great video!

504darling: Freedom can I purchase the tiger nuts per lb from your site?

ZPHINEST496: Can you wash it in the threads?

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